What the Members Say – Archive


December 2014

Thank you so much Robert for all of your hard work to provide us with the information on this site. I thank God for you every day, as I know I wouldn’t be where I am today with my lymphoma if it wasn’t for you. I follow the plan religiously and am holding it in check. It’s been 3 years now. I admire you for all you have done with your life, God Bless you…Linda

(Your website) has been so helpful in helping with my follicular lymphoma. II appreciate the work you and your staff do to put out such an excellent newsletter filled with such valuable information in helping me and so many others in understanding cancer and the many ways to fight it. Thanks so very much for the comfort this has been to me…Virginia, Texas

(Yes, I’m planning long-term). Lifestyle modifications in accord with the (Four) pillars really have made a difference…in quality…and as implied, in quantity. Thanks very much, once again, for your efforts & insights…Jack, British Columbia

Your website is so valuable! I am two years post diagnosis. The first year the lymphoma was stable and last year it shrunk! So far no chemo. I attribute my success thus far to following the four pillars as closely as possible…Camille, North Carolina.

Thanking you again for the monthly reporting. Keep up the good fight…Chuck, Indiana

Thank you for delivering another year of very useful and pragmatic information. I sincerely appreciate the countless hours you dedicate to the site and the huge difference you make to so many lives…Margaret, Alberta

Thank you for your excellent work towards helping so many people. I am going on 8 years now…Your information has helped me tremendously. I have shared it with my Hematologist in Buffalo, NY…Tim

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and personal involvement in maintaining your great website. It makes a big difference in how I live my life with lymphoma. The shared knowledge, the interpretation of findings, the research as well as your fine humour and encouragement stimulate me in doing what I can to help myself instead of living in fears and feel alone. On the contrary, I feel like I am part of a family where hope is cherished…Francine, Quebec

I’ve completed five years in remission now and was so grateful to you for educating me about follicular lymphoma…Gwyneth, U.K.

Doing well, ten and a half years after diagnosis and 18 months after treatment. Keep up the great work!…Biff

I am glad that you are able to continue with an unsponsored web site. There aren’t many health sites with sensible, unsponsored and unbiased information, so congratulations on achieving that…Inigo, Australia

Thank you Robert, without you and your team, many, many lives would be full of pain, hopelessness and glad to leave the planet. You are a savior, helped not only me but so, so many. Love you all for that…Frank, California

Thanks for your great service and for your personal support. I look forward to your newsletter every month…Bob

I am now 10 and 1/2 years with no treatment. I believe it is because of your site which I follow…James

I would like to thank you and your team for producing and maintaining the website. As a member, I’m a recipient of the most outstanding information and research available, all pulled together in succinct and beautifully written prose. The quality of the content and its relevance to managing the health challenge that we’re all dealing with is unequalled…Gary, U.K.

Thriving…diagnosed in 2005. Found you (Thank God) 11/05. Followed the natural targeted list 90% of the time! My nodes keep shrinking to undetectable by year 4. NED for the last 5 yrs. MD Anderson wanted to know what the heck I was doing…(I told them)! ON NO MEDS of any kind at my age!! So proud of my hard work & discipline, couldn’t of done it without lymphoma survival! I thank God & You! Big Hugs & Kisses!..Jennifer, Texas

November 2014

Without a doubt, the work you have been doing has been a huge encouragement to me. Thank you again for everything you do… I tell so many people about how finding your website was a godsend when I was first diagnosed eight years ago. I cried when I read that you have no evidence anymore of active lymphoma. If anyone deserves that, it is you. I wonder how many lives you have saved?..Brooke

You do a fantastic job on the site and provide pertinent and useful information. It is a great service! Thanks for your hard work… Rod

Thanks again for your very supportive website…Diane, Ontario

Endless thanks for the study, the work on all the helpful information, for sharing your experience and for all the encouragement and support…Gordana, Montana

You integrate facts and emotional information with appropriate amounts of humor and personal insights. Your writing is interesting and I am not saying it because it addresses my personal issues. It is interesting!…Bob

