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Lymphoma Survival

Follicular lymphoma survival linking latest research on lifestyle to gene expression. Natural treatments for follicular lymphoma. Nutrition, diet, vitamin D, exercise, sleep, stress. Natural spontaneous regression. Remission. Follicular lymphoma transformation. 4P-GRS Program.

Follicular lymphoma responds to BOTH treatments AND lifestyle.

This is a global community site operating independently for 18 years.


Follicular lymphoma survivors can live for decades, symptom free enjoying a full and active life.


Who We Are 

We are the most prominent survivor-managed website in the world devoted to follicular lymphoma.

Content has been developed by a “retired” college dean, a follicular lymphoma survivor diagnosed over 30 years ago, currently well and fully active with no remaining evidence of lymphoma.

We do not provide medical advice regarding follicular lymphoma survival. Instead, we help with guidance based on data prepared by experts to assist members when consulting with their doctors.

Personal Comment: The knowledge gained from my own experience during this “journey” of over 30 years, combined with the latest developments in follicular lymphoma are what I wish to share with fellow survivors and caregivers. Details are in our July 2018 Newsletter. I’m confident this program will help guide you toward your own personal success. 


Please see What the Members Say page.


Site Overview

We  offer  our  members  information  on  BOTH the latest scientifically-based natural  strategies specific to follicular  lymphoma  AND  the currently approved full range of conventional  treatments.

Conventional  treatment  can help if/when needed but can often be avoided.

Although a cure for follicular lymphoma does not yet exist, the adoption of carefully selected natural strategies based in the latest science can lead to prolonged survival, while enjoying a fully active life without side effects.

Regarding natural strategies, people need credibility. Gene expression driving follicular lymphoma is backed by current scientific research. The National Cancer Institute states that cancer is a genetic disease.

Research linking lifestyle practices to gene expression has advanced rapidly.

We have combined this new understanding of cancer into a set of natural lifestyle-based strategies referred to as the Four Pillar Gene Remediation Strategies (4P-GRS) Program. After many years of observation it is apparent that this program can lead to natural regression of follicular lymphoma for survivors in clinical remission.

The site is fully independent, entirely free of advertising, supported 100% by its members for over 18 years.

The will to survive is in every patient. We focus on the success of our fellow survivors.


Who This Site is For

This site has been created for committed, proactive survivors and caregivers seeking reliable, balanced, substantive information. These dedicated people:

√ place a great deal of importance on the value of their life, specifically a life with health and vitality.

√ understand that the information received and knowledge to be gained must be more than superficial.

√ realize that sound knowledge promotes confidence, enabling productive communication with doctors and other health care providers.

√ believe that the best chance for success comes from a full awareness of both treatment options AND select, scientifically-based natural strategies for ongoing adoption.

√ desire access to a time-proven program in recognition that *extended, healthy survival is a realistic goal*.

√ want to be well, have a lot to live for… a lot of dreams yet to be fulfilled.


The Way Ahead is Now Brighter

 For 2018…  

Genetic testing for newly diagnosed survivors, now in development, will help identify the anticipated 20~25% of patients who could benefit from early treatment. When this happens, it is expected that an increased number of individuals in the remaining 80% will have the option to defer treatment (watch and wait) depending on additional clinical factors.

In addition, we are delighted to observe a MAJOR new development taking place. Cancer is (finally) catching up to heart disease in recognizing the importance of lifestyle strategies, not only in prevention but also in “after the fact” management. Our 4P-GRS program zeroes in on the best lifestyle strategies available based on the latest research, specifically designed for survivors of indolent lymphomas.


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 How Our Program Works

Much more can be offered to survivors of follicular lymphoma than was the case just five years ago.

It has now been shown scientifically that the lifestyle choices we adopt alter the activity (expression) level of our genes 24/7, including those that regulate lymphoma.

It’s all about the achievement of natural regression with follicular lymphoma — which some people refer to as spontaneous remission. That is the ultimate objective — regression of follicular lymphoma by scientific means. Not just in one node but in ALL of them, leading to the ultimate resolution of the disorder. It is now apparent that this can be achieved. 

The strategies for natural regression we suggest – including things to avoid — are summarized in Article #3.


 Details on What We Offer

  Access to our copyright, time-tested Four Pillar Gene Remediation Strategies (4P-GRS) Program with information on diet, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management and vitamin D optimization. This program, unlike any other, has been created specifically for follicular lymphoma and other indolent lymphomas.

  12 articles to help understand the confusing nature of follicular lymphoma, written in plain English.

  Monthly newsletters going back to 2004 summarizing the latest research, treatments, developments and perspectives on follicular lymphoma.

  A virtual library with over 3000 reference pages (See our Topic Index).

  A discussion board for members covering lifestyle and treatment matters, moderated to ensure productive, supportive dialogue.

  Prompt email support.

  Phone consultation.

The knowledge available to survivors here is unique. Personal support is offered with the highest integrity. 


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August 2018 Newsletter

Passion Flower, Nature’s Art  … Photo by Svet


Priority Topics…Past and Present

Vitamin B Complex with Attention to Folate

The Treatment/Wellness Spectrum

The Chlorophyll Sunshine Connection

Feature Items

1. Rapid Nodal Growth

Inflammation/Infection, Manufactured Protein Supplements, Iron Supplementation, Toxin Exposure, Bowel Issues, Sleep Deprivation, Mental & Emotional Stress, Not Enough Physical Activity, Compromised Immunity, A Brief Comment on Transformation

2. From Sunup to Campfire Time: Optimizing the “Light Diet”

3. Relentless Concerns with Roundup Herbicide

4. Cannabinoids – the latest look

We Appreciate the Feedback We’ve Received from our Members this Past Month

Boy, do I ever follow your ideas: from blueberries to exercise to various supplements. I’m 70 years old, and I feel absolutely great!  Thank you so much for your well-researched, sane, intelligent, not to mention comforting blog…  Laurie, North Carolina

Thank you Robert and team for your attention to detail, your compassion and evidenced-based approach…  Steven, British Columbia

The greatest contribution that you transmit, in addition to the scientific content is HOPE…Gratitude for the transmission of your knowledge and by your account of life that is an example to me. Excuse me for not sending this email in English, because my knowledge is minimal and I even have difficulties translating articles. I use google translator with few resources… Selma, Brazil

It’s my 10 year anniversary today since diagnosis, and a million thanks to you for all you do in helping us on the journey. I am so well now. Thanks Robert….Yvonne, South Africa

Additional commentary each month over the years can be seen on our  What the Members Say  page.

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 Additional Details About Our Site

We have several members with types of lymphoma other than follicular, including CLL, marginal zone, mantle cell, T-cell and aggressive (diffuse) lymphomas. Most of the material on this site will be helpful for survivors in these groups.

There are several doctors in our membership, both as patients and caregivers. People come from all walks of life.


Thank you for visiting Lymphoma Survival. We hope you found it informative and inspirational. We sincerely believe that the content and guidance here will help you or your loved one control follicular lymphoma as a manageable disorder.

You are invited to join our group as outlined on the Registration page.

Best in Health from the Lymphoma Survival team.

Robert G. Miller   

About me

August 19, 2018 

 Strive >> Survive >> Thrive

 There is Life After Lymphoma…Lots of It




This website is intended as a sharing of information and data based on the research and personal experiences of the author. It is NOT intended to replace or be a substitute for professional consultation with a physician or other health care provider. For treatment decisions, consult your doctor or health care provider. The author cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects, results or consequences resulting from the use or application of the information on any page of this site.