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Natural Regression

Natural Regression – A True Story

A real-life success story from one of our members, offering encouragement to others and realistic hope for those newly diagnosed:

In Dec 2010 I was told I had follicular lymphoma. In January 2011, I joined and started to put into practice as much as I could absorb. I had grade 3 (which many consider to be more challenging than grades 1 or 2).

Not requiring immediate treatment, I opted for the “dynamic observation” program on the LymphomaSurvival site, with regular 3 month visits to my oncologist. I started to get a large growth under my jaw on the left side as well as a couple on my right side. The one on the left side continued to grow until it became almost the size of a golf ball and it looked rather weird to say the least.

In January 2013, my oncologist told me that she was considering treatment and ordered a CT scan to see the rest of my body and compare the results.

All through this time I was doing part of the program, a few dietary suggestions and so on. However, I was not really embracing the full “4 Pillar” approach outlined in the article on the website.

Then I decided to go all in so to speak.

With that in mind I started the “daily double”, made a concerted effort to reduce the stress in my life, which was not easy to do, and I started to control my sleep patterns. Basically I began to understand that 4 pillars meant 4 pillars and not 2 big pillars and 2 small ones if you know what I mean.

That was January 2013. In April 2013, I had my CT scan which showed tumor growth everywhere internally, however upon my visit in May 2013 my oncologist said that none of the tumors were pressing on any vital organs, nor had the growth on my neck increased in size so she said that she would give me another 3 months of dynamic observation and see just where we were in September 2013, which was my next visit.

Call it what you like, I call it a miracle of medically proven natural strategies, because when I went back to see her in September, the golf ball size growth on my neck had totally disappeared along with the smaller growths on the right side of my neck. The oncologist was amazed, and said to me that I just needed to continue doing what I was doing and she gave me my next appointment date 6 months down the road rather than the regular 3 months.

IT doesn’t stop there….So on March 18, 2014 I had my meeting with her and all she did was smile. Blood work was perfect, no growths in my neck or anywhere else she checked. Next appointment was scheduled for 6 months ahead.

However, on March 19th, the following day, I woke up in absolute agony with abdominal pain that drove me to go to the emergency dept. at my hospital. I ended up with severe gall stones. In their efforts to figure out just what was going on with me they ordered a CT scan that could not be avoided. This was the same hospital where I had my April 2013 CT scan and as they knew I have fNHL they did a comparison of the 2 scans.

THIS IS WHAT THEY FOUND…All of the tumors in my abdomen have been reduced DRAMATICALLY in size. The final comment on the report reading… “Improved Lymphadenopathy consistent with TREATED Lymphoma !!!!!

So I am sitting here today with a CD of the scan along with the official report and I am sending it off to my oncologist as she has no idea of what has happened.

All I can say is this…There is hope…4 Pillars are 4 Pillars and each is as important as the other. Until I embraced this concept I did not see the full potential. I encourage everyone to do as much as they can do in all of these areas and I am so happy that Lymphoma Survival exists!!!!

Bud C.


In a follow up note from Bud:

I am a walking, talking, advertisement for epigenetics and I am always on the lookout for new cancer people no matter what type they have as I am positive that this will work for many of them as well.

If people just listened and did rather than comment and questioned they would be much better off.

I know that I am just a newbee and have a long way to go but God Bless You for everything you do for us!!!


For research and documentation on natural (spontaneous) regression with follicular lymphoma, see the February 2014 newsletter.

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