It was very helpful to talk with you. (My husband) also found it beneficial. I think it made him feel that better knowing that I may have some time before I need to be treated. I had been taking my time because I want to make the right decision…Terry, California

October 2014

Thanks for all you have done for me and the many others with lymphoma. Your site has provided us with a wealth of research and information that can’t be found elsewhere…Wayne, Pennsylvania

I have been part of your program for 6 plus years and have had natural regression with no signs. Have not had any treatments…Jerry

I want to thank you for all you do to create hope for people with follicular Lymphoma. I really appreciate all your work and love the website and all the information…Carolyn

Thank you for your hard work and very valuable information /support for all of us living with follicular lymphoma…Leah

I just want to tell you how much help you and your site have been for me through my ordeal. I have been cancer free for over 2 years now and have been practicing your program from my chemo treatment through the post chemo side. Work-out a couple times a day and eat according to the plan. Jack

Thank you again for the wonderful service and support you provide…Gail, Alberta

Thank you so much for your very informative site…Andrew, Australia

Always a little amazed at how devoted you are to helping us all. Hope to remain your loyal member for many years!…Irving, Florida

I enjoyed your Article #2 (Overview of Follicular Lymphoma). It’s the most comprehensive information I have received in dealing with cancer over the past five years…Michael

September 2014

This site was, and continues to be a stronghold of support and hard core information for me, especially when I needed it the most at the time of diagnosis. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing your experience and knowledge. I don’t know of any other site that offers what your does for people with follicular lymphoma…Blake, Maine

I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate the work you are doing. It has been a wonderful support to me and I believe it is keeping me well both physically and mentally…Gerry

Thank you for your amazing knowledge you share…Arlene, UK

I have been applying the suggested 4-Pillar strategy. At one point chemotherapy seemed like the route to take, but decided to delay ‘just one more month’. Now, my obvious enlarged nodes have receded to the point where the ‘average’ person would not notice them, and I consider myself fortunate…Christene

I don’t know if anyone tells you this, but thank you for all your hard work on this…Frank

You helped me find Dr.”A” here in the Tampa area and he gave me my front line treatment of R-Chlorambucil which gave me a six year time to relapse, which I was thrilled with! Four years ago, I received R-Treanda and still have no signs of further activity. I so very much appreciate all you do! You have had a direct effect on my survival…Jeff, Florida

Your work will certainly help spread the word! It’s so great having, like, a “personal interpreter” for all the recent research…David

Thanks again Robert for all the information and community support and my good wishes to you. Personally I remain without symptoms more than 3 years from diagnosis and keep your lifestyle recommendations in mind as I get on with my life. Thanks to you and your team for your dedication…Bridget, Ireland

August 2014

Thanks, as always, for your great service. I really appreciate it. My Dad continues to be fine and there’s absolutely no trace of lymphoma anymore. His initial therapy is now already 4.5 years ago. All the best to you and please continue to be a beacon of hope, as you were for us, to all those out there with lymphoma. Cheers, Dominik…Germany

Thanks a lot for your informative newsletter, which my wife and I read with great interest every month. Keep going…Tage, Denmark

I am delighted to be on your site which is so interesting, helpful and positive…Gwynn, England

I wanted to let you know how much we (my mother and I) appreciate your newsletter and website. What a wealth of information! My mother is 75 years old and was diagnosed with NHL 10 years ago. It has been 4 years since her last chemo treatment and she has been following your “diet” approach for the last 1.5 years. She feels and looks fantastic…Celine

Thanks again for your continuing insight into this “tricky” cancer and for your passion in helping so many over the years (me included)…Ken, Alberta

July 2014

I knew I was the luckiest person in the world when I came across your website when I was terrified of my prognosis. You and your group are a God send. I have learned a lot from you and am comforted by your existence. In times of despair, I know you are just a phone call away. That is my security. My dream is to win the California Loto and open a center for us where we can come and recuperate from our maladies while listening to your wise words and comforted by your generous heart. You know dreams come true sometimes!…Ayele, California

Thank you, again, for providing this wonderful service for patients, survivors, family and friends of people involved with this cancer…Paul

Just wanted to thank you for the newsletter and all the helpful information. It is very important!…Debra, Florida

Most grateful thanks for all your wise words to live by – couldn’t do it without your articles and monthly newsletter…Veronica, South Africa

I so enjoy reading your (material). It has really helped me to make necessary changes in my life and help me understand follicular lymphoma. Thanks for paving the way for people like me! Here’s to many long, healthy years! Becky, Follicular Lymphoma survivor of 2 years and counting!

