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Articles & Newsletters

Follicular Lymphoma

Content on this page indicates the breadth and depth of coverage in the Articles and Newsletters on this site, with monthly newsletters on follicular lymphoma starting in 2004.

Upon  completion of the registration process and becoming a member you will have access to all the material listed here.

Here’s  a  tip: To  avoid  getting  trapped  in  details,  as  important  as  they  are,  it’s a  good  idea  to  make  sure  that  the  FUNDAMENTAL  facts  are  understood.  Be  sure  to  review  the Follicular Lymphoma FAQ Page and Follicular Lymphoma Core Concepts Page.

See also our Topic Index page.


Basic Set of Twelve Articles


Article #1 — Getting Started : A Guide for our Members

As the first in the set, this article begins by acknowledging the feelings typically experienced by a newly diagnosed survivor. It goes on to identify two groups of survivors, each defined more by psychology and personal beliefs than by differences in their diagnosis. A sequence of steps is offered as guidance for accessing the extensive content on the site.

Article #2 — Overview  of  Follicular  Lymphoma 

Part A The development of follicular lymphoma. Part B Applicability, introduction, the fascinating lymphatic system, the basics we need to know, the progression of follicular lymphoma, incidence rates, overall survival statistics, prognostic indicators, treatment considerations as of 2016/17, the importance of understanding transformation, immune microenvironment, summary.

Article #3 –The Four Pillar Epigenetics 4PEP Program 

A copyright document, scientifically-based, the most extensive ever compiled on lifestyle-based, gene remediation strategies in connection with follicular lymphoma (with application to other lymphoma sub-types). The content here will enable the reader to get started right away with a plan of action. This document is the result of years of research focused specifically on controlling follicular lymphoma as a manageable disorder.

Article #4 –Follicular  Lymphoma  Transformation 

Transformation defined, clinical features, testing, confirming transformation, treatment options including SCT’s, survival statistics, latest developments in genetic research.

Article #5 — Essential  Factors  in  Diagnosis  and  Testing 

This “one of a kind” 39 page article provides important “must know” information to help guide follicular lymphoma survivors in making important clinical decisions. Topics covered include factors in diagnosis, pathology, scan reports, blood tests and new material on genetic testing. Patient subgroups are identified as a guide to making treatment decisions. Information on the latest diagnostic tests is included. 

Article #6 — When  to  Treat  and  With  What  Including Relapse Treatments 

This is always a controversial issue. Factors influencing when to treat: (the “tipping point”, problematic nodes, bulky tumors, cosmetic concerns, relapse situations, transformation. Common first treatment choices: R-Bendamustine, R-CHOP, LDIFRT. Other first treatments : Chlorambucil, Rituximab, R-CVP, R-Cyclophosphamide, R-Fludarabine, Gazyva, Rixathon, Truxima. Relapse Treatments: SCT’s, Zevalin, R-GDP, R-ICE, Revlimid, ESHAP, R-CP, GEM-P, PACE, MIME, CPOP, EPOCH, GEMOX. New Treatments: Idelalisib (Zydelig), Ibrutinib, Venetoclax, Duvalisib, Copanalisib, Carfizomab, Tazemetostat, Immunotherapies (PD blockers, CAR-T). A personal comment on old vs. new drugs is included. There is an Addendum on Chlorambucil.  

Article # 7– Key  Questions  That  Arise  in  Overcoming  Follicular  Lymphoma 

Detailed answers to 30 questions based on over 28 years of research, personal experience and feedback from fellow survivors of follicular lymphoma. These questions are central to both making treatment decisions and in applying the Four Pillar gene remediation strategies covered in Article #3.

Article #8 — Optimizing  Chemotherapy 

Practical suggestions and means by which the effectiveness of chemotherapy can be improved — very important in all cases, especially when treating a transformation.

Article #9 — Nutritional  and  Lifestyle  Strategies  DURING  and  AFTER  Treatment  

Carefully selected suggestions for consideration at a critically important time when survivors need to benefit from practical, scientifically-based information guided by personal experience. Nutritional strategies following treatment, rarely covered elsewhere, are included along with an inspirational video.

Article # 10– Getting  Follicular  Lymphoma  Cells  to  Die  on  Their  Own 

A complete review of the latest research in easy to understand language, describing how a variety of lifestyle activities can create conditions in the body leading to the natural death of cancer cells. Follicular lymphoma cells are particulary responsive to these strategies.

Article # 11– Epigenetic  Regulators  of  Follicular  Lymphoma: A  Reference  Guide 

A compilation of the latest scientific research confirming and explaining how epigenetic processes, principally in response to lifestyle and environmental exposure, regulate the expression of genes driving and potentially reversing follicular lymphoma. Coverage of 21 common natural strategies is discussed including in part: nutrition and selected supplements; glucose management; environmental toxins; exercise; sleep; stress; optimization of vitamins D, E and K. This research authenticates the Four Pillar gene remediation strategies in Article #3. Correction of faulty gene expression is regarded as essential in leading to extended survival time with follicular lymphoma, and possible ultimate resolution of the disorder.

Article # 12 — My Personal History with Follicular Lymphoma

Details by month and year of my experience managing follicular lymphoma since July 1988.

Note: All educational material in the articles and newsletters is written to be easily understood by the average reader. It is all based on scientific data.


Follicular Lymphoma Monthly Newsletters  Starting December 2004

May 2022 Mid Month Newsletter


Guidance in support of balanced nutrition to combat indolent/follicular (FL) lymphoma leading to long-term success.

In addition, of special significance for FL survivors, we describe the serious perils that can arise when manufactured protein supplements are substituted for protein from real food.

May 2022 Newsletter


Stress is known to lower immunity. Lymphoma is an immune system cancer. Content covers the latest research. Seven ways to reduce chronic stress are listed.


Data from the past few days with high impact for indolent (FL) lymphoma survivors.  A six-item checklist is included.

April 2022 Mid Month Newsletter


Vitamin B, the ENERGY vitamin, function of each B vitamin, must know facts about B-9 folate, foods with optimal B, how the B complex controls cancer and is essential when combined with magnesium in reducing stress.

April 2022 Newsletter


FL as a malignancy in evolution, nodal size, the tipping point, transformation definitions, time to relapse (POD24), SUV, treatment deferral, current and emerging treatments, double and triple hit, optimizing chemo including a fascinating new strategy from prominent researchers.

March 2022 Mid Month Newsletter


Four selected key readings: Absolute Lymphocyte Count (ALC), Platelets, Hemoglobin, Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH).

Part 2 in this newsletter covers Hemoglobin and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH).

Part 1 covering Absolute Lymphocyte Count (ALC) and Platelets was in the February 2022 Mid-Month Newsletter.

(Watch for special coverage of FL relapse in the upcoming April 2022 Newsletter)

March 2022 Newsletter


New research on both of these toxins is surprising, demanding additional attention from FL survivors.

February 2022 Mid Month Newsletter


Four selected key readings: Absolute Lymphocyte Count (ALC), Platelets, Hemoglobin, Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH).

Part 1 for this newsletter: Absolute Lymphocyte Count (ALC) and Platelets.

Part 2 for March Mid-Month: Hemoglobin and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH).

February 2022 Newsletter


A summary of key points from prominent scientific sources describing how Vitamin D, Physical Activity, Sleep/Stress and Nutrition combat COVID…all written in plain English, easy to understand and apply by proactive lymphoma survivors.

January 2022 Mid Month Newsletter


A special report, like no other, drawing recent scientific data on COVID from various sources, applying it specifically to meet the special challenges of lymphoma and CLL survivors.

January 2022 Newsletter


IN TUNE with the TIMES



Every Tissue Affected, Universally Applicable to All Survivors, Overall Survival Data, Application During Chemo, Prevent Transformation, Support Healthy Immunity, Broad Application to COVID.

December 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Nutrients supported by pharmaceutical research that people can initiate to combat holiday stress.


The solution is easy and highly significant, with a little entertainment added in

December 2021 Newsletter


Key Basic Concepts, Eradication –> Rejuvenation Plan, Bile Acids, Maintenance Rituximab, Sunshine, T cells (masters of immunity and FL overall survival), Guidance for the Newly Diagnosed Survivor, Iron and Anemia Concerns, Optimizing Chemotherapy, Scanning Data, Omega 3’s, Mushrooms, Elderberry


Challenges in Changing Times, How Diet Influences Immunity, Can Eating Less Result in a Stronger Immunity?, When to Eat, Specific Foods for a Stronger Immune System (complete list with links).

November 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Information from prominent sources to indolent/follicular lymphoma survivors regarding the benefits and concerns of maintenance rituximab.

November 2021 Newsletter


Compilation of data from prominent sources to guide lymphoma survivors.


Remarkable properties in regulating immunity

October 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Anemia is a serious, complex matter affecting over one-third of lymphoma survivors. Incorrect management can lead to progression and transformation.

This newsletter describes the condition and offers guidance for effective management based on data from experts.

October 2021 Newsletter


Times Change – in Some Cases for the Better.


Gut Function, Immunity and Lymphoma are Interwoven. A healthy gut is ESSENTIAL for long-term FL survival.

NEWS from the CLINIC

Clear Out the Chemo Debris to Optimize the Eradication Phase.

September 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Guidance from NIH Data with Implementation by our 4PEP Program

September 2021 Newsletter


Mayo Clinic Study, Vegetable Oils Caution, Inflammation Factor, Chemo Benefits, Cancerous Tumors, The DHA Factor, Recommended Sources

NEWS from the CLINIC

Recent Bendamustine Research

Reduction in the Number of Cycles May Be Permissible

Reduction for the Elderly with Follicular Lymphoma

August 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Reinforcing the Importance of Optimal Bile Acids with How To Info


New Player on the LS Nutritional A-Team

August 2021 Newsletter


Essential information for lymphoma survivors.



Most survivors will not likely connect with the first two

July 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


The linkage between bile acids, gut function and lymphoma is VERY clear.

(As proactive survivors we can easily optimize the bile acids we make).


Update re achieving balance between scanning and radiation.

(With preventive measures to reduce radiation risk).

Possible association between PET scan reading and COVID.

July 2021 Newsletter

Ever Onwards  July 2021 marks 33 years since diagnosis for me –>



June 2021 Mid Month Newsletter

SARS MEETS SUNSHINE. And it’s NOT About Vitamin D

Recent Research from Three Countries


Practical Immune Strategies Based on NIH Data to Combat Variants

June 2021 Newsletter


A compendium of important things to know regarding treatment of indolent/follicular lymphoma


A treat for everyone

May 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Insomnia and Loss of Circadian Rhythm

May 2021 Newsletter


A. Things to Know for the Long Journey Ahead

B. Specific Suggestions

C. Living in the Thrive Zone

April 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


The Factor that Can Combat them All – and Follicular Lymphoma Too


April 2021 Newsletter


A. The Basis for Action

B. The Four Pillar Epigenetics 4PEP Program ( Implementation Details)

C. Matters of Importance Related to the 4PEP Program

D. Closing Remarks on the 4PEP Program

March 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


 A. The Basis for Action

March 2021 Newsletter


1. Expert Recommendations re Vaccines and Therapy for Indolent Lymphoma During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A. Vaccines

B. Recommendations for Treating Indolent Lymphoma During the Pandemic

2. Unsuspected Toxins Harm the Gut Microbiome

February 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Information on natural strategies judged to have merit in reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19 based on scientific data from reputable sources, with application to survivors of indolent lymphoma.

February 2021 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives in Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma


1. Personalized Health — New Thinking for the New Era

2. How Lymph Fluid with T Immune Cells Predicts Our Success

3. The Fascinating Lymphatic System

4. Vaccines re Lymphoma

January 2021 Mid Month Newsletter


Prominent World Research Confirms the Gut Microbiome – COVID Interaction

Guidance for Everyone Including Lymphoma Survivors 

January 2021 Newsletter


Challenges and Opportunities

December 2020 Mid Month Newsletter


Important New Research Resolves Long-Term Confusion.

December 2020 Newsletter


A Compilation of Factors that Matter the Most in Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma.

November 2020 Mid Month Newsletter


It’s one thing to know WHAT are the best foods to eat to combat indolent lymphoma.

It’s another to know HOW to eat them.

November 2020 Newsletter


A compilation of the best Nutritional Performers ever written specific to follicular lymphoma with up-to-date research on each to back them up.

October 2020 Mid Month Newsletter


October 2020 Newsletter

Pandemic Pushback — PREV is BEST




September 2020 Mid Month Newsletter

COVID-19? Prominent New Research Supports Vitamin D

September 2020 Newsletter



Lymphatic flow – avoidance of “stagnation”. Sugar/glucose control. Exercise during and after chemo. Role of the gut microbiome in maintaining immunity. Immunity and aging.


Benefits of sunshine not available from a vitamin D supplement. Reduced risk and potential reversal of lymphoma. Effects of sunshine on immunity, blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain and cholesterol. Sunshine’s influence on cancer in general. Challenges in receiving adequate sunshine. Sunscreen concerns (updated 2020 data).

August 2020 Mid Month Mini Newsletter


August 2020 Newsletter


1. FEATURE ITEM: Managing Anxiety 2020 Style

2. Perfect Treatment is Only Part Way There

3. Vitamin K — Platelets, Osteoporosis and MK-7

Mid Month Mini Newsletter July 2020


July 2020 Newsletter




June 2020 Mid Month Mini Newsletter

VITAMIN B SAVVY. The Movie Actress Got It…and Took Action

June 2020 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives Blended with Decades of Personal Experience


A Product for Consideration



1. Peaceful Slumber at 3 AM

2. The Anti-Anxiety MgB6 Natural Strategy

3. New Cancer Blood Test — Mayo + Dana Farber

Mid Month Mini Newsletter May 2020


May 2020 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

UNPRECEDENTED  PROGRESS in Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma is Now Possible


1. Update: SINGLE PLAN to Help Prevent COVID -19 and  Manage Lymphoma

Antibody Testing and Application

The Vaccine Challenge…Why so Difficult and So Long?

The High Blood Pressure Factor

The Antimalaria, Antibiotic Combo

The Gastrointestinal Connection

The Lymphoma Connection

Vitamin D


2. Extending a Welcome to Translational Medicine

Mid-Month Mini Newsletter April 2020

SINGLE PLAN to Help Prevent COVID -19 and Manage Lymphoma

April 2020 Newsletter


March 2020 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma


Nugget in the Pan



1. Recommended Ways to Minimize Common Toxins

2. Immunoglobulin A – Vital, Misunderstood, Suggestions for Self-Generation

February 2020 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma


Nugget in the Pan

Brisk Walking


1. Preparing for Treatment – Things to Know Beforehand

2. Avoiding Endocrine Disruptors BPA, BPS and BPF – Links to Follicular Lymphoma

3. Bendamustine or CHOP? The m7 Gene Test May Help

4. New Data Suggests Follicular Lymphoma May be Curable

January 2020 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma


Nugget in the Pan

Jesse and Bessie

Red Palm Oil Recipe


1. Understanding How Sleep Can Extend Survival Time

2. Dental Health Connected to Lymphoma

3. Linking Nutrients to Their Food Sources – an Excellent List

4. Ensure Optimal Vitamin D Level Prior to Treatment

5. Happy New Year to Our Members around the World!

December 2019 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

ANTI-STRESS COMBO – A Timely Gift for the Holiday Season

Nugget in the Pan

Real Gold — Vitamin K

Fool’s Gold – Organic Beer in a Can


1. The Most Significant New Development in Conventional Treatment for 2019

2. The Most Significant Natural Strategy for 2019

3. Sunshine Promotes a Healthier Gut Microbiome

November 2019 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

OPTIMIZING the BLISS GENE – Natural Strategies, Cannabinoid Receptors

Nugget in the Pan

Choline Revisited


1. Great Recovery…and So Fast

2. Fiber — Reinforcing 2019’s Best Cancer Research

3. Vitamin B: Vital to Optimize — Challenging but Doable

October 2019 Newsletter

Foothold…Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

WE’RE NICE FOLKS…but we’re a driven lot

Nugget in the Pan

Shiitake Mushrooms


1. Let’s Take on the Challenge of Relapse

2. Effects of Vitamin D on FL Survival… Reinforcing the Latest Data

3. How Exercise Can Help Prevent Relapse

4. Applying the Master Strategy to Avoid Relapse

September 2019 Newsletter

Foothold … Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma


Nugget in the Pan



1. The Gut Microbiome – Emerging Insight re Cancer Survival

2. Gazyva (Obinutuzumab) vs. Rituximab – Surprises to be Aware of

3. New Rituximab Biosimilars

4. Apples – In Depth Study Shows Organic to be Far Superior

August 2019 Newsletter

Foothold … Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma


Nugget in the Pan

Kiwi Fruit


1 . Treatment for Follicular Lymphoma – A Review of Current Issues with Suggestions for Success


The Time to Treat

Treatment for Transformation

Treatment Issues of the Day

The Genetic Fact

Newly diagnosed patients have widely variable genetic profiles

Personalized genetic-based diagnostics

Influence of Chemo on Overall Survival

New Drugs

14 Suggestions for Success

2. The Thrive Zone

3. Two New Meds…Follow Up

July 2019 Newsletter


Personal Reflections on the Past 10 Years

Scientific Insight Here Now to Overcome Follicular Lymphoma


    1. Glyphosate/Roundup – New Concerns with Food 

An Update on Recent Court Trials

Glyphosate in our Food Supply

Glyphosate and the Gut Microbiome

Why Lymphoma – A Glycine Association?

Steps to Minimize Glyphosate Exposure

    1. Meatless Burgers, Pea Protein. Heads-Up Knowledge is required by Lymphoma Survivors

The Methionine Concern

June 2019 Newsletter

Foothold … Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

Follicular Lymphoma Cells are Close to being Normal. How Can We Benefit by Knowing This?

Nugget in the Pan

Broccoli…also Brussels Sprouts & Kale


1. Five Lesser Known Benefits of Sunshine

2. New Cautions re Sunscreens

3.  Mental Stress and Lymphoma — is this the Missing Link?

4. Where are we at with Immunotherapy?

May 2019 Newsletter

Foothold … Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

The Four Pillar Epigenetics Program* (4PEP) in Action

Nugget in the Pan



  1. Drug Trial Results – Latest Data


Rituximab, Revlimid/Lenalidomide


PI3K Inhibitors (Idelalisib + others)

  1. Why Chemo is Still King

The Step 1 à Step 2 Approach

Better Drugs in the Pipeline?

  1. Walnuts Alter Gene Expression to Slow Cancer Growth

April 2019 Newsletter

Foothold … Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

The Genomic Era

Nugget in the Pan

Olive Oil — Remarkable new anticancer data on an old friend


1. Our Gut Microbiome – the Hidden Key to Health

2. Natural Strategies Need to Change after Diagnosis

3. Hail the Red Berries

4. A Changing Perspective on Transformation

March 2019 Newsletter

Foothold … Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

The Magic Triad – the Brain, Gut and Immune System

(Lymphoma is an immune system cancer)

Nugget in the Pan

Desiccated Liver


1. Finished Treatment? Now What?

2. Major New Cancer Discovery – YES, Once Again We Can Take Action Ourselves

3. Organic Foods and BPA – Can This Recent Data Be True?

February 2019 Newsletter

Foothold … Fresh Perspectives on Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

Calming Down the Rampaging Community

Nugget in the Pan



1. Toxins in Seafood – Concerns, but Good Choices Too

2. Do GM Foods Disrupt the Human Gut?

January 2019 Newsletter


The Informed Patient

Nugget in the Pan 


Nutrition Illumination

The Issue

The Problem

A Revised Nutritional Strategy

Nutrients as the Starting Point

What are the Vital Nutrients?

The Cancer Survivor’s Conundrum

Step 1 – Target the Difference between Normal and Malignant Cells

Step 2 – Identify Malignant Cell Vulnerabilities

Step 3 – Start the Action Plan Correctly

Step 4 – Selected Foods

Additional Points to Ponder

Happy New Year to Our Members around the World!

December 2018 Newsletter


Some People May be Cured

Nugget in the Pan



1. Beer and Follicular Lymphoma. It’ll Surprise You!

2. The Essential Benefits of Walking

3. Loneliness Triggers Cellular Changes in the Immune System

4. New Developments in Cancer Detection

November 2018 Newsletter


Nuggets in the Pan

1. An Urgent Need to Refine and Implement Available New Testing Procedures

2. Lymphoma Linked to Healthy Gut Bacteria

3. Organic Foods and Lymphoma – Amazing Data from October 2018

4. Flu Shot

October 2018 Newsletter


This month we cover three research studies that define a refreshing new direction in cancer management.

All three offer ways that we, as survivors, can benefit starting right now.

1. Two Surprising Developments – with suggestions on how to benefit from this new research, starting now

2. What’s this about an Eating Window?

3. Infections – Hidden, Active and Inflammation

4. Common Nutrient Excels in Anticancer Research

Secrets Revealed and Unrevealed

September 2018 Newsletter

Editorial Comment

As We See It: The “Cancer World” has Changed

Feature Items in this Newsletter

1. Latest Research on Follicular Lymphoma– Stunned Silence

2. Does the Choice of Chemo Treatment Really Matter?

3. Lenalidomide/Revlimid Confusion

4. Chlorambucil Update with New Links

5. Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging

6. Eight Reasons to Choose Yogurt over Milk

August 2018 Newsletter

1. Rapid Nodal Growth

2. From Sunup to Campfire Time: Optimizing the “Light Diet”

3. Relentless Concerns with Roundup Herbicide

4. Cannabinoids – the latest look

July 2018 Newsletter

Living the Dream Never Thought Possible

Observations and Lessons Learned during a 30 Year Journey with Follicular Lymphoma

1. The Moment of Diagnosis

2. Meeting the Specialist

3. Watch and Wait >> Dynamic Observation

4. The Miracle of Natural Regression

5. Living with Follicular Lymphoma: 1990-2000

6. Living with Follicular Lymphoma: 2000–2010

7. Living WITHOUT Follicular Lymphoma: 2010–Present


June 2018 Newsletter


Complex beyond Comprehension, Simple beyond Belief

Current Priority Topics

Vitamin B Complex with Attention to Folate



Autophagy and Stem Cells

Up on the Latest

Feature Items in this Newsletter

1. First Node in the Head or Neck Region

2. Diet and Supplements:  Key Considerations for Follicular Lymphoma Survivors

3. Could a Simple Blood Test for Inflammation Predict Whether You’ll be Alive in 5 Years? (See also the fascinating lifespan predictor test included here)

4. Two Best Anticancer Fruits? This Data Will Surprise You

May 2018 Newsletter


1. Follicular Lymphoma Latest Treatment and Survival Statistics from the USA

2. Follicular Lymphoma Survival – a Gold Star  to Stanford and the Spanish

3. Follicular Lymphoma New Gene Expression Test Could Improve Overall Survival

4. The Miracle of Natural Regression

April 2018 Newsletter


1. Taking Chemo? 2018 Research Suggests Natural Strategies Can Improve Results

2. Survivor Alert: New Challenges from Plastics and Water

3. Physical Activity Creates T-Cell Immunity Linked to Lymphoma Survival

4. Vitamin B Complexes Summarized

March 2018 Newsletter


1. The Essential Role of Vitamin B in Managing Follicular Lymphoma – with Reference to Folate Conversion and Homocysteine Status

2. Uncertain re Overall Vitamin B Status? Blood Test Results May Provide a Clue

3. Compelling Evidence re the Importance of Quality Sleep in Managing Follicular Lymphoma

4. Research Data Confirming that Vitamin D Can Help Prevent the Flu

February 2018 Newsletter


Two Important Points

1 . Getting Started: A Guide for our Members

2. The Remarkable Properties of Black Seed Oil

3. Healthy Microbiome Leads to Natural Regression

4. Choose Your Vitamin B Correctly – THIS IS IMPORTANT

January 2018 Newsletter


1. A NEW YOU for a New Year

2. Lymphoma Survival Linked to Physical Activity (Mayo Clinic, January 2018)

3. The Magnificent Cranberry

4. Disrupted Sleep…Latest Association to Cancer Progression

December 2017 Newsletter

The December 2017 Newsletter is a significant update to our flagship article: “The Four Pillar Gene Remediation Strategies (4P-GRS) Program”. Click on the link below.

Article 3 The Four Pillar Gene Remediation Strategies (4P-GRS) Program 0118

November 2017 Newsletter


1. Expert Insight: Reflections on the “Seed and the Soil”

2. Sugar Stimulates Cancer Growth. But Wait, there’s more to Know

3. Vitamin C Regulates Stem Cell Function – New Info Pouring In

4. Physical Activity a High Priority during Chemo Treatment

5. AstraZeneca Admits Falsified Data re Lymphoma Drug

6. Want to Live to 100 – Even with Lymphoma? What Single Thing Rules? 

October 2017 Newsletter

FEATURE ITEMAdvancements in Research toward Achieving 30 Years of Healthy Survival with Follicular Lymphoma

1. Winter is  A’comin’…Pneumonia Vaccine?

2. Low Vitamin D Strongly Associated with Early Clinical Failure with Follicular Lymphoma – Recent Mayo Clinic Data

3. Dental Issues Confirmed re Follicular Lymphoma… 2017 Data

4. Coffee Consumption Associated with Reduced Cancer Recurrence

September 2017 Newsletter

A Tribute to Drs. Connors and Gascoyne


1. Gene EZH2 – the Guy We Gotta Know and its Enemy Promoter BPA

2. Follicular Lymphoma and Low IgA

3. Nuts – More Potent Than Many Think

4. Afternoon Snack

5. Terry’s Liverwurst Recipe

August 2017 Newsletter

Checklist of Important Actions (CIA)

To Bed by 10:30,  Dental Health,  Purify My Lymph Fluid,  Fats,  The Building Blocks of Life,  The Morning DNA Changer,  Retinoids,  Vitamin B: Anti-Stress and so Much More,  Bring Some Color Into My Life,  Fiber,  Clear Fresh Uncontaminated Water,  Inner Peace

July 2017 Newsletter



1. Anxiety Linked to Tumor Growth. Suggestions with Insight

2. Rituximab…Two Recent Published Warnings

3. Short-Term Benefit of Bendamustine over CHOP as Initial Treatment for Follicular Lymphoma (2017 Data, Multiple Authors) Includes New Breakthrough Research

4. Dietary Fiber is Essential for Follicular Lymphoma Survivors

5. Liver Smoothie Recipes

June 2017 Newsletter

Feature Item

BREAKTHROUGH: New Research on the Potency of Two Natural Strategies in Managing Follicular Lymphoma

May 2017 Newsletter


1. Toxic Exposures and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

2. The Pros and Cons of Maintenance Rituximab – Follow Up

3. Physical Activity Increases Overall Survival Time

4. OLĒ – Olive Leaf Extract for Sinus Congestion/Inflammation

5. Sleep – the Ultra Healthy Status Symbol

April 2017 Newsletter


1. Sustained Clinical Remission: Toward a Two-Step Program

2. Us and our Microbiomes: Joined Together in Healthy Harmony

3. Colostrum May Help with Compromised Immunity and Chemo Damage

4. Iron Supplements Damage DNA – in only10 minutes

5. Signs of Our Times – Coffee, Booze and Vitamin B

March 2017 Newsletter


1. Risk Factors Associated with Follicular Lymphoma

2. Nutritious Fats are Essential. Why?

3. Curcumin to Reduce Inflammation

4. Dietary Fiber May Lower Stress and Improve Sleep

5. Why the New Gene-Based Drugs are Not Working Very Well

6. Tomato Juice and LDH

February 2017 Newsletter

Introduction — the end of an era

1. How Healthy Normal Cells Defeat Follicular Lymphoma

2. The Critical Window in Managing Follicular Lymphoma. Don’t Miss It.

3. T-Cell Immunotherapy. Promising or Playing with Fire?

4. NATURAL T-Cell Immunotherapy — SUNLIGHT

5. Jump Start Your Tumor Suppressor Genes with Vitamin B

6. Olive Leaf Extract May Lower Inflammatory Gene Expression

7. Admirable Lifestyles: Commentaries from Two of our Members

January 2017 Newsletter


1. The Development and Resolution of Follicular Lymphoma

2. Follicular Lymphoma Transformation – Past, Present and Future

3. John Hopkins Researchers Find Magic in Mushrooms

4. Cannabinoids for Cancer Patients – Latest Research

5. Health 2017 – New Knowledge on a Matter of Top Priority

6. Latest Gazyva Obinutuzumab Data

7. Avoid Emulsifiers

8. Most Read Cancer Stories for 2016

December 2016 Newsletter

A Strongbox of Christmas Gems…just for you:

Our NORMAL Cells Rule, Love for the Olde Gents, Make EZH2 EZier, Yogurt Boosts the Brain, Mighty Mitochondria, Sunshine, Chlorambucil, Evenings, Bedtime Treat, Workplace Harmony, Fiber, CRISPR – A New Day Dawns.

November 2016 Newsletter

Inner Peace


1. New Development to Determine Lymphoma Status

2. Prevention Strategies are Not Necessarily Valid AFTER Diagnosis

3. Physical Activity During Chemo Improves Outcome

4. Improvement to Rituximab – No NOT GAZYVA Obinutuzumab

5. Cancer Survival and Low-Dose Aspirin

6. Genetics Home Reference

October 2016 Newsletter

Find Yourself


1. Nutritional Strategies for Intestinal Health in Follicular Lymphoma Survivors

2. A Sneak Peek at the Future Cure for Cancer

3. Powerful Retinoids for Follicular Lymphoma – But Tricky

4. Turmeric Tested in Humans

5. R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N ~ for the Driven Lot We Are

September 2016 Newsletter


1. Counteracting Cancer-Causing Toxins with Natural Strategies

2. Maintenance Rituximab Now Declared Optional by Experts

3. The Impact of Rituximab on Long-Term Immunity

4. Newly Diagnosed Follicular Lymphoma – To Treat or Not?  New Genetic Test Provides Statistical Data to Help Guide the Decision

5. Latest Genetic Data Predicts Follicular Lymphoma Transformation

6. New Drug Reduces Chemo Side-Effects

7. Topic Index

August 2016 Newsletter

Our newsletter this month is Article #3, The Four Pillar Gene Remediation Strategies (4P-GRS) Program, updated to August, 2016.

As our long-term members will know, this is our “flagship” article; the most extensive document ever compiled on lifestyle-based, gene remediation strategies in connection with follicular lymphoma.

Our mission is to empower survivors with knowledge so they can create their own paths to wellness. Article #3 is the action document providing guidance to get the job done in overcoming follicular lymphoma.

July 2016 Newsletter


1. Normal Cells Cure Cancer

2. Vitamin D Insufficiency Lowers Survival with Follicular Lymphoma

3. Inflammation as a Driver of Follicular Lymphoma

4. Beet Root Juice and Metformin during R-CHOP

5. Plums Protect Against Radiation

June 2016 Newsletter


1. Cancer Drugs Approved Too Rapidly — Expert Review

2. Vitamin B – Overlooked for Too Long!

3. Healthy Gut: Milk NO — Yogurt and Cheese –YES.

4. Updated Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen List

5. Eat Wild — Excellent Source Guide by Location

6. Gem — Mixing the Red Palm Oil

May 2016 Newsletter


1  Gazyva Obinutuzumab as a Replacement for Rituximab – What Can We Expect?

2. A Closer Look at Preventing New Tumors

3. Back to the Future with Vitamin D

April 2016 Newsletter


1  Applying Nutrition Properly: The Two-Population Fact

2. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): A Potentially Beneficial Supplement for Follicular Lymphoma Survivors

3. Artificial Turf Fields Linked to Lymphoma

4. Spinach—Yes, but Well-Cooked and Not Too Often

5. Zydelig Idelalisib Caution

6. Emotional Well-Being Linked to Gene Expression

March 2016 Newsletter


1. Maintenance Rituximab — for How Much Longer?

2. New Blood-Based Biopsy –and other Developments re Follicular Lymphoma

3. Selenium…New Research (Caution Required)

4. The Importance of Leafy Greens

5. NEW…Epigenetic Age Predicts Cancer

February 2016 Newsletter


1. Follicular Lymphoma–NO DIFFERENCES in Overall Survival between Watchful Waiting and Chemoimmunotherapy or Rituximab Monotherapy (January 2016 Trial Data)

2. Two Friends and One Enemy

3. Retinoids. Red Palm Oil. Vitamins A & E. Liver

4. Poor Sleep Linked to Dietary Fat and Sugar

5. Overeating

January 2016 Newsletter


1. Survivor Alert! Gene EZH2 Overexpression Linked to BPA

2. New Drugs – Careful Assessment Required

3. For the Same Foods, Blood Sugar Levels Differ Between People

4. Follicular Lymphoma 2016 – A Rapidly Shifting Landscape

December 2015 Newsletter


A Strongbox of Gems for the 12 Days of Christmas

Ginger, Breakfast, Apples, Beets, Vitamin A, CLA, Fats, SAD, Sinuses, Movement, 4 Plus, the Master Strategy

Laying the Vital Foundation

The Gems

November 2015 Newsletter


1. Why Did I Get Lymphoma? What Are My Chances Now?

2. The Rising Cost of Drugs. Financial Toxicity for Patients

3. Follicular Lymphoma Survival in Young Adults-New Data

4. Is THIS How Elephants Avoid Cancer?

5. Congratulations to Nobel Winners for DNA Repair Research

October 2015 Newsletter


1. Follicular Lymphoma: Focus on Food

2. Relapsed After Bendamustine? Now What? New Options

3. First Treatment Completed. What Now?

September 2015 Newsletter

Our Community

1. m7-FLIPI. A Better Way to Predict Low and High-Risk Status for Follicular Lymphoma Survivors

2. Which is Worse, Enlarged Nodes or New Nodes?

3. Latest Look at Three Key Supplements

August 2015 Newsletter

The Way to Win-Before and After Treatment.

A simplified analysis describing how lifestyle strategies, environmental influences and hidden infection govern the regulation of key genes that determine how successful we will be in managing follicular lymphoma over many years. 

July 2015 Newsletter


1. Cancer 2015 – Now with the Four Pillar Lifestyle Linkage

2. The Emergence of Notable Results

3. Exercise – THIS Time for HEALTH

4. A Landmark Study to Validate Our Approach

5. Follicular Lymphoma – Review of First Treatments without Using Chemo. Latest Expert Opinion

6. Twenty+ Strategic Errors in Managing Follicular Lymphoma (Number 13 this Month)

7. In the Car Show!

June 2015 Newsletter


1. The Development and Resolution of Follicular Lymphoma

2. Repairing Mutations? Inheritance? New Grading System?

3. Why is Sleep So Important in Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma?

4. Twenty+ Strategic Errors in Managing Follicular Lymphoma (Number 12 this Month)

5. Twelve Unhealthy “Health” Foods to Avoid (Number 6 this Month)

6. Cancer Recurrence is Our Greatest Fear

7. Correction in Stated Radiation from Combined CT and PET

8. Ginger When Taking Chemo? Professional Commentary

9. Two Gems One Golden

May 2015 Newsletter


1. Vitamin D Follicular Lymphoma Study by Experts

2. Bringing Clarity and Sense to New Directions in Genetic Testing

3. Caution re Eight or More CT Scans Plus PET

4. Roundup Weed Killer Linked to Lymphoma World Health Org.

5. Excessive Use of Dietary Supplements Increases Cancer Risk

6. Yogurt and Cheese are Good but Milk is Bad and WHY

April 2015 Newsletter


1. Gene CDKN2A Status Can Predict Lower Survival Time for Patients Treated with Rituximab

2. Gene MLH1 Status Can Block Response to CHOP

3. Genetic Testing…Results Reinforce Importance of Lifestyle Choices

4. The Cancer Industry is Going through a Re-make

5. Could Retinoic Acid (From Food) Create This Remarkable Feat?

6. Broccoli – Surprising Research from John’s Hopkins and Others

7. Twenty+ Strategic Errors in Managing Follicular Lymphoma (Number 11 this Month)

8. Twelve Unhealthy “Health” Foods to Avoid (Number 5 this Month)

9. Happiness Gene Can Be Short or Long

March 2015 Newsletter


1. Beating Follicular Lymphoma is a Two-Step Process

2. Epigenetics ROCKS! The Roadmap Epigenomics Project

3. Diagnostic Testing Gains Momentum

4. Gazyva

5. How Exercise Changes our DNA

6. Strategies to Stay Healthy While on Maintenance Rituximab

7. Six Reasons Why Yogurt is Essential

February 2015 Newsletter


1. Is Getting Cancer Just a Case of Bad Luck?

2. Follicular Lymphoma: From Bad Luck to Good Fortune

3. The Power of Epigenetics by Medical Experts

4. Follicular Lymphoma Transformation…Important Updates

5. Immunoglobulin Test Results…What They Mean

6. Twenty+ Strategic Errors in Managing Follicular Lymphoma (Numbers 9 and 10 this Month)

7. Twelve Unhealthy “Health” Foods to Avoid (Numbers 3 and 4 this Month)

January 2015 Newsletter


1. For 2015, Two Developments to Look Forward to…and Why

2. It takes More Than Mutations to Cause Follicular Lymphoma

3. Follicular Lymphoma Survival Indicator (Latest Research)

4. 20+ Strategic Errors in Managing Follicular Lymphoma (Numbers 6, 7 and 8 this Month)

5. Twelve Unhealthy “Health” Foods to Avoid (First Two This Month)

6. Wellness Tourism…$3.4 Trillion

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Can you reach the red?; Up the epigenetic impact with breakfast; Weight loss you say?

