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Lymphoma Survival


Guidance to Lymphoma Survivors for Over 20 Years

with substance and understanding

..and with a prompt response to inquiries during these challenging times.


Follicular lymphoma latest treatments and scientifically-based natural strategies. Lifestyle, nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, stress, vitamin D. Transformation. Four Pillar Epigenetics Program 4PEP.

Follicular lymphoma responds to BOTH treatments AND lifestyle. 

This is a global community site dedicated to serving lymphoma survivors with honesty and integrity.


“I am a medical oncologist at (prominent cancer center). I find your materials well researched and the whole program is cohesive and rational. I haven’t found any equivalent websites for patients. Thank you”…Paul


“The information and dedication you provide through your site is beyond remarkable. There  is just nothing else like it!”… Marlene, California


Who We Are 

We are the most prominent survivor-managed website in the world devoted to follicular lymphoma.

Content has been developed by a “retired” college dean, a follicular lymphoma survivor diagnosed over 33 years ago, in excellent health, with no remaining evidence of lymphoma.

We are fully independent, entirely free of advertising, no hidden affiliations; supported 100% by our members.

We offer the Follicular Lymphoma Four Pillar Epigenetics Program 4PEP. This copyright program is not available anywhere else . (Please see further details below).


Personal Comment;

Diagnosis with indolent lymphoma is an event that will never be forgotten. It changes a person’s life forever. I understand how that feels. I also know that “realistic hope” prevails.

My wish is to share the knowledge gained from my own experience with fellow survivors.

Simply put, we’re here to help YOU achieve your success.


Top Current Interest

Guidance for the Newly Diagnosed Survivor 

Relapse – The Eradication Phase 

COVID Variants: The Factor that Can Combat them All –and Follicular Lymphoma Too (Based on Data from the NIH)


Who This Site is For

“The true human spirit is to try”

This site is for “survivors” who:

√ have a strong will to live….many things left to do, dreams to be fulfilled.

√ regard their diagnosis as a set back — not a death sentence.

√ want to participate in decision making with their medical advisers.

√ realize there are things they can do in life, changes to make that could help lead to success.

√ want to gain knowledge, including treatment options and scientifically-based natural strategies.

√ are of independent mind, but are open to accepting informed guidance.

√ want to connect with an established source of information operating with utmost integrity.

These are the people we admire and support in every way we can, both as survivors and caregivers.

Please see our What the Members Say page.


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What We Do

It’s a NEW ERA.

Unprecedented progress in overcoming follicular lymphoma is now possible based on advancements over the last few years, mainly by biochemists and geneticists who understand the fundamental nature of cancer as a genetic disease…as confirmed by the National Cancer Institute.

Our job has been to translate this new knowledge into practical things we can do ourselves, linking new scientific developments in health and lifestyle to traditional medical care. 

It is this combination that makes all the difference. When optimized, the results can be remarkably effective.

We do not provide personalized medical advice. Instead, we help with guidance based on data prepared by experts to assist members when consulting with their doctors.

We have prepared the FAQ and Core Concepts pages to help guide survivors during all phases of their journey.


How the 4PEP Program Works

The National Cancer Institute states that cancer is a genetic disease. But in most cases, inheritance does not play a dominant role.

There is no longer any doubt that lifestyle practices influence gene expression.  LINK   

The term epigenetics refers to prominent medical research linking lifestyle and personal environment to gene activity that regulates our health.

The Four Pillar Epigenetics Program 4PEP captures the latest data, presenting it in a way that is understandable and practical.

Since cancer is a genetic disease, adoption of the 4PEP program is essential in leading to long-term success.

In the case of follicular lymphoma (and other indolent lymphomas), where the cancerous cells are very close to being normal, small changes can often make a HUGE difference.

Newly diagnosed patients on “watchful waiting”, including survivors in clinical remission, can start this program right away.

The cure comes from within. New scientific developments identify the “what”. Our 4PEP program tells you how.


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What We Offer

 Access to the copyright 4PEP program with information on diet, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, vitamin B complex and vitamin D optimization

 12 Articles to help understand the confusing nature of follicular lymphoma, written in plain English

 Monthly newsletters going back to 2004 (over 180 in total) summarizing the latest research, treatments, developments and perspectives on follicular lymphoma

√ Personal Guidance…a free email service for members (Please see the Personal Guidance page)

√ A virtual library with over 3000 reference pages (See our Topic Index)

The knowledge available to survivors here is unique. Up-to-date accurate information and support is offered with the highest integrity.


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September 2021 Newsletter


Mayo Clinic Study, Vegetable Oils Caution, Inflammation Factor, Chemo Benefits, Cancerous Tumors, The DHA Factor, Recommended Sources

NEWS from the CLINIC

Recent Bendamustine Research

Reduction in the Number of Cycles May Be Permissible

Reduction for the Elderly with Follicular Lymphoma


September 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Guidance from NIH Data with Implementation by our 4PEP Program


We Appreciate Feedback Received from our Members this Past Month

I have read thousands of pages, medical reports, watched online stuff, followed bloggers and fb groups, etc. But what you offer on your website is by far the most valuable, interesting, integrous, professional, strongly founded and comprehensible website on Follicular Lymphoma (and cancer in general) that I have encountered ….Geert, Belgium

Adopting your 4 Pillar Program has enabled me to keep moving forward with positivity. Your scientific approach makes me believe that natural regression is possible and that belief has been a huge part of improving my quality of life. For now, this is a thank you for the knowledge and the hope.  I look forward to sending you future updates about my wellness journey … Franca, Ontario

I am a big fan of your newsletter. You do so much in-depth research and many of the subjects that I found out about first from you have become very much main stream (i.e. epigenetics). I very much appreciate all your hard work … Linda, California

 I have yet to receive treatment and have followed the 4 pillars fairly well for the last year or so. The nutrition side has been the toughest one for me lately but got some good news today on my one year follow up scan. Looks like all or most of my lymph nodes have reduced in size quite significantly! It gives me hope that we can get this under control and into “spontaneous remission” ! … Raymond, British Columbia

Additional commentary each month over the years can be seen on our  What the Members Say  page.


Additional Details About Our Site

We have several members with types of lymphoma other than follicular, including CLL, marginal zone, mantle cell, T-cell and aggressive (diffuse) lymphomas. Most of the material on this site will be helpful for survivors in these groups.

There are several doctors in our membership, both as patients and caregivers. People come from all walks of life.


Thank you for visiting Lymphoma Survival. We hope you found it informative and inspirational. You are invited to join our group as outlined on the Registration page.

Best in Health from Lymphoma Survival.

Robert G. Miller   

About me

September 16, 2021

Keeping it Practical with Things that Work




This website is intended as a sharing of information and data based on the research and personal experiences of the author. It is NOT intended to replace or be a substitute for professional consultation with a physician or other health care provider. For treatment decisions, consult your doctor or health care provider. The author cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects, results or consequences resulting from the use or application of the information on any page of this site.