I want to thank you again for everything that you and your website have done for me. Since dx in 2008, I have been following your 4 pillar program. I have never needed treatment and in the last year, I have seen shrinkage in the tumors and in my spleen at each appointment and none anywhere else. My appointments and cat scans are further apart and I am feeling wonderful. Bless you, Linda

My husband, 10 years after diagnosis, is doing fantastic. A big thank you to you Robert…Florence, Ontario

June 2014

About 2 1/2 months ago my husband began following your Four Pillar approach to a ‘T’. Our three month checkup yesterday was great. One palpable node in his left groin has completely resolved and the most evident larger node (initially 3.5×4.5cm) which led to his diagnosis has gone down dramatically… It is at least 50% smaller. His blood work is “fabulous” as per our oncologist. She was thrilled and was asking all about what we have been doing…Tina

Thanks for all this site brings to everyone. Because of the information here, I decided to be a Dynamic Observer (applying the Four Pillar program of natural strategies) and have not regretted it for a moment. Now 3 years since diagnosis and counting. Bulky tumor has shrunk to 1/10 its size since diagnosis. Wahoo. I am one lucky lady!…Eleanor

This membership is worth millions to me but this is all I have for now…Dan

Thank you also for the regular newsletter and articles; they are a constant source of reliable information and inspiration for my continuing good health…Gary, England

Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this site, it is so appreciated. It is comforting and wonderful to have this resource available…Rachel, New Zealand

Thanks so much for this site. Don’t know what I’d do without it. Five years and doing well. Diane, Iowa

We really appreciate your efforts. Cutting edge reporting in a straight forward writing style. Superb work, sir…Tom, Michigan

You are a real blessing to all of us diagnosed with fNHL. The well-studied info lifts us up when we may be weary. I look forward each month to getting my batteries recharged by your newsletters…Dianne, Georgia

My daughter is celebrating 4 years thriving since diagnosis, still enjoying spontaneous regression and requiring no treatment. We both appreciate your ongoing work and the inspiration and information you provide…Dawn

This has been an invaluable resource for us particularly in those crazy days just after diagnosis…Glenn, Minnesota

I requested your free article before I signed up…it has been the most beneficial information I can find. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you have taken the time to research and to actually make this information available to other people with lymphoma…Sandy

May 2014…Hello Robert,

I am really glad that you gave me the opportunity to meet with you in person to
discuss my health regimen. I felt that it was a real privilege to meet you
personally, and I thank you for making this possible, as well as for the time
and input you gave to help me along the path of healing.

You are doing so much for so many – and I know you are and will be blessed
greatly for all the work and research you put into the Lymphoma Newsletter and
your constituents.

Thank so very very much for what you have done to help me personally. It was
enlightening to discuss this serious health matter with you – in fact, you made
it enjoyable to do so. 


Once again, thank you for all your work!  Here I am going on 11 years since
diagnosis (grade 2 stage 3) still with no symptoms or any treatment – thanks to
your work and research.  My oncologist said I do qualify for poster child
status for going so long in good health and no treatments or symptoms! I’ll be
68 in June, so every birthday is like a gift!. Thanks again!…Joan

(I was able to) achieve clinical remission with your guidance. With heartfelt

Thank you for starting and keeping your site. It is a comfort and a ton of

I’m 5-1/2 years after diagnosis and doing great. I went skiing last month and
maintain an active lifestyle.  Rebecca, Louisiana

Thanks for your site. Still on “dynamic observation” going on five years
now…Jo, Arkansas

Again, may I express my gratitude for the work that you do. I was diagnosed 6
years ago and have had no treatments or problems. I rely almost exclusively on
the information on your website to guide my daily activities with the hope that
I will continue in good health…Janet

April 2014…”Until I embraced the concept (that all
Four Pillars are essential) I did not see the full potential. I encourage
everyone to do as much as they can in all of these areas and I am so happy that
Lymphoma Survival exists!!!!”…Bud, Ontario.