December 2014 Newsletter


1. 20+ Strategic Errors in Managing Follicular Lymphoma (First Five this Month)

2. New Developments in Diagnosing Follicular Lymphoma

3. Our Healthy Cells, the Microenvironment, and Overall Survival

4. How Stress is Associated with Follicular Lymphoma

5. Contentment

November 2014 Newsletter


1. End of Rituximab Maintenance for Low–Tumor Burden Follicular Lymphoma

2. OK Doc, Why Did I Get Follicular Lymphoma?

3. You Asked About Bread

4. Why (Good) Fats are Extra Important to Combat Follicular Lymphoma

5. Exercise During Chemo…Scientists State “Amazing” Result

6. Newly Identified Benefit of Curcumin

7. The “Biomedical Underclass”

8. The Merits of R-GDP (New Research +Personal Experience)

9. Little Gems Mean a Lot

Seasons in the Sun

October 2014 Newsletter


1. The REAL Breakthrough is Here Now — But Will it Gain Traction?

2. Feeling Tired? Lymphocytes? Hemoglobin?

3. The Sugar Cancer Connection. What’s True? What to Do?

4. Maintenance Rituximab…No Benefit Compared to Re-Treatment (Latest Study Results)

5. The Dilemma Faced by the New Genetic-Based Drugs

6. Doctors Using Chlorambucil to Treat Follicular Lymphoma (Update)

7. A Beer to Calm mTOR? Mmm …Anti-Aging Too?

September 2014 Newsletter


1. The Basic Premise in Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma

2. Doctors Using Chlorambucil to Treat Follicular Lymphoma

3. Double-Hit Lymphoma

4. Lymphoma in the Eye Region

5. Supplement Advisory

6. Ginger Up Front, Pomegranate Later…The Exosome Connection

7. Significant New Development from MIT

8. When Sweat Runs Clean

August 2014 Newsletter


1. New Research Shows Outstanding Results with Chlorambucil

2. Idelalisib Zydelig Approved for Relapsed Follicular Lymphoma…BUT!

3. 12 Things You Really Need to Know About Foods and Supplements

4. Lymphoma Researchers Recognized

July 2014 Newsletter


1. GONE…Follicular Lymphoma CAN be Resolved

2. The Development of Follicular Lymphoma

3. The Law of Extended Survival with Follicular lymphoma

4. The Good Things We Do Cut Two Ways

5. When Exercise Works Best

6. Exercise…an Uncommon Strength for a Changing World

 June 2014 Newsletter


1. Genes Associated with Follicular Lymphoma Transformation…Latest Data

2. Follicular Lymphoma Survival Forecaster. How Valid?

3. Follicular Lymphoma in Young Adults

4. New Classification System for Follicular Lymphoma?

5. More Cautions re Maintenance Rituximab

6. The Importance of Healthy Bowel Function

7. “Little Things Mean a Lot”

8. Gem of the Month (An un-shrunk brain!)

May 2014 Newsletter


1. Travel the Missing Link

2. Full Effect From the Four Pillars…a Member’s Experience

3. Purify My Lymph Fluid!

4. Methionine…Why So Critical?

5. Are GE (GMO) Foods a Risk Factor?

6. Which Food Choices Should be Organic?

7. Carrageenan: A Natural Food Additive with a Concern

8. Two Gems of the Month (Unhurried Conversation, Trace Minerals)

9. Next Month (Research on new concerns with Maintenance Rituximab)

April 2014 Newsletter


Prelude to the First Three Items

1. Ibrutinib IMBRUVICA Side-Effects (Unbiased Verified Info)

2. Idelalisib (GS1101)…Side-Effects, Effectiveness (New Engl. Jrnl. March 2014)

3. Summary Comment on Ibrutinib IMBRUVICA and Idelalisib

4. Pidilizumab (CT-011)…Looks Very Promising (Better Than Ibrutinib?)

5. Chlorambucil…Still a Good Option

6. Summary Comment

March 2014 Newsletter


1. Transformation: Three New Developments

2. Remission, Regression, Resolution…and Cure

3. The Quiet Revolution

4. Enjoying Beneficial Gene Expression Every Day

5. Glutamine…IMPORTANT New Research (And Why)

6. Dangerous Unnatural Supplements…the SELECT Study

7. Fasting Blood Sugar…What’s Optimum?

8. Promising New Development

GEM of the Month…The Eyes, Nose and Brain Interconnected

Embracing Life

February 2014 Newsletter


1. Spontaneous Regression of Follicular Lymphoma…a Personal Comment

2. Spontaneous Regression and its Implications

3. Updating What We Know About Spontaneous (Natural) Regression

4. Does Lifestyle Influence Cancer? Show Me the Evidence!

5. Should I Choose Treatment or Try the “Natural” Route?

6. A Theory of “First Location” Significance

7. Article #12, “My Personal History”, Updated

8. GEM of the Month

January 2014 Newsletter


1. The Genes Driving Follicular Lymphoma…and Those That Can Reverse It

2. GEM…The Master Strategy All in One

3. Trial Results with New Kinase Drugs for Follicular Lymphoma

4. Maintenance Rituximab Update. Pros. Cons. Strategies

5. Vitamin K2 MUST Accompany Vitamin D. Here’s Why

6. Of Nutrients and Nails

December 2013 Newsletter


1. Low-Dose Radiation Update (With a Detailed Personal Account)

2. Amino Acids…Often Overlooked, Vitally Important

3. Variable Pathology from Biopsies for Follicular Lymphoma

4. Deletion of a Single Gene Provokes Mutations Elsewhere (Implications for Ibrutinib, Nov/13 Research)

5. Gut Bacteria May Assist Chemotherapy (New Research)

6. Scanning While in Clinical Remission (How Much? Expert Advice)

7. Clinical Trials for Follicular Lymphoma (Update by Region/Country)

8. For Our CLL Members…Oct/13 Clinical Info., Excellent & Understandable

November 2013 Newsletter


1. Making Optimal Use of the Best Tool We Have

2. Lymphoma and the “Microbiome”

3. Alcohol and Lymphoma…a Surprising Connection

4. What About Grains, Seeds, Nuts…and Bread?

5. Anticancer Effects of Quercetin

6. Survive Lymphoma Longer. Go South?

7. Best New Approach for Treating Lymphoma? (Oct. 2013)

8. Flu Vaccine…Yes or No?

9. Contentment

October 2013 Newsletter


1. New Data: Follicular Lymphoma Genes. Implications?

2. The Winning Battle Plan (Risks with an “Alternative” Approach)

3. The Challenge in Avoiding Food Toxins

4. Incredible Health Benefits of Walking…DocMike Evans

5. You Are a Blender!

6. Confirmation of Benefit from Hyperthermia with Chemo

7. Carnitine Supplementation While on Chemo?

8. Yogurt Maker

9. In the Final Analysis, We Have…

September 2013 Newsletter


1. Ibrutinib…a Concern

  • Developmental Background
  • What is Ibrutinib?
  • How Does Ibrutinib Work?
  • What are the Concerns with Ibrutinib?
  • Can the Apparent Irreversible Problem with Ibrutinib be Corrected?
  • What About Ibrutinib and Follicular Lymphoma?
  • Technical Summary
  • In Conclusion

2. Latest Stem Cell Transplant Results (August 2013)

3. Latest/Largest Research on the Role of Physical Activity and Lymphomas (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, May 2013)

4. Long-Term Risk from Scanning Radiation…Is MRI an Option?

5. Bexxar Bye Bye

6. Jill’s Quick Action Plan

7. Late Entry…”If I Had to Guess”

August 2013 Newsletter


1. The Importance of Balance

2. The Critical Importance of a Planning Horizon

3. Advantages of the Natural Strategies Approach

4. Is There an Optimal Priority to the 4 Pillars?

5. Barriers to Achieving Optimal Vitamin D

6. Maintaining a Clinical Remission

7. I’ve Relapsed! Now What?

8. The Daily Double…Maybe the Most Potent Strategy Yet

9. We Need to Move

10. Why Nodes Grow and Why they Shrink

July 2013 Newsletter


1. Grateful for 25 Years since Diagnosis: The Key Strategic Factors

2. Three Prime Targets…The Practical “how to” on Glucose Regulation, Mitochondria, and Oxygenation

3. LymphomaSurvival goes to NASCAR

4. Compilation of New Drugs for Treating Follicular Lymphoma

5. Vitamin E Shown to Reduce Danger from Radiation Scanning

6. Future Epigenetic “Boost” to CHOP for Treating Transformation?

7. Exercise Will Elevate AST and LDH

8. Putting it All Together…the Big Picture in Managing Follicular Lymphoma for Long-Term Success

June 2013 Newsletter


1. Seven Surprising Perspectives about the Immune System and fNHL

2. The Importance of Calcium

3. The “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15” Foods for 2013

4. NO Whey Protein Supplements for fNHL Survivors!

5. Robert’s Diet

6. Bilirubin a Bit High? Lucky You?

7. Expert Observation on Sunshine and Health

May 2013 Newsletter


1. Making Changes in Life Following Diagnosis

2. Will Genetic Profiling Influence the Management of Follicular Lymphoma?

3. The End of Alternative Medicine

4. Does Follicular Lymphoma Spread to Other Organs?

5. Survivor Immunity…Measuring Lymphocyte Count is NOT Enough

6. What About Diet Considerations for Diabetics?

7. Iron Supplements…C-A-R-E-F-U-L

8. Reading your Pathology Report: the Importance of Ki-67

9. Exercise and Oxygenation

10. Closing Thought from a Prominent Researcher

April 2013 Newsletter


1. Sugar, Glutamine and Cancer Genes

2. Two Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar…Make Your Daily Double Even More Powerful

3. Best Study Yet on Vitamin D and Lymphoma

4. Hidden Infection “Drivers” of Follicular Lymphoma

5. Latest Drug & Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) Data for Transformed Follicular Lymphoma

6. Latest Research…Combined Gene & Immunotherapy

7. The Delight of Processed Foods…”Every cookie is crammed with joy!”

8. Medical Aspects of Daily Stress and Cancer

9. Nuggets in the Pan

March 2013 Newsletter


1. Why Nodes Grow and Why They Shrink

2. Sleep Deprivation Alters Genetic Expression…Latest Research

3. Stem Cell Transplants…an Update

4. Can Antioxidants Promote Cancer? …C-A-R-E-F-U-L

5. Food and Cancer…Latest Research Carries a Big Surprise

6. Meat Intake NOT Associated With Lymphoma…US NCI Data

7. Vitamin D…Supplements OK, but Sunlight Better

8. Bring on the Cheese with K2

9. Do Doctor Visits Get Easier With Time?

10. Strategic Balance

February 2013 Newsletter


1. NEED to KNOW…Where It Came From…Getting It to Go

2. MUST DO’s en Route to the Thrive Zone

3. Bone Density and Lymphoma…and What to Do About It

4. Bowel Issues Following Treatment

5. Wheat Grass to Reduce Chemo Toxicity (Conventional Medical Research)

6. Cinnamon Helps to Reduce Blood Sugar

7. The Way Ahead…The Research We REALLY Need

Desert Springtime Flowers by Judith

January 2013 Newsletter


1. Two Best Gifts Ever

2. The Real Dietary Challenge…Concern with a Vegetarian Approach

3. We MUST Keep Moving…Here’s Why

4. Optimizing Immunity for the Winter Season

5. Vitamin D Target Levels (USA)…Recent Data

6. Our Sleep Cycle Regulates Genetic Behavior

7. Tricky Tumors…the New Way of Looking at Cancer

More wintertime scenes from the high desert.

December 2012 Newsletter


1. Fasting? Maybe. But NOT Restrictive Diets

2. Lymphoma Experts Verify Role of Vitamin D…A “Must Know” for Planning.

3. Lifestyle and Follicular Lymphoma Survival…Latest, Top-Tier Research…See the Effect!

4. “Tricky Myc”…A Ringleader Gene Driving Lymphoma..and the Glutamine Connection

5. Bendamustine Compared to Other Options for Indolent Lymphomas (New Research)

6. Aspartame (NutriSweet) and Lymphoma

7. Limited Stage fNHL: Radiation and Transformation

8. Whilst We Slumber…Waiting for Santa

Wintertime scenes from the high desert

November 2012 Newsletter

After 25 Years, the Best Anticancer Information I’ve Seen


1. Background

2. Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

3. Additional Research in Support of Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

4. Other Key Factors Associated With Cancer as a Metabolic Disorder (Glutamine, Insulin, Glycation, AGE’s and Sugar Levels)

5. Wrap-Up Commentary…Putting it All into Practice

October 2012 Newsletter


1. Cancer Knowledge is Expanding (and Changing)…Are We Ready?

2. When to Treat (Update)

3. Rituximab for Newly Diagnosed Patients? (2012 Video by Lymphoma Specialist)

4. No Drug Can Match This!

5. Vitamin D Status and Allo SCT Outcome (Typical??…Must Read)

6. For the New Arrivals…Getting Up to Speed ASAP

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Hemolysis and LDH; Dental Issues…Antibiotics? Mercury?; Two Best Kept Dietary Secrets…K2 and Quercetin)

8. Closing Thought

Magic of the Coast (Photos by Judith)

September 2012 Newsletter


1. Maintenance Rituximab: Update September 2012

2. Groundbreaking Study…Lymphoma Genetic Code Completed

3. Phone Consultations…What Have “I” Learned?

4. The Daily Double is Not a Fitness Strategy…but it sure is Potent and here’s Why

5. We Need to Move!

6. Nuggets in the Pan (Best Determination Yet of *Sufficient* Vitamin D Status, Hidden (Important) Nutrients in Which We Are Probably Deficient, Why Fats are Important, What’s a Methylation Moment?)

August 2012 Newsletter

Update on Common Drugs Used to Treat Follicular Lymphoma

Bendamustine, Biovax, GS-1101, Chlorambucil, CHOP, CVP, Cyclophosphamide, DCA, Fludarabine, GA-101, GDP, Low Dose Radiation, Revlimid, Rituximab, Stem Cell Transplants, Vorinostat, Zevalin/Bexxar


1. The Role of Treatments in Managing fNHL Long-Term

1.1 Overview…What Treatments Can and Cannot Do

1.2 The Treatment/Wellness Spectrum…The Big Picture

2. Individual Drug Commentary

3. In Summary

July 2012 Newsletter

Article 11 MUST KNOW…Getting Cancer Cells to Die on Their Own

With important late entry on new research from UCLA discussing cancer cell death from glucose deprivation.

June 2012 Newsletter


1. Cure Not in Sight, but Now More Hope for Survival than Ever

2. Can Exercise Reduce the Risk of Cancer Returning? Expert Research Underway

3. How to Measure Progress with fNHL

4. Blood Test for Diabetes Predicts Cancer Risk in Women

5. How Resveratrol Works

6. Smart Fungus

7. No Glee with Glycine

8. Having Fun with Methylation

9. Nuggets in the Pan (Vitamin D…Significance from Another Angle, Staph Aureus…MRSA Update, Cosmetic Value of Astaxanthin…Japanese Research)

May 2012 Newsletter


1. New Drug Innovation Focuses on Cancer as a Multi-Step Process

2. Gene Expression and Durability in the Management of fNHL

3. The “Daily Double”…Still the Leading Strategy

4. Is There an Optimal Priority to the 4 Pillars?

5. Extra-Nodal Lymphomas

6. New Investigational Lymphoma Drug TL32711

7. Curcumin Dropped. Resveratrol Reduced

8. Nuggets in the Pan (A Reminder on How to Achieve Optimal Vitamin D, Canadians…Evaluate Hospital Performance and Other Medical Data, Don Sings it So Well…”Someday You Will…”)

April 2012 Newsletter


1. The Daily Double…Where the Gold is Buried

2. Latest (Practical) Genetic Research….New Directions With New Strategies for Our Success

3. Our Star Player Gets More Top Research Endorsement

4. How Stress Triggers the Immune System…and What Could Help

5. Chlorinated Water?…Be Cautious at This Time of Year

6. Latest Data on Transformation

7. Nuggets in the Pan (The Vitamin D Circle…K2…and a Body Squeaky Clean, Meat and Dairy to the Rescue?, Alternative Red Palm Oil Source?)

Desert Flowers With a Bouquet of Appreciation to Researchers at Johns Hopkins and Oregon State

March 2012 Newsletter


1. The “Daily Double”…Maybe the Most Potent TNS Yet

2. Diet Study Shows Little Impact. Why?

3. Personal Inclination

4. GA-101 (Successor to Rituximab?)

5. Do Males With Lymphoma Have Impaired Sexual Function?

6. Serious Vitamin D Deficiency in USA…and Getting Worse!

7. Live Longer! Here’s the Easiest Way…by far. (German Science from 2012)

8. Nuggets in the Pan (The “Cheese Effect”, Coffee With and After a Meal, Dee-licious Walnuts, Surprise Your Hygienist)

February 2012 Newsletter


1. Toward a Natural Cure…New Research from Two Credible Sources

2. The 17 Hour Magic Strategy

3. Vitamin D: Summarizing the Latest Research

4. Lymphoma Map USA

5. Blood Tests and Hints in Preparing for Them

6. Nuggets in the Pan (Walnuts, Vitamin K2)

January 2012 Newsletter


1. A New Year, Great Results, Enlightened Research Ahead

2. Maintenance Rituximab Study…Results In…Now What?

3. Cancer Patients Have Lower Vitamin D…Key Levels, Latest Research

4. Immunoglobulins…If Low, You Need to Know

5. The Bronze Medal in Natural Strategies

6. Resveratrol/Curcumin Suggestions

7. Lifestyle and Breast Cancer…Two Recent Reports Show Stunning Results 8. Sinus Infection?…Hail and Old Remedy That Works Great

9. Hollyhock…With Photos…Ahh!

10. Nuggets in the Pan (Selected Houseplants to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution, Ginger…Latest Science…More Benefits Than Even We Thought, Cranberry Juice, Bromelain…Oldie But Goodie?)

December 2011 Newsletter


1. Maintenance Rituximab…Important…Results from RESORT Trial

2. Key Point re Natural Strategies and Survival

3. New Discoveries…Management Challenges

4. Review of the New “Goodies” From 2011…and Watch This in 2012

5. Sit Time = Cancer Time

6. The Risks of SHIFTWORK

7. Out Past 20 Years…Reducing the Ebbs and Flows

8. Medical Expert: “Lifestyle Changes Can Add a Decade to the Average Lifespan”…What Are They?

9. Member Comment of the Year

  1. Nuggets in the Pan (Curcumin Capsules in Oil, Jesse’s Christmas Message…With a Thought to Ponder)

More Photos…from the sunny southland

November 2011 Newsletter


1. Watch and Wait. Maintenance Rituximab…Latest Expert Opinions

2. Ill-Conceived Supplements and Promotional Diets

3. Follicular/Diffuse Lymphoma…Latest Biomarker Info

4. Caution re Fludarabine…Expert Commentary

5. The Sensible Management of Vitamin D

6. Resveratrol…Confusion and Deception

7. What’s the Optimal Time for Exercise?

8. Nuggets in the Pan (Jesse’s Discovery, More on Vitamin K, Forest Bathing, Chaparral)

Photos…from the sunny southland

October 2011 Newsletter


1. Measuring Progress, Achieving Success >>> Dig Deeper

2. Targeted Natural Strategies Article Updated

3. CHOP, Transformation and c-Myc

4. Rituximab…Prolonged Use…Strong Research Warning

5. Phone Consultations…Working Well, but With Surprises

6. Low-Dose Radiation and Intensity Modulated Radiation

7. Art and Soul

8. Compilation of the Best Videos.

9. Nugget in the Pan (What the Heck has Jesse Uncovered?)

Summary with Photos

September 2011 Newsletter


1. Our Four Groups of Members: Who They Are, What They Need

2. Three Essential, Seldom Mentioned Benefits of Exercise

3. Diffuse Patterns in fNHL…a Need for Caution

4. Vitamin K2

5. Epigenetics and Lymphoma…Capitalism Joins the New Paradigm

6. The Sociologists “Get It”

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Apples…and PI3K, Food Chewers, Looking Within Ourselves)

Summary with Some Photos from the Trail

August 2011 Newsletter


1. Living the Natural Strategies Everyday – How to Best Apply the Latest Cancer Research

2. R-CHOP or R-Bendamustine or >>?

3. Low Toxicity Treatment with High Dose Cyclophosphamide (Cy)

4. Transformation…Recent Research with Personal Comment from the Authors

5. CAL-101

6. Caution re Calcium Pills

7. Sulforaphane Supplement?

8. Nugget in the Pan (Approaching the Mother Lode)

July 2011 Newsletter


1. Significant New Direction in Cancer Research (with the benefits we can get from it…Right Now)

1.1 Medical Overview

1.2 Key Points to Understand

1.3 Key Points to Apply

1.4 Parallel Paths in the Advancement of Epigenetics

1.5 Sharpening the Focus (from our perspective)

1.6 Advantages of the Lifestyle Strategies Approach

1.7 Sequel…”What I’d Really Like to Know” – Unanswered Questions

1.8 Research and a Video to Reflect On

1.9 Summary

2. Latest US Data on Link between Lymphoma, Vegetables and Fruit (U. of Chicago)

3. Nugget in the Pan (Astaxanthin)

4. Wrap-Up on Another Year

June 2011 Newsletter


1. (Maintenance) Rituximab…Latest Expert Opinions…a Must Read

2. First Treatment…Two Options Outside the Box…with MD Support

3. A Tale of Two Organs…the Bowel and the Brain Connected

4. False Positive Scans

5. Doctor Consultation

6. 57% Lower Risk of Cancer Progression

7. Rhythm of the Mitochondria

8. Nuggets in the Pan (Astaxanthin; The “Full Meal Deal”; Diet, Cancer and the NCI; Latest Pharmaceutical Research Backs Our Suggestions; Good Curcumin/Bad Curcumin; Red Palm Oil and Cholesterol; Key Limitation of Many New Drug Therapies; Epigenetics Update Video)

May 2011 Newsletter

The “How To” Details for Lengthening Your Life – Getting Into the Thrive Zone with Epigenetics

1.1 Preamble

1.2 Premises

1.3 A Look at the Basics: What’s Happening in the Body

1.4 Four Essential Life Support Systems

1.5 Specific Dietary/Supplement Strategies

1.6 “My Doctor Knows Nothing of Epigenetics”…But This One Does!

1.7 The Key Challenge >>When to Apply

1.8 Summary Comment

April 2011 Newsletter


1. Makings of a Miracle

2. Radiation Hazard in Japan Compared to CT Scans

3. Lifestyle and Breast Cancer…Two Recent Reports Show Stunning Results

4. The Importance and Complexity of Vitamin D

5. R-Chlorambucil…High Response Rates, With Durability, for MCL

6. New Research: Fish Oil Boosts Chemo Response and Durability

7. Cachexia…Helping to Manage Weight Loss

8. What Berries WILL Do For YOU

9. Nuggets in the Pan (Vitamin D Test Availability, This Resveratrol…Am I Taking it the Right Way?, The “Sampson Secret”, Walnuts #1, Cooked Cranberries, “Sugar Coated” Breakfast)

March 2011 Newsletter


1. From Knowledge to Success…9 Essential Steps in Managing fNHL

2. Rituximab…Expert Balanced Opinions…A Must Read

3. New Research in Forecasting Survival Time

4. Vital Role of *Full Spectrum* Vitamin E

5. 15 Superfoods for Under $20

6. Food Allergens…the “Big Eight”

7. Latest Developments in Diagnosis

8. The Times They Are a-Changin’

9. Nuggets in the Pan ( Have You Had Natural Regression?, Curcumin Deception, Sleep and Cancer)

February 2011 Newsletter


1. The Natural Strategies Aren’t Working…What’s (Not) Happening?

2. Rituximab Maintenance…Update Commentary

3. OMG Ladies…Look at This for a Beauty Tip

4. Big Three Super Bugs in Hospital

5. Latest News on Zevalin

6. Updated Information on Use of R-CHOP

7. Sugar and Cancer

8. What is an Appropriate fNHL Checkup?

9. Getting “Dialed In” to the Program

10. Nuggets in the Pan (ECG and CHOP, Best Time for Exercise, How Much Vitamin C?, Getting a Cold or Flu?…Fast, Effective Response, Lung Cleanse)

January 2011 Newsletter


1. The Five Key Things That Got Me This Far

2. Two Tracks to the Same Station

3. Low Dose Radiation…New Research

4. Chlorambucil/Rituximab Highly Effective as Front-Line Therapy for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

5. Infection Connection With Maintenance Rituximab

6. Something for the Guys…Low-Risk Prostate Cancer…Management Similarities With fNHL

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Flu Vaccine?, Vitamin D and STRENGTH, , Antibiotics for Dental Work, Updated Link to Videos, Fewer Genes Than a Block of Wood!)

December 2010 Newsletter


1. Cracking the Code for Entering the “Thrive Zone”

2. Strategic Requirements for the Thrive Zone

3. Vitamin D Update

4. Resveratrol Update…and in Practice

5. Treatments and Natural Compounds Work in Different Ways

6. Grades 3A and 3B (Latest Essential Information)

7. Transformation Treatment Beware (Drug Availability?)

8. Winter Time Cold? New Strategies…for Lymphoma Patients

9. Proof, Judgment, Management and Soul

10. Nuggets in the Pan (Healthy Brain>Healthy Body, Who/What Failed?, Exercise for the “Old-Timers”, Could This be Christmas Dessert?)


November 2010 Newsletter

Introduction…Reflections and Clarity on it All

1. The Seven Premises in Understanding and Managing fNHL

1.1 Where and How Did I Get This?

1.2 Obtaining the Correct Diagnosis

1.3 Managing the Initial Diagnosis

1.4 What “Really” Determines Survival Time?

1.5 Optimizing Epigenetics

1.6 Blocking Lymphoma Growth at the Outset

1.7 Blocking, Possibly Reversing Established Lymphoma Cells

2. Major Caution re Fludarabine

3. Documented Follicular Lymphoma Reversal with DCA

4. Subtle Symptoms Before and After Treatment (Sweats, LDH and RLS…How Significant?) Skin Concerns and Paraneoplastic Syndrome

5. Fasting and Chemotherapy

6. Curcumin Concerns

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Walnuts…Take ‘em to Work, Iodine Caution, Healthy Eggs…but maybe not scrambled, What is it About Centenarians?, Gingered Apple and Carrot Soup)


October 2010 Newsletter


1. Extended Healthy Survival: Explaining Powerful New Discoveries in Simple Terms…A “Must Know” Item

2. Updated Dietary Strategies: Putting the Latest Science to Work for YOU

3. Extreme, Exclusion Diets

4. Grappling With Treatments?

5. Nuggets in the Pan (The “Hormone Twins”, How to Measure Passion in One’s Life)


September 2010 Newsletter


1. When Chemotherapy Really Shines

2. Maintaining a Clinical Remission

3. Multitudinous Crossfire an Absolute Necessity

4. Additional Way to Predict Overall Survival and Risk of Transformation in Follicular Lymphoma

5. Latest Research on Vitamin D and Lymphoma from the Mayo Clinic

6. Vitamin D…With Largest Meal?

7. Prominent Doctor Learns About Vitamin D

8. R-Bendamustine…Easy as it Goes

9. Doctors Helping Doctors

10. Nuggets in the Pan (Doctor Visit Anxiety, The 5 Healthiest Fish, More on Eggs)

Summary…A Dedication

August 2010 Newsletter


1. The New Direction in Cancer Research…We’re already on the Way

2. Integrative Medicine…Content, Context and Psychology

3. Rituximab Maintenance…Still Waiting

4. Bowel Concerns

5. Tolerability of Trans-Resveratrol in Humans

6. What We Eat, They Eat, Too

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Excellent Dictionary, Eat Dinner Early, Eggs? Here’s Why, Chlorambucil link update, Coffee, Tea or Cat?)

Summary…photos from the trail

July 2010 Newsletter


1. 40 “Must Know” Things Learned After 22 Years (Especially Important for Those Newly Diagnosed)

2. Sleep…sleep…sleep…and Stress

3. Let the Cancer Cells Die on Their Own

4. Making Sense of Vitamin D

5. Meat and Lymphoma Risk…Not What You May Think

6. Significant New Lymphoma Research

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Cherries, Immunoglobulin Follow Up, Tea Tree Oil and Why, Sinus Congestion Finale, Lemon Peel Anyone?)

June 2010 Newsletter


1. First, the Mitochondria Connection

2. Then the Role of Resveratrol and New Drugs (**)

3. And Even the Re-Entry of DCA?

4. Rituximab Re-Evaluated

5. Reduced Effectiveness of Zevalin and Bexxar

6. Meditation…Exercise, Sleep and Aging

7. We Are NOT Creatures of either Genetics OR Environment (**)

8. Nuggets in the Pan (The Mask, Vitamin D and Sunscreens, Dangerous Drinking Water, A Nasty Phrase, Amino Acids, Turmeric on the BBQ)

(**) Important Information for Pro-Active Patients

May 2010 Newsletter


1. Immunity and Cancer…It’s Not What Most Think

2. Exercise…Providing Four Essential Benefits

3. Vitamin D and Immunity…A Double-Edged Sword?

4. New Research Specific to Lymphoma

5. Vitamin K…Mayo Clinic Research

6. MRSA…What’s That? Be Sure to Know

7. Immunoglobulins

8. What Makes Happiness?

9. Dr. Weil

10. Nuggets in the Pan (Supplement Evaluation, Sun the Healer)

April 2010 Newsletter


1. Follow Up On the Importance of Immunoglobulins

2. Dietary and Lifestyle Strategies DURING Treatment

3. Dietary and Lifestyle Strategies AFTER Treatment

4. Depression…It’s Not Just You

5. The Will-To-Live

6. CHOP and the Heart

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Beware L-Arginine, How Big, How Bad?, Caution re Cod Liver Oil, Ginger Juice, Caring Bridge)

March 2010 Newsletter


1. New Survival Predictors…Researcher’s Comment Back to Us

2. Topic Index

3. Telomerase…Potential for Cancer Breakthrough

4. It’s Spring…Time for Herbicides

5. Transformation? A Yes or No Event?

6. Amino Acids, A.P. John, Gerson, and Lymphoma

7. (Even) More on Vitamin D and Lymphoma

8. After Treatment…the Road to Recovery

9. Nuggets in the Pan (Resveratrol…Star Player on the A-Team, Evening Exercise, When Do the Endorphins Kick In?, Prednisone Caution, Strange Dogs)


February 2010 Newsletter


1. New Research…VERY IMPORTANT

2. Immunoglobulins

3. Hemoglobin Decline

4. Rituximab Resistance…Transformation Concern?

5. Know Your (Dangerous) Plastics

6. Personal Characteristics of Long-Term Survivors

7. Indolence, Insulin and Cancer

8. Nuggets in the Pan (Vitamin D and Bathing, Lug Nuts, Eggs, Target Stores Earn a Bulls Eye, Add Oregano to the Sinus Remedy, Repeat CHOP, Morning Heart Rate, Caregiver Involvement, The Most Important Concept of All)


January 2010 Newsletter


1. Chlorambucil…Important New Research for Initial Treatment

2. Exercise…7 Facts, With More Benefits Than You Think

3. Key Risk Factors in Acquiring and Managing Lymphoma (Dietary, Herbicides, Pesticides, Family History, Sun Exposure, Vaccine History)

4. Lifestyle and Patient Immune Microenvironment…NCI Study Specific to Lymphoma Survival

5. Scan Radiation…Dangers in Perspective, New Monitoring Device, a Low Dose Machine..and our Hidden Helper

6. Vaccine Breakthrough?

7. WOW…Check This for Heavily Treated Patients

8. Seven Worst…20 Best Foods

9. Sugar and Cancer…Good Research (Finally) on Thousands of Humans

10. Nuggets in the Pan


December 2009 Newsletter


1. The All-Important Microenvironment…An Original, Symbolic Portrayal (How Your Lymphoma Can be “Corralled” Inside the Node)

2. New Research Predicting Survival and Transformation…A Breakthrough?

3. Vitamin D Specific to Lymphoma…New Research

4. Bendamustine Better Than CHOP?

5. Hidden Infection…Increasing Concern re STD’s

6. Do Not Overrule the Body With Supplements

7. Nuggets in the Pan (Organic Red Raspberries, Vitamin D Chain, Dubious Alternatives, Trans-Resveratrol, Sun and S-A-D)

Summary…The Spirit of Long-Term Survival

November 2009 Newsletter


1. Steady on Target…the Two Key Words

2. The Critical Importance of a “Planning Horizon”

3.The Major Survival Issue: Transformation…In Review

4. Caution re Rituximab Maintenance

5. Sinus Congestion Follow Up…This Works!

6. H1N1 Flu Virus and Staph Aureus

7. Danger in Antioxidant *Supplements*

8. Enzyme Nonsense

9. Cholesterol and Cancer

10. Devils Claw

11. Nuggets in the Pan


October 2009 Newsletter


1. Spontaneous (Natural) Regression… the “Must Know” Details for Follicular Patients

2. Vitamin D…Three New Key Items Including Max. Dosage

3. Optimizing Chemotherapy with Hyperthermia…Latest Research

4. Exercise for Lymphoma Patients…Trial Results

5. Scanning Radiation Amounts. Frequency?

6. Love Those Berries. Here’s Why, But Which Ones?

7. The Way Ahead…Nanotechnology, Revlimid, K252a, CTLA-4 and Other Developments

8. Nuggets in the Pan (H1N1, breakfast, consultations, maintenance rituximab, curcumin absorption, sinus update, Zevalin, next month>>)


September 2009 Newsletter


1. Zevalin Supplemental Approval…Significant, With Pros and Cons

2. Imminent Concerns re Swine (H1N1) Flu

3. Reduction in Incidence of Follicular Lymphoma…Mayo Clinic Study

4. Sugar, Cancer and the Glutamine Connection

5. Chlorambucil Gals

6. Depression Linked to Cancer Survival

7. Updated Research on Vitamin D and Cancer

8. Nuggets in the Pan


August 2009 Newsletter

Introduction…A New Tomorrow

1. Key Factors Influencing Long-Term Survival

(a) Understanding the Integrative Concept

(b) Implementing the Power of Epigenetics

(c) Comprehending the Immune Microenvironment

(d) Managing for Potential Transformation

(e) Optimizing Treatment

(f) Managing a Second Transformation

(g) Being One’s Own Patient Advocate

(h) Pulling it All Together

2. Help in Resolving Sinus Infection

3. Transformation…New Research

4. Mortality Following an Auto SCT

5. Colon Cleansing…Potential Risks

6. Biovest Vaccine and Zevalin Status

7. Nuggets in the Pan


July 2009


(a) Anniversary Month

(b) Caring Spirit Program

1. Rituximab Risk…FDA Review

2. FDA Delays Zevalin Approval

3. Latest “Lymphoma Map”, for the USA by State

4. (More on) Pesticide Exposure

5. The Changing Pattern of Treatment

6. Why Antioxidant *Supplements* May Harm, Not Help

7. Resveratrol Bioavailability

8. Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

9. Muscle Strength as a Key Factor in Cancer

10. Article Re-Organization and Updates

11. Consultations


June 2009


1. Barriers in Achieving Optimal Vitamin D

2. The A>B>C Facts re Vitamin D in the Body

3. New Research: Low Vitamin D Linked to Cancer Development

4. “Until Now, I Had a Plan”

5. High-Dose Resveratrol

6. Radiation for Early Stage Follicular lymphoma

7. Early Development of Follicular Lymphoma

8. Follicular Lymphoma…Risk Within Families

9. Why Cancer Vaccines May Not Work

10. Ginger…Tested in a Double Blind Trial

11. Update Link on Chlorambucil and Other Chemo Protocols

12. Overview of Treatment Options and Clinical Considerations for Managing NHL Patients

13. Red Blood Cells…Can You Imagine?


May 2009


1. The Evolutionary Pattern of Follicular Lymphoma

2. It’s Integrative, Not Alternative. OK, So What’s the Difference?

3. Rituximab…What’s Known, What Isn’t

4. Curcumin…New Research From the NCI

5. Flavonoid Research re fNHL From the NCI

6. Fungal Infections

7. Second Cancers After an Autologous SCT

8. Vitamin D…A Personal Comment From Dr. Gabe Mirkin

April 2009


1. R-CVP vs. R-CHOP With Managerial Implications

2. Radiation Treatment

3. Cure, Remission, Survival. We Know What Those Mean…Don’t We?

4. Chlorinated Water

5. Insulin…Exercise…and Juicing

6. Chlorambucil Protocols…an Update

7. Updates on Vitamin D

8. Vitamin E Tocotrienols…Anti-Cancer Benefits

9. It’s “Dynamic Observation!”

10. 1000 Pages!

March 2009


1. Microenvironment and Epigenetics…Essential Factors to Understand in Managing Follicular Lymphoma

2. Epigenetics…Update on a Vital Topic

3. Chronic Stress…and Hostility…re Cancer Growth

4. Statin Drug Concerns With Chemo?

5. Zevalin on Way Out?

6. Administrative Items

7. Manuka Honey

8. Scan Frequency

9. Relapse After an Autologous SCT

10. Mozobil Update

11. Rituximab and Immunity Summary

February 2009


1. An Overall Strategy Managing fNHL for Long-Term Success

2. Lifestyle Strategies While in Treatment

3. The Critical Importance of Microenvironment

4. Celiac Disease and Lymphoma

5. Vaccinations…The Work Goes On

6. Green Tea? Not With This Chemo

7. Vitamin D in Office Workers

8. Why Vitamin D is So Different..and Critical

9. Prostate Cancer

January 2009


1. Managing fNHL Long-Term…It’s Really a “Two for One”

2. New Less Toxic Treatment for Follicular Lymphoma

3. Immunity…It’s a Two-Sided Sword

4. Stem Cell Transplant Statistics

(a) Autologous SCT in Older Patients

(b) Mortality as a Function of Age with Auto SCT’s

(c) Mortality as a Function of Autologous Compared to Allogeneic SCT’s

5. Notes From Dr. Cheson Webcast

6. Steroid Side Effects

7. Vitamin D…All the Latest Data in a Video

8. Evaluating One’s Status…One Quick, Effective Method

9. Food Choices for Essential Nutrients…Excellent Link

10. Most Potent, Light, Anti-Cancer Dinner

December 2008

Part 1

A Changing Terrain Out Past Year 20…Transformation “Tune-Up”

Part 2


So What Was Learned?

An Acknowledgement Seldom Made

Thanks, Tommy

Closing Thought

November 2008

1. Chlorambucil…the Non-Sexy Wonder Drug

2. Lifestyle Strategies Halt Cancer Progression…Latest Science

3. Selenium Supplementation

4. Transformation Topics

(a) What’s the Risk and For How Long?

(b) How Serious Is It?

(c) Natural Strategies to Combat Transformation?

5. Bendamustine Receives Approval in the USA

6. Maintenance Rituximab Re-Visited…Check the Charts

7. Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Vitamin D…and Meat (Don’t miss this!)

October 2008


1. The Development and Management of Follicular Lymphoma (A Brief Overview)

2. The All-Important Psychological Aspect

3. An Intimate Look at Inner Health

4. Concern With Vitamin D Supplementation (No, Not the Old Concerns From Overdosing)

5. Vitamin D and Depression

6. Probiotics and Prebiotics

7. Dietary Suggestions Following Chemo (Update)

8. More on Revlimid

9. New Drugs

September 2008


1. Lifestyle Strategies Activate Anti-Cancer Genes…The Research Pours In

2. Leading Research…A Look at the Future, Including Transformation

3. DCA…Now Available at Medicor Under MD Supervision

4. Exercise, Muscle Maintenance, Immunity and Antibodies

5. Why NOT Antioxidant *Supplements*

6. Blinatumomab

7. *Misdiagnosis*…Getting Better…but Higher With Grade 3

8. Inflammation Activates fNHL…Now With Research on Sleep

9. Treatment Hopes When Standard Therapies Are Exhausted

10. Coffee…Two Pros, One Con

11. The Latest From (Vaccine) Dr. Bendandi

12. Last Casts {Suggestions re Curcumin and Yogurt,  Updated Link for Transformation Webcast, Why is Heart Cancer So Rare?, Folic Acid Danger?, Chef Kevin’s Morning Smoothie}

August 2008


1. The Treatment/Wellness Spectrum

2. Enhanced Curcumin

3. Potent Prognostic Survival Factors for fNHL

4. Update on Grade 3

5. Controversy Corner: Follicular Lymphoma…Time to Declare Victory?

6. Integrating the Natural Strategies With Treatment and Survival Vitality

7. Patient Initiated Research

8. Why Not Fruit Juice

9. Epigenetics Update

10. Thought for the Month

July 2008


1. Lifestyle Strategies Activate Anti-Cancer Genes…Latest Science

2. The Depth and Breadth of Vitamin D

3. Most Potent Natural Strategy?

4. Exercise and Rituximab

5. How Depression Affects Survival

6. Psychological Stress, Exercise and Immunity

7. Autologous SCT’s for Older Patients

8. Research Comparing Bexxar and Zevalin

9. Vaccine Novelty

10. Controversial Corner: Trends in Research Funding

11. Last Casts {Proper Vitamin D Test; Pet Cancers…a Bellwether?; Seasonal Variance in Incidence Rate; Lucy’s Berry Applesauce; Feverfew}

June 2008


1. It’s about Pathways, Not Immunity

2. Breast Cancer…73% More Likely to Die for Just This Reason?

3. Flavonoids…NCI Research Specific to Lymphoma

4. Why Cancer Cells Like Sugar…New Research

5. Hail to the Ginger Drink

6. Fasting With Chemotherapy?

7. Triphala

8. Grade 3…Latest Research

9. Favrille Vaccine Fails to Extend Time to Relapse

10. Are We the Pro-Active 5%?

11. Last Casts {Exercise After Breakfast, Doctor Support, The Acid/Alkaline Misconception…Further Data, Turn Off Hunger with this (Oh So Healthy) Drink}

May 2008


1. Prominent Doctor “Extremely Low” in Vitamin D

2. Key Points re Vitamin D with a Personal Plan of Action

3. Epigenetics

4. Food Compounds That Kill Test-Tube Cancer Cells

5. Vitamin Supplements May Cause More Harm Than Good

6. Revlimid/Rituxin Treatment at M.D. Anderson for Relapsed fNHL

7. Root Canals

8. Statin Caution re Rituximab

9. Secondary Cancer after Zevalin

10. Nasty Springtime Chemicals

11. Latest Info on the Role of the Microenvironment re Survival with fNHL

12. Last Casts (Vacation Notification, Vancouver/Seattle Lymphoma Education Forums, Longer Days/Lower Melatonin, Bill C-51, Energy Fix Trumps Cancer Cure, “Gem of the Day”)

April 2008

1. Editorial…Applying the Best Research from the Last 5 Years

2. Vitamin D…Essential to Monitor

3. Bexxar/Zevalin After Chemo

4. Autologous SCT: In-Vivo Purging and Choice of Chemotherapy

5. Bendamustine (Treanda) Approval

6. PEP-C Update

7. What About the TNS Group While on Maintenance Rituximab?

8. PET After Transformation

9. Celiac?

10. Last Casts (Physical Activity and Breast Cancer; Discussion Board; Food Compounds that Kill Test-Tube Cancer Cells; “MyVax” fNHL Vaccine; Breath Test for Cancer; Why Gerson May Work…for Awhile; Integrated PET-MRI Scanner Developed; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; The Bright Side of Lymphoma.

March 2008

1. Editorial

2. Follicular Lymphoma ReVisited…Dr. Saul Rosenberg

3. Essence of the Targeted Natural Strategies

4. Harvesting Stem Cells?

5. Bendandi Vaccine…Full Details from a Member

6. High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C…Full Details From a Member

7. Infection…A Critical Factor in Managing fNHL

8. Bendamustine (Treanda) Update

9. PX-478

10. New Research…Sleep, Melatonin and Breast Cancer

11. Last Casts (Exercise and Longevity; Vitamin D Check; CT Scans…Protecting the Kidneys; Dr. Weil; Thirst; Searching the Topics; Notification When Away; Sometimes It’s Sad)

February 2008

1. Introduction

2. Chemotherapy…Dramatic Responses With Optimization and R-CyP

3. Article Updates

4. Exercise, Sugar, Cancer and More…Connecting the Dots

5. Plastics Concerns…Bisphenol A

6. Maintenance Rituximab? [Two Key Charts]

7. Autologous SCT…Outcomes Based on Grade and Prognostic Indicators

8. Hope Begins in the Dark – Jamie Reno

9. Research in Australia and Volunteers

10. Closing Gems

January 2008

1. Commentary

2. Vaccine Update…Bad News/Good News

3. “Gentle” Chemo Prior to Transplant Leading to Cure?

4. Dr. Oliver Press Webcast on fNHL

5. Dr. Zelenetz Webcast on Transformation

6. Inflammation and Cancer…New Data (With Suggestions)

7. Beyond Rituximab

8. Tocotrienols

9. Doxorubicin Caution

10. Eat Fish…Lose Weight…Here’s How and Why

December 2007


1. In Support of the Michael Werner/LRF Initiative

2. Updated Stanford Survival Statistics…Can You Guess the Outcome?

3. Powerful New Tool to Forecast Survival and Transformation: Vascularization

4. Vitamin D Lamp

5. Controversy Corner: Pay-by-Results Drug Pricing?

6. Vaccine Update

7. Curcumin…Bioavailablity and a Caution With Rituximab

8. Flaxseed

9. Sugar and Cancer

10. Searching the Articles and Newsletters

November 2007


(Discussion board, 5 years of steady growth, annual integrative clinic visit)

1. Three Phases in the Long-Term Management of Follicular Lymphoma

2. The Role of Science in Long-Term Management

3. Green Tea

4. (More On) The Importance of Sleep

5. Boosting the Immune System? Hmmm?

6. (More On) Scans

7. If Hope, Attitude and Emotional State Don’t Work…What Just Might?

8. Rituximab (Mabthera) Warning from the FDA (Fall, 2007)

9. Does fNHL Grade Influence Survival Outcome Following an SCT?

10. The Curability of Follicular Lymphoma?

11. An Example in Great Courage and Determination…Ray Lammie


October 2007


1. Inflammation and Cancer…Scientific American [Very Important]

2. Tumor Biology…and Why it Matters

3. Toward Better Pathology…and Why It’s So Important

4. Organochlorines and the Risk of NHL

5. Common Drugs to Enhance Chemotherapy…New Research

6. AT-101

7. Excellent New Health Info Site (Lymphoma/Lifestyle>>)

8. Hormone D (The Statistics Become More Incredible)

9. Avocados

10. Our Creative Members

11. Reflection on Lifestyle Strategies…Tracey Says it Well

Breakfast Hints

Next Month

September 2007


1. I’ve Relapsed! Now What?

2. The New Role of PET…Dead Nodes?

3. Research on the Cutting Edge…Lymphoma Breakthrough?

4. Physical Activity and Lymphoma

5. Recommended Source for Beta Glucans

6. Toby’s Lifestyles Summary

7. Mercury Dental Fillings

8. The Essence of Managing fNHL…Three Phases…Personal Lay Opinion

Closing Thought(s)

August 2007


1. (More On) Optimizing Chemotherapy

2. Positive Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Results

3. Mozobil

4. R-Cy

5. (More On) Grade 3

6. R-788

7. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

8. “Solid Gold” at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center…and a Personal Theory

Closing Thought

July 2007

1. Commentary

(a) The Essence of Summer

(b) Celebrating 19 Years

2. Green Tea Conflict with Curcumin >> Updated Dietary Strategies

3. Dr. Cheson on Follicular Lymphoma

4. R-FC (Rituximab+Fludarabine+Cyclophosphamide)

5. Issues of the Month

(a) Have I Transformed?

(b) What Can Eventually Happen to Me?

(c) Clarifying “Overall Survival”

6. Yes! There IS a Seasonal Variance in the Incidence of fNHL

7. Closing Thought

June 2007

1. Commentary

(a) Reflection
(b) Vitamin D
(c) Follow Up on the New Recommended Breakfast
(d) Response to Monthly Report Items
(e) Administrative Items

2. The Lives We Lead: Who We Are and Why it Matters

3. What Do All the Natural Strategies Have in Common? The Telomere Hypothesis

4. Rituximab-Chlorambucil…New Research

5. Bexxar…Before, After and New Research

6. Clarifying the Acid/Alkaline Theory

7. A Simple Solution Toward a More Accurate PET Scan

8. Scientific Research Connecting Mental Stress to Cancer

9. A Clinical Trial With Dietary Supplements for Follicular Lymphoma

10. Closing Thought: Observations re Natural Regression

May 2007

1. Commentary

(a) Appreciation
(b) Potent New Breakfast
(c) Bendandi Vaccine
(d) Vancouver Lymphoid Cancer Forum

2. Potent New Breakfast

3. Superfoods Found to Cut the Risk of Cancer…and Who Says So

4. Follicular Lymphoma…An 80 Year Perspective

5. Treatment with Rituximab…Ongoing (Maintenance) vs. Treatment Upon Progression

6. More on Vitamin D and Hypercalcemia

April 2007

1. Commentary

(a) Recovery from Hip Surgery; Nodal Development

(b) DCA…a Balanced Appraisal

2. Curcumin Induced Apoptosis at Low Concentration

3. Sun Exposure and Malignant Lymphoma

4. Hypercalcemia

5. Chlorambucil and an SCT

6. (More On) Malignant Stem Cells…the Inconvenient Truth

7. What We DON’T Know about Follicular Lymphoma

8. Natural Weed Killer Formula

9. Valsartan

10. Red Palm Oil for Vitamin E

11. Picking Up the Pieces

March 2007

1. Commentary

(a) Hip Surgery
(b) Seminar
(c) DCA
(d) Vitamin D
(e) Reliable Supplement Supplier for Shipments Outside the USA
(f) Discussion Board
(g) PDF Downloads

2. Targeted Natural Strategies …The Big Picture

As an in-depth feature topic for this month, we take a detailed look at the many factors relevant to the targeted natural strategies including adoption, definition, applicability, selection, the role of immunity, plausible mechanisms of spontaneous regression, the body’s natural ROS cascade, the role of antioxidants, legitimate concerns, ongoing development.

3. Summary

February 2007

1. Introduction

2. Cheap, Safe Drug Kills Most Cancers?

3. Zevalin and Bexxar On the Way Out?

4. Follicular Lymphoma and Inflammation

5. Green Tea and Milk Products Likely Don’t Mix

6. FDA OKs Vitamin C Trial for Cancer

7. Nappy Went Out with H. Pylori

Summary Comment…100,000 miles

January 2007

1. Commentary

2. A Vaccine That Works? The Bendandi Research

3. Knocking On the Door To Cure?…Dr. Dan Longo

4. The Healthiest State Has the Highest Rate of Lymphoma!

5. H.Pylori…New Research re fNHL Management

6. Microenvironment

7. Skin “Rash”

8. Intestinal Facts

9. Things to Watch For in the Year Ahead

December 2006

1. Commentary

2. Malignant Stem Cells Demand a Whole New Direction

3. Harvesting Healthy Stem Cells

4. Where Are We At With Vaccines?

5. Unraveling the SR Puzzle…ROS?

6. Maintenance Rituximab by the Numbers, Through the Years

7. Discussion Board and Administrative Support

8. Thanks, Diane!

November 2006

1. Commentary

2. Discussion Board on the Site

3. Specific Immune Markers Predict Survival Time

4. Key Management Issues

5. Risk Factors for Transformation

6. Follicular Lymphoma Under the Microscope

7. Dietary Suggestions Following Chemo

8. Suggestions for Sourcing Natural Products

9. Trans Fats…When It’s Fun to be Wrong

10. Jamie Reno

October 2006

1. Commentary

2. Curcumin Tested on Follicular Lymphoma for the First Time

3. A Perspective on Natural Strategies

(a) A Sure Source of Controversy

(b) Who and Why?

(c) The Key Factor?

(d) Recognizing the Viewpoints

(e) The Suggested Approach

(f) A Team Effort

(g) The Need for Better Science

(h) The Pro-Active Human Spirit

(i) Biochemistry Signals the Way Ahead

4. Controversy Corner…Research I’d Like to See

5. More Breakfast Comments/Ideas

(a) Curcumin Absorption

(b) Patrick’s Smoothy

(c) Joan’s Brown Rice Recipe

6. Vitamin D…Myths, Facts, Statistics and the Need for Caution

7. A Review of Autologous SCT’s

8. An Easy Understanding of DNA, Genes and Chromosomes

September 2006

1. Commentary

2. Follow Up On the New Breakfast

3. Watch & Wait…My Friends Don’t Understand!

4. New Findings to Optimize Chemotherapy

5. Rituximab Clarity Needed in Canada

6. Sunshine and the Production of Natural Melatonin

August 2006

1. Commentary

2. Last Node Goes to Science

3. Budwig Diet Reaffirmed…Now With the Science

4. New Scientific Data re Curcumin and fNHL

5. Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitors

6. The New Recommended Breakfast

7. Vaccines: The Results, the Integrity, the Reality

July 2006

1. Commentary

2. Professional Affiliations

3. More on Vitamin D, Ellagic Acid, Curcumin

4. Vegetables and Lymphoma

5. Toxoplasmosis

6. Music

June 2006

1. Commentary

2. The Need for a Change in Management

3. The Seminar in Review

4. Understanding Follicular Lymphoma Leading to Successful Long-Term Management…a Brief Overview

5. Could There Be a Seasonal Variation in the Incidence Rate?

6. Reinforcing the “Hormone Twins”

May 2006

1. Commentary…Springtime/Sunshine and the Seattle Seminar

2. Focus of These Newsletters

3. Follow-Up on the New Paradigm

4. The Genesis and Progression of Follicular Lymphoma

5. The Concept of Management

6. Bendamustine (Treanda) Re-Visited (Update)

7. Don’t We Just Wish!

April 2006

1. Opening a New Chapter

2. Proven Spontaneous Regression

3. A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Follicular Lymphoma

4. A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Natural Therapies

5. Spontaneous Regression;Remission/Regression; Wax/Wane

6. Peggy’s Story

7. Seattle Seminar

March 2006

1. Commentary

2. Gene Expression Profiling, Upcoming Study

3. Predicting Survival…Blending the Old With the New

4. Strategy, Vision and the Planning Horizon

5. A Vaccine Trial for the “Heavy Hitters”

6. Melatonin

7. A Great Little Search Tool

February 2006

1. Commentary

2. The fNHL Patient’s Guide to Transformation

3. Maintenance Rituximab…Gaps in Comprehension?

4. Glutamine

5. Low-Fat Diets

6. An Aid to Searching the Site

January 2006

1. Commentary

2. Vitamin D3

3. Noteworthy Research from Mayo

4. HuMax-CD20 (Update)

5. Personalized, Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies>>Beyond Rituxin?

6. Scan Comparisons

7. Macrophages in Connection with Survival

8. Navigating the System

9. Summary

December 2005

1. Commentary (A turning point in research and treatment)

2. Where Are We AT With Follicular Lymphoma?

3. Where Are We GOING With Follicular Lymphoma?

4. Two New Discoveries re Immunity

5. T-Cell Immunity…Fatty Acids

6. Alternative, Complementary and Integrative

Therapies…What’s the Difference?

7. Reflections on Life; Strength for the Year Ahead

8. Summary: A Time to Give Thanks

November 2005

1. Commentary

2. The Critical Importance of Balance

3. Chronic Hidden Infection

4. Accuracy/Honesty in Medical Reporting

5. Alkalinity: Fact or Fiction?

6. Flu Shots/Tamiflu

7. Zevalin Alert

8. Aspartame Link

9. Grass-Fed Beef

10. Preparing for Winter…Vitamin D3 and the New Cold Medications…That Work!

October 2005

1. Commentary (Important Escapes, Phone Calls From Afar, Topic Overview)

2. Spontaneous Regression…A Personal Perspective

3. Enhancing Rituximab

4. Grade 3

5. A Well-Deserved 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine…and Its Connection to Lymphoma

6. Pure Juices

7. Summary (Where Are We Really At? KALLing the Shots)

September 2005

1. Commentary (Observations re First Treatment)

2. New Article: “When to Treat…and With What”

3. A Summary of First Treatment Options

(a) Five Plausible Treatment Approaches

(b) Prominent Specialists Discuss Treatment Options

August 2005

1. Commentary (Topic Overview)

2. “Overview of Follicular Lymphoma”…Article Updated

3. Vaccine Results…Inconclusive, Disappointing?

4. FDG-PET Imaging

5. Cautionary Note re Rituximab Maintenance

6. Treatment Options…”Meet the Professors”

7. 2005 Educational Forum

8. Weird Breakfast Come Weird Supper

July 2005

1. Commentary (Welcome)

2. New Article: “The Follicular Lymphoma SmartSheet”

3. Unique Environmental Perspective

4. Lance Armstrong

5. Off To the Mountains

June 2005

1. T-Cell Immunotherapy

2. Controversy Corner…Maintenance Rituximab

3. Low Dose Naltrexone Re-Visited

4. Nutrient Absorption and Food Evaluation

5. Anti-Bacterial Soaps

6. Medical Dictionary

7. June

May 2005

1. Commentary (First Time, New Features)

2. Seattle, Vancouver Conferences)

3. Vaccine Therapy Terminology

4. Controversy Corner…Survival

5. PET Scans

6. Sleep and Immunity

7. Membership Services on the Website

April 2005

1. Commentary (Personal Update, Website, Seminar)

2. Making Sense of Recent Discoveries (Pathologist Gascoyne’s Research Step by Step)

3. Familial Hematological Malignancy Project

4. Autologous Transplantation Follow Up

March 2005

1. Commentary (Website Support)

2. Visits/Seminar

3. Recent Research…Where Are We At?

4. Pesticides

5. Dose Dense CHOP

6. Autologous Transplantation

7. Going the Distance…Physically, Mentally

8. Lymphoma Pin

February 2005

1. Commentary (New Website, Bexxar News)

2. Microenvironment (Thoughts, Suggestions)

3. Bexxar in Balance

4. Your Doctor’s Perspective

5. Nutritional Genomics (Phytochemicals…genetic signaling)

6. Sleep, Stress and Cancer

7. Curcumin/Green Tea Synergy

8. Excellent Book

9. Overseas Calls

January 2005

1. Commentary

2. The Etiology of Follicular Lymphoma

3. The Futility of Watch and Wait

4. Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplants


6. Alcohol…Show Me the…’Urp Science

7. C, D, E, and F

8. Sherry Soups Up the Breakfast

9. Wear Yellow

10. Summary

December 2004

1. Commentary

2. Follow-Up On the Recent Research

3. What We Need in Winter

4. More “Breakthrough” Research

5. HuMax-CD20

6. Bendamustine

7. Drugs in the News

8. Enhancing Rituximab (Mabthera)

9. “Chemopreventive Agents”

10. Wear Yellow

11. Summary

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