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By  survivors  for  survivors,  applying  new  discoveries  to  produce  optimal results.


Site Overview

This  site  provides  up-to-date  information  on  treatments  for  follicular  lymphoma  coupled  with  a  scientifically-based  plan  of  natural  strategies  developed  over  many  years  for proactive  survivors  to  adopt  as  an essential  guide  leading  to  20++  years  of  healthy,  active  survival.

This is an Advertising-Free site supported 100% by its members for over 16 years.


Who We Are

Content on this site has been developed by a “retired” college dean, a fellow follicular lymphoma survivor diagnosed over 28 years ago, currently well and fully active, his lymphoma now fully resolved.

Other members on our team provide research and administrative support. Guidance and personal support is available, but we do not offer medical advice.

There is no need to feel powerless or alone.

We  respect  how  people  feel,  and  as  lymphoma  patients  ourselves,  we  understand. 

[Personal Comment: Approaching three decades, I’m very fortunate. Lymphoma is gone. During these many years I’ve seen what works…and what doesn’t.  If you have the desire, my team and I have a program that is flexible, enabling each person to do things in his or her preferred way. Pro-active survivors are often surprised at the results they achieve when the right things are chosen and implemented correctly. This so-called incurable disorder CAN be beaten…Robert].


What We Do

Our role is to track and evaluate the latest developments in conventional therapies (new drugs, monoclonal antibodies, radiation and immunotherapy) together with science-based natural approaches that may lead to gene remediation (see below) .

We then communicate trustworthy, unbiased, non-commercial information to our members in a way they can relate to, understand and implement.

This international resource community, created over 16 years ago, is supported 100% by its members. No one is denied. See What the Members Say page for comments from our members around the world.


New Developments

Cancer research nowadays is focused on genetics.

At first that sounds grim, like there’s nothing that can be done. But really it’s the opposite of that.

New developments in genetics represent a huge breakthrough in science, and with it opportunities for us as cancer survivors never before possible.

The breakthrough in knowledge, simply stated, is that our genes are not “fixed” in the functions they perform, as was thought to be the case until very recently. As TIME magazine reports “Genes are NOT our Destiny”.


Our Approach

Many survivors of follicular lymphoma, at some point, require conventional therapy to treat their lymphoma. But not all.

If treatment is required it is very important that these treatments be chosen wisely and applied correctly at the right time. We provide guidance on that.

Knowledge regarding BOTH conventional treatment options and science-based natural strategies provide survivors with the BEST chance for achieving extended survival time.

Adoption of our Four Pillar Gene Remediation (4P-GRS) program is ESSENTIAL when targeting for extended, healthy survival out past 20 years. This program, developed and refined over several years, contains recommendations on nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, stress management and optimal year-round vitamin D.

Many of our members have achieved natural regression (shrinkage) of lymphoma nodes while feeling well without side-effects. YES — it IS possible to build confidence leading to a new life.

Take Heart … Be certain…a lot can be done. Our team is here to help. 


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Details on What We Offer

  Access to our copyright, time-tested Four Pillar Gene Remediation Strategies (4P-GRS) Program with information on diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and vitamin D optimization. This program, unlike any other, has been created specifically for follicular lymphoma and other indolent lymphomas.

[Please be sure to see the “What We Want You to Know…” section at the end].

  12 articles to help understand the confusing nature of follicular lymphoma, written in plain English.

  Monthly newsletters going back over 12 years summarizing the latest research, treatments, developments and perspectives on follicular lymphoma.

  A virtual library with over 3000 reference pages (See our Topic Index).

  A discussion board for members covering lifestyle and treatment matters, moderated to ensure productive, supportive dialogue.

  Prompt email support.

  Phone consultation.


September 2016 Newsletter

Photo by Svet: “Hello Sunshine: You Make Me Happy When Skies are Gray”


1. Counteracting Cancer-Causing Toxins with Natural Strategies

2. Maintenance Rituximab Now Declared Optional by Experts

3. The Impact of Rituximab on Long-Term Immunity

4. Newly Diagnosed Follicular Lymphoma – To Treat or Not?  New Genetic Test Provides Statistical Data to Help Guide the Decision

5. Latest Genetic Data Predicts Follicular Lymphoma Transformation

6. New Drug Reduces Chemo Side-Effects

7. Topic Index

Possible Topics for October 

A Sneak Peek at the Future Cure for Cancer

Dietary Strategies for Intestinal Health in Follicular Lymphoma Survivors

Retinoids — Powerful for Follicular Lymphoma – But Tricky

More on the Everyday Connection between BPA and Gene EZH2 Driving Follicular Lymphoma – What We Can Do to Help Ourselves

Cancer Survival and Low Dose Aspirin

Turmeric Test on Humans

Iron Supplements Damage DNA-in Only 10 Minutes (Glutamine too!)

Relaxation: A Hugely Significant Factor that Affects Many of Us


Recent Commentary from our Members

 Keep up the good research and advice. I’ve been following your sensible advice since for the last 10 + years and feel it is the main reason for not relapsing. Thanks and keep the presses rolling…Tom, California

Thank you Robert! You have been so helpful. I have been on watch and wait since November 2004. No treatments!!!!!! I follow many of your 4 pillars. Thank you for all the research you do and share with all of us!!!!…Krystyna

My wife’s scan report states that 2 of her 3 affected lymph nodes had decreased by about 50% post treatment. But there was NO TREATMENT! She was following your Four Pillar strategies. The hematologist said she had never seen this in her 17 years of practice…Bill, Alberta

Additional feedback each month over the years can be seen on our What the Members Say page.


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 Additional Details About Our Site

This is the most prominent survivor-managed website in the world devoted exclusively to follicular lymphoma.

We do not provide medical advice. Instead, we help with forward guidance to assist members when consulting with their doctors.

We have several members with types of lymphoma other than follicular, including CLL, marginal zone, mantle cell, T-cell and aggressive (diffuse) lymphomas. Most of the material on this site will be helpful for survivors in these groups.

There are several doctors in our membership, both as patients and caregivers. People come from all walks of life, with a variety of backgrounds.

Members may wish to gain encouragement and information from those with personal experience on our discussion board.

For information on our phone consultation service click on the Phone Consultation  page.


What We Want You to Know in Overcoming Follicular Lymphoma


You’ve heard it before. And you don’t need to be told about it again.

So when we state that we have a program called the Four Pillars that covers nutrition/diet/supplements, sleep/stress, exercise and vitamin D you understandably think –aah, I don’t think so – this is incurable cancer. These old notions won’t work.

But that belief could be a strategic error. Based on new science in genetics mentioned above, there are DETAILS in each of these well-known “four pillars” that make a HUGE difference in helping a typical survivor overcome follicular lymphoma.

Believe me, I wouldn’t be writing this now if these things didn’t work. And this site wouldn’t exist if I didn’t think they truly will help you or your loved one as well.



Thank you for visiting  We hope you found it informative and inspirational. 

You are invited to join our group as outlined in the Registration page.


 Best in Health from the team at

Robert G. Miller  

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September 25, 2016

 Strive >> Survive >> Thrive

 There is Life After Lymphoma…Lots of It




This website is intended as a sharing of information and data based on the research and personal experiences of the author. It is NOT intended to replace or be a substitute for professional consultation with a physician or other health care provider. For treatment decisions, consult your doctor or health care provider. The author cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects, results or consequences resulting from the use or application of the information on any page of this site.