(Click here for
more commentary by Bud in achieving significant natural regression).


I was diagnosed 4 years ago TODAY and still no treatment. Bless you and thank
you for sharing your strength, wisdom, and experience, Robert! I honestly feel
you saved my life…Cathy

Thank you for all your great work on the articles and newsletter, true wealth of
knowledge! Beth

“I really appreciate what you do. There is no other place where I can get this
kind of unbiased, up to date information. Your drive and passion is very

Thanks for everything that you do. Even though I had mantle cell lymphoma your
advice has been great….Rob

March 2014…I am grateful for the most useful and
up-to-date information about follicular lymphoma conveyed to us through your
monthly newsletters which, in my opinion, has been the major factor in my
continuing good heath after being diagnosed 9 years ago and “watching and
waiting” ever since!…Richard

This site is so important to us. Not only for information, but it gives us

Thank you for keeping this site going! We are so fortunate to have someone
researching and learning, weeding through to find useful information…Iris

Thank you for carrying on this important work. I have found your newsletters to
be extremely valuable…Hertha

Robert and all the wonderful moderators and researcher, Thank you all so much.
You are my inspiration and my moral and technical support. Thank you for
everything you do for the members…Antonia

February 2014…Just passed my 5 year anniversary in
November, still with no conventional treatment and I’m feeling fine. The
Lymphoma Survival web site has been a real blessing. It gave me hope after the
dark days following diagnosis. The information you provide is invaluable. The
results from following the Four Pillar natural strategies have been nothing
short of Miraculous. Must be great to go to bed knowing you have helped so many
people while following what is obviously your passion. Well done and

I can only hope that you are able to share your information and support to
benefit someone else as much as you have benefited me. That would be amazing.
All my gratitude…Carol

I owe a lot to you and your team’s ongoing efforts that provide us with plenty
of practical and useable information…Nat

(I was) diagnosed 5 years ago this month with no (knock on wood) big medical
setbacks.  I give big kudos/credit to you in guiding my path out of the
dark days 5 years ago, so that today, I feel I have thrown enough epigenetic
switches to keep the monster in the closet…Robert, New Hampshire

Thank you once again for your superb support. Your service really has been a
lifeline during the last five years…Gwyneth, England

I thoroughly enjoy your monthly newsletters and think you are doing a marvelous
job in keeping us all so well informed….Maura, Ontario

Our conference call with you was most helpful. So many facts and ahahas came
together today.  Your dedication, discipline and generous sharing of
research and your own experience is so beneficial. I will go back and reread all
my notes now to be certain I have understood the important points.  It is
so wonderful to be able to communicate with you and to understand so much more
about the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma. All our best…Becky and Bill

January 2014…I just wanted to say that this
newsletter is brilliant. I found myself glued to it with all the information on
genetics and inspiring words around our strategies. I could not have (done so
well) without your help in the beginning. I am re-reading Article #3 from top to
bottom. It’s very comforting to have this information at our fingertips. I can
only imagine the time it takes to work on it all. What a difference you have
made in my life as I go through the years. Thank you so much for your dedication
and commitment to us all…Tracey, Australia

I really appreciate your information. I found your site and immediately applied
your information. Six months later another scan showed the tumors had shrunk
significantly. Thank you…Frank, Utah.

Thank you so much for your life changing and life-saving work.  It is much
appreciated…Gray, South Africa

Like me I am sure there are hundreds of people who are glad to have such a
wonderful website like yours to go to and receive so much good information about
fNHL. Thanks again for your tireless efforts in teaching and guiding us how to
be more proactive…Ken

I can’t thank you (and the team) enough for all the work that you do to put out
the monthly newsletters and the articles. The wisdom that you impart based on
years of accumulated learning benefits all of us so much. Thank you so much for
all that you do and the phone consultations which are a tremendous source of
reassurance for me and everyone else…Chari

To me, this website has been of great help. Every month I read the newsletters
and articles. I follow the natural strategies you suggest. It has been seven
years since I was diagnosed with NHFL and nodes are 1 cm or less!! I have
learned that love and compassion to every creature in this world makes my spirit
feel peace and happiness…Dora

Thank you very much for the updated Article #10.  It is a fascinating read. You
keep us alive by giving us hope and taking away the feeling of HELPLESSNESS that
I, and certainly others, had when we were diagnosed…Elke, Indiana

Doing well after five years. Probably in large part due to your
newsletter…Margaret, Alberta

Thank you so much for all you do! I am doing very nicely using all your advice.
I keep recommending your newsletter to anyone with lymphoma and talk up the 4
ways to stay healthy with several friends who are interested in health
issues…Nancy, Pennsylvania

You have made a real difference. It is now 8 years since diagnosis with no

December 2013…Without your website there would be no
guiding light for this disease. Although I have seen some progression I also
seen some regression and I think I am on the right path to the thrive-zone and
life. Thank you…Eric

Once again, we are filled with gratitude for all that you do, and your
assistants, to help us in our continued journey in the changing world of living
well with FNHL. Your article on doing CT imaging in remission was very timely
for us. His oncologist is very much in tune with your update. L and T, Texas

Keep on investing your positive and investigative spirit into this marvelous
website. Amiram (Israel)

Sincere thankfulness for your love, care and hard work through your monthly
letter filled with great encouragement and knowledge, sharing with us things we
can’t find anywhere else in such easy to understand language (most of the time,
for us who are hanging on every word from you).  “S” is checked by her
oncologist every 6 months now, reviewing blood test and encouraging us to keep
on doing…Marc, Massachusetts

You were so kind to extend to me a free membership last year. It was a life line
in the form of hope and information…Camille, North Carolina

I’m sure you have been told before but your website and information is amazing,
I’m so happy I found it. Much appreciated…Brent, Ontario

Your measured response is very refreshing as I have a personal tendency to think
of foods as “all good” or “all bad”…Irving

Thanks for another great year of support. We truly believe the advice and
resources you offer have had a positive impact. Todd has just passed the 5 year
mark with no recurrence. Thank you for making a difference in our lives! Todd &

Thank you very much for all of your long hours of research to provide us with
this valuable information…Linda, Texas

Many thanks for your reply and additional information. I am staggered by the
wealth of your knowledge…Masood, Ontario

November 2013…My husband and I have been following
your site for 4 years since his diagnosis in 2009. We have found it be so
helpful and hopeful in dealing with this disease. We recently attended a
conference moderated by a leading hematologist who spoke about nutrition and it
could have been from a page on your strategies. We left even more enthused about lymphomasurvival.com because
it reaffirmed that we have been on the right track by following your
suggestions. Thanks again to you and your team…A and B, Ontario

Just wanted to pass along my support for your wonderful work. I’m still doing
really well- 9 years remission. Just moved to Southern California- more Vitamin
D…Milt, California

I’m back! It’s been over a year since I received my last newsletter. Just went
through two 5 month sets of chemo and am currently tumor free. Diagnosed 15
years ago. Can’t wait to start getting good info again and implementing

7 years on and no treatment yet…. Was so close to having chemo on diagnosis
but fortunately I found your website for which I am so so grateful to you for
all your hard work…Julia

It is all about believing and keeping hope alive! Your website could bring that
to us…Roghieh

Thanks for another great year of support. We truly believe the advice and
resources you offer have had a positive impact. Todd has just passed the 5 year
mark with no recurrence. Thank you for making a difference in our lives! Todd &

Thank you for all the amazing research you do. It really is a life line. I
cannot thank you enough… Neasa

I talked to my pharmacist about the dose increase, and he saw the same thing as
you. So the doctor misunderstood something. Again, your support is so
comforting…Robert, Quebec

Thanks for your ongoing work! Although I don’t get a chance to read your updates
as frequently as I’d like, yours is an invaluable service! I often refer many
patients to the newsletter…CA, ND, Washington


October 2013…If only you knew how often I tell
people about your site and how it was such a godsend for me seven years ago when
I was first diagnosed. Here’s to our best year yet!…Brooke

You continue to be everyone’s inspiration, keep up the good work. God bless you.
Regards. Asim, United Arab Emirates

Robert, I want to thank you for all the important info you pass along each
month. I can hardly believe it has been a year since my diagnosis (no symptoms
as of yet). Each month I look forward to your newsletter that always shares new
info for me. Thank you again for all you do…Donna, Florida

I am doing well with no node growth obvious since original diagnosis in June
2011. Since June 2013 I am on six month check-ups rather than three…Brigid,

Thank you so much for the extensive information and hope you provide… Ronald,

Everything continues to improve on my blood count, so much so that my specialist
can’t believe his eyes when he reads my blood results. Pity we can’t educate him
on epigenetics…Jennifer, South Africa

September 2013…I can’t emphasis enough the vast
amount of information that is available on your website – it has been really
good reading and a major help in figuring out a 20 plus year plan for survival,
not just a five year remission plan.
The site has helped me with suggestions
of how to get the most out of your
chemo, diet and exercise. Good
stuff…Dan, Missouri

I am really enjoying reading the newsletter – you are helping me greatly to
learn about my cancer and keep it from reoccurring! Kathy, Arizona

Your research is wonderful. There is enough stress in the diagnosis alone…but
to have your data and research at my fingertips is so amazing.  Jody,

I really enjoy your articles and commend you on your work in updating
them…Phil, Oregon

5 years out so far and I attribute all your hard work (as well as that of your
staff) for that!!…Jill, New York

I read and re-read your newsletters every month and look forward to them. I have
benefited from your research in many ways, most of all because it updates me/us
all in the developments pertaining to this disease/disorder. In my books you are
a VIP…Christena, Nova Scotia

August 2013Thank you for your
brilliant work on this website. I’m following an active lifestyle; watching what
I eat, proper sleep habits and I walk from 15 to 20 miles a week. Diagnosed in
2006…Still no treatment…Betty, Indiana

Thanks as always for your most interesting and informative articles.  I am
so glad I stumbled upon this website over 10 years ago when I first had this
diagnosis…Suzie, California

3 years since my daughter’s diagnosis after removal of tonsil
tumour – still enjoying treatment-free spontaneous regression, partly I’m sure
due to your advice, research and inspiration. Thank you for your wonderful work
– may it continue for many more ‘thriving’ years!..Dawn, Australia

Many thanks for your continued work. Your work and support provides great
comfort at a stressful time and empowers each of us to look forward with
optimism…Robert, UK

Thank you for the marvelous work you and your staff do in assembling newsletters
with the most informative and up-to-date research. You provide us with guidance,
support and most of all – HOPE that it is possible to live, and thrive, despite
an incurable condition…Rebecca, Florida

July 2013…You continue to be such an inspiration to
so many of us. It is 5 years today since I was diagnosed, and am right as rain
now. I read your letter from cover to cover every month. Thank you so much for
all you do, good health to yourself too. Kind regards Yvonne.

You’re doing such a fantastic job and helping so many people. Again, thanks for
all the great advice over the years. I wouldn’t be here now if, I’m sure of it,
if I hadn’t found your site. Thanks just seem so inadequate!…Margie, Ontario

I feel better both physically and mentally after reading the newsletters, and
living accordingly….It has been nearly one year that I have been
diagnosed…Grade 1, stage 4, still in wait and watch period…. I have tried to
change my life according to the 4 pillar approach, and am proud to say that I
feel great…Fulge, South Carolina

Your site and articles are such an incredible resource and helpful advice which
help me better understand and manage this disease and stay hopeful, calm and
present. Lynn

I have been a groupy since 2003. I’ve benefited greatly from your newsletters
and discussion board…Karen, Arizona

I really appreciated you returning my call yesterday. I was very happy to know
that those with Mantle Cell Cancer have also benefited from your information. I
am excited to gain more knowledge about natural science and our miraculous
bodies. THANK U!. Shannon

Thanks for your research and support. I am doing well and appreciate your
support greatly. You are the one who deserves to be complimented on all the
support you have given people…Dean

You and your staff’s diligence is amazing as you produce the monthly newsletter
and update the volume of chapters. Thanks for this most comprehensive

June 2013…It’s amazing that you can explain so many
complex topics in language one can easily grab and hold. I am truly appreciative
of all the effort this must entail on your part and thank you from depths I
can’t describe. Your newsletters keep reinforcing yet building onto one another.
What gallant messages you send out. You’re the best! Excellent! Superb! And I
hope you can keep thinking of more. I love easy to read that makes good sense. I
recognize it’s another thing to do the composition, that’s why I decided to send
this. I love the way you rehash but add new twists. Selfishly, I hope this
continues…I’m in my 10th year and doing well, no treatments, not perfect-but
do incorporate as much as I can of what you espouse…Kevin, Indiana

Good news after my last CT scan – no visible problems!  My consultant’s
remarked, “This is want we would hope to see after a course of chemo and you
have had nothing – it’s amazing!”  …Marilyn, England

Thank you so much for all your work in checking out the latest research. 
I’m almost at 10 years since diagnosis with never having any treatment or
symptoms.  Stage 2, grade 3.  I’m retired now and loving life at 67! 
Still doing mud runs, and climbing mountains…Joan

I’m still holding my own. 10 years now. Thanks for your devotion to this
project. I really enjoy getting the newsletter…Carol, Alaska

Your website has been very helpful
for my wife and me. She is 9 years since diagnosis and doing well. We think you
helped and appreciate your efforts…Tom, Michigan

I was diagnosed 12 years ago and am so grateful to you for providing such a
wonderful website filled with so much invaluable information…Heather, Ontario

 “M” ‘celebrates’ 10 years of survival this year. She has been in remission for
2 years…a reality confirmed by a recent CT scan. Thank you for all you do. It
is wonderful…James, England

You remain a calm voice in the wilderness, and a beacon of strength and prudent
advice to individuals like me, and so many others…Sheila, Connecticut

I have not had any treatment since diagnosis in 2006. Seem to remain stable and
I’m grateful…Judy, Alberta

So many thanks…leading into the seventh year with no

Thank you for your kind note. Your articles have acted as sort of a lifeline for
me, giving me hope and certainly brightening my spirits since my December fNHL
diagnosis. So thank you, too, for sharing your research and experience with me.
I surely wouldn’t have done such an exhaustive job on my own…Cindy, California

Thank you for all you do, it has changed my life…Tom, Pennsylvania

May 2013…Your May 2013 newsletter is awesome. 
This is the best subscription I ever had in my life!  Thank you…Milagros,

Thanks much again for your wonderful work on the site. 5th year without
treatment, progression free in watch-and-wait and expect to stay like this for
many, many more years in no small part thanks to you! …Niko

Thanks for providing this service. It is absolutely invaluable to me and I try
to follow all of your recommendations. Five years and no treatments and feeling
great. Thanks again…Janet, Utah

7 years and still watching and living!! Thank you for all you do. You gave me
some of the best information when I really needed it 7 years ago…Karen

I’m now in remission for 7 years! Thank you for all the information you

I’m moving into year 9 without treatment.  Thanks for all you do with this site.
It is amazing how many times it seems like I have more current information about
this disease than my doctor. Keep up the good work and here’s hoping for another
disease free year for both of us!…Scott

Robert, your site has helped me thru some tough times. Many thanks…Ralph,

Thank you for this website. It provides me with much knowledge and comfort. I
was diagnosed five years ago and am doing great…Rebecca

I so appreciate your hard work and experience and being able to benefit from
your many years of living with Follicular Lymphoma. I credit your research and
sharing of it, in large part, to the fact that I have not had to have treatment
despite it being 8 years since I was diagnosed. Many many thanks for your big

April 2013…I have followed the advice provided in
your Article 3 and newsletters. I’m happy to report that last month my CT scan
showed everything to be normal. I have no visible nodes, and my latest blood
test was completely within normal range. Of everything I’ve tried, your advice
has been the most consistently informative, reassuring, and inspiring. I feel so
lucky to have come across your site…Carol, British Columbia

Robert, your website is the greatest source of information for any lymphoma

Thanks for all the work you and Judith do on our behalf. It is much appreciated.
It is great to hear your journey is going well. Kind Regards… Mike

Many thanks Robert for your excellent article and summary of
the research to date re follicular lymphoma. The information was very useful in
assisting me to start to come to grips with the complexities of this condition
and how to begin to better prepare myself for managing my health…Bernie,

Thank you for all your effort and dedication to this
community. Your work inspires and encourages me to get healthy! Leslie, Ontario

Thank you for another year of excellent information — and
unflagging inspiration! I cannot thank you enough for the Lymphoma Survival
website, articles and monthly newsletters. But even more, I want to thank you
for being you! Your energy and spirit are a gift. Thanks!…Hadley,

I would like you to know without your support from your
website I don’t know where I would be at today. It has been 5 years since being
diagnosed with Lymphoma. I just had a checkup in March and everything came out
great. Last September I had a CT scan and everything was back to normal size.
Thanks so much for all of your help…Mark

Just a line to say a big THANK YOU. Impressive work, making
now my life so easy as I have been fishing for information for the past two

March 2013The TNS strategy seems
to be working for me. My oncologist said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but
keep doing it.” Tumors are shrinking, no treatment so far. I’m pleased. Two
years post diagnosis…Tom, Kentucky

Your website has given me so much (guidance) to improve my
health and stay fully active despite this incurable disease. As a 20+ year
survivor, I can only thank you for this huge help…Denis, France

I’m a new member of your excellent site. As a biomedical
researcher with fNHL I’m actively looking into the science behind your natural
strategies and I have to say that I have found most of your suggestions sound
and solid. Thank you!…Chris, Colorado

Thank you for your knowledge. It has been our
salvation!…Janet, New Jersey

Thank you for your ongoing excellent work. I read each
newsletter with interest and am thrilled to report that my quarterly checkups
including blood work continue to be stellar with no evidence whatsoever of any
FNHL activity. Balance balance balance! I just celebrated my 45th birthday and
am probably healthier than I have ever been in my life…Richard

I am sending a small contribution together with my renewal
and a huge thank you for all you do for us and all the incredible newsletters,
information and psychological support you provide to all of us. I wish you
continual health and God bless. Antonia, Florida

Thanks for the info that you and your team put together every
month. I look forward to your newsletters. Your articles have been of great
benefit to me and my family…Chari

Thank you for your excellent newsletter. Keep it coming.
Jean, M.D…California

I continue to advise others to use your excellent
site…Robert, UK

Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your excellent
information and warm presence. With thanks, Harrison, Australia

February 2013I read the sample
article and am very pleased – this is what I’ve been looking for! I can’t tell
you how lost I’ve felt with the medical doctors and the well-meaning vitamin
pushers filling my head with T.M.I. I feel like I’ll be able to breathe again
with the information I’ll be receiving…Nancy

It is once again a pleasure to renew my membership. I am
doing very well, seven years since first and only treatment…Kerry, New Zealand

Thanks so much for what you do. Seven great years and

The information you have provided has helped us in so many
ways. My husband is two years out from his original diagnosis and is thriving.
Thanks for setting the bar and expanding our view of the possibilities…Cindy

Thank you for the terrific job that you do to enhance the
survival rate for lymphoma patients…David, Florida.

My wife (fNHL patient) and I are both benefitting
tremendously from your articles on health and nutrition…Bruce, Washington.

Robert, please keep up the great work on your excellent
website. Best wishes to you, from Tom, UK

Please know that you have been a source of light and great
guidance as I take this journey. You have changed my life…Carol

BTW – I just passed the 5-year mark on watch-and-wait and am
feeling great ! Thanks for all you do…Michael

Thanks so much for your note and website. My brother (the
patient) loves your website!…Susan, Virginia

Thank you for continuing this excellent support. Your
thoroughness and detailