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Site Overview

This  site provides  up-to-date  information  on  treatments  for  follicular  lymphoma  coupled  with  a  scientifically-based  plan  of  natural  strategies  developed  over  many  years.

It is an Advertising-Free site supported 100% by its members for over 17 years.


 Who We Are 

We are the most prominent survivor-managed website in the world devoted exclusively to follicular lymphoma.

Content has been developed by a “retired” college dean, a fellow follicular lymphoma survivor diagnosed over 28 years ago, currently well and fully active.

We do not provide medical advice. Instead, we help with forward guidance to assist members when consulting with their doctors.

[Personal Comment: Approaching three decades, I’m very fortunate. Lymphoma is gone. During this time, based on my own experience and that of many others, we are able to see what works and what doesn’t. This site is now being operated by my team and I as a service to help guide our fellow survivors…Robert].


Who This Site is For

This site is for proactive, committed people who realize, either from their own extensive research, or just plain common sense that extended healthy survival with follicular lymphoma will require more than treatments alone.

Treatments for lymphoma — the right ones at the right time — are often necessary and helpful. But they are not sufficient to extend overall survival time OR to create long-term wellness. This is because they are unable to correct faulty gene expression driving the disorder in the first place.

 We offer our members a complete program, developed over more than 17 years. The objective is to achieve 20 ++years  of  healthy,  active  survival, with the ultimate goal being to overcome follicular lymphoma as a so-called “incurable” disorder.


What Follicular Lymphoma Survivors Need to Know

From our phone consultations and email communications we hear often from members that they were shocked to get their initial diagnosis. They report feeling fine at the time, often doing many things they thought were healthy.

SO, right from the beginning, the important thing to know is that follicular lymphoma, no matter what stage it is at, is NOT a death sentence. That’s good news! 

There is no need to feel powerless or alone.

Thankfully, there are numerous things that a proactive survivor can do to overcome the incurability factor. You will discover several key points here considered to be essential, including how to apply them.


We Understand

We  respect  how  people  feel,  and  as  lymphoma  patients  ourselves,  we  understand



It has now been shown scientifically that the lifestyle choices we adopt alter the activity (expression) level of our genes 24/7, including those that regulate lymphoma.

It’s all about the achievement of natural regression with follicular lymphoma — which some people refer to as spontaneous remission. That is our GOAL — regression of follicular lymphoma by scientific means. Not just in one node but in ALL of them, leading to the ultimate resolution of the disorder. It is now apparent that this can be achieved. 

Regression can only take place when activity in key genes is changed. We refer to this as gene remediation. In cases where the survivor is suitable for “watchful waiting” or “active surveillance” it is possible to start right away.

The strategies for natural regression we suggest – including things to avoid — are summarized in Article #3. The details are critically important.

Once the positive activity in the genes begins to impact the tumor microenvironment, the malignant cells in the lymph nodes become (more) normalized. Immortality of the cancer cells is then lost. The malignant cells begin to die on their own without negative side-effects.

Beyond a doubt, in our experience over many years, follicular lymphoma survivors who experience natural regression achieve longer overall survival.  You can see many of their comments on our What the Members Say page.

As a proactive person, we invite you to join our group, giving yourself or your loved one the best possible chance to overcome follicular lymphoma.


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Details on What We Offer

  Access to our copyright, time-tested Four Pillar Gene Remediation Strategies (4P-GRS) Program with information on diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and vitamin D optimization. This program, unlike any other, has been created specifically for follicular lymphoma and other indolent lymphomas.

  12 articles to help understand the confusing nature of follicular lymphoma, written in plain English.

  Monthly newsletters going back to 2004 summarizing the latest research, treatments, developments and perspectives on follicular lymphoma.

  A virtual library with over 3000 reference pages (See our Topic Index).

  A discussion board for members covering lifestyle and treatment matters, moderated to ensure productive, supportive dialogue.

  Prompt email support.

  Phone consultation.


December 2016 Newsletter

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A Strongbox of Christmas Gems … just for you:

Our NORMAL Cells Rule, Love for the Olde Gents, Make EZH2 EZier, Yogurt Boosts the Brain, Mighty Mitochondria, Sunshine, Chlorambucil, Evenings, Bedtime Treat, Workplace Harmony, Fiber, CRISPR – A New Day Dawns.


 Recent Addition

Core Concept #3: The Development and Resolution of Follicular Lymphoma

Special Note: We have received several inquiries over the past few months regarding T-cell immunotherapy (mainly CAR-T). Our fellow lymphoma survivors considering this option should be aware of recent developments. For details please check our Discussion Board.

 Recent Commentary from our Members

Thank you for your web site. I find it very helpful and thoroughly researched. I was diagnosed grade 3a in 2011 with widely disseminated disease with nodes in my neck, chest, abdomen and groin. I elected for no treatment and followed many of your recommendations. At the present time not only has there been no progression but actually regression. I want you to know how much I appreciate your information. I am a physician and reading your site has given me the most information that I have found anywhere…Frank (October 2016)

I am a 14 year survivor after being given a mere 7 years to live. I live my life in much the same way you do. I find a great deal of inspiration in your story. Your selfless dedication to the Lymphoma Survival newsletter speaks volumes to your character as a human…Ron, Texas (October 2016)

Thank you Robert! You have been so helpful. I have been on watch and wait since November 2004. No treatments!!!!!! I follow many of your 4 pillars. Thank you for all the research you do and share with all of us!!!!…Krystyna

My wife’s scan report states that 2 of her 3 affected lymph nodes had decreased by about 50% post treatment. But there was NO TREATMENT! She was following your Four Pillar strategies. The hematologist said she had never seen this in her 17 years of practice…Bill, Alberta

Additional feedback each month over the years can be seen on our What the Members Say page.


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 Additional Details About Our Site

We have several members with types of lymphoma other than follicular, including CLL, marginal zone, mantle cell, T-cell and aggressive (diffuse) lymphomas. Most of the material on this site will be helpful for survivors in these groups.

There are several doctors in our membership, both as patients and caregivers. People come from all walks of life, with a variety of backgrounds.

Members may wish to gain encouragement and information from those with personal experience on our discussion board.

For information on our phone consultation service click on the Phone Consultation  page.


Thank you for visiting Lymphoma Survival. We hope you found it informative and inspirational. We sincerely believe that the content and guidance here will help you or your loved one control follicular lymphoma as a manageable disorder.

You are invited to join our group as outlined in the Registration page.

Best in Health from the Lymphoma Survival team.

Robert G. Miller   

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December 9, 2016

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 There is Life After Lymphoma…Lots of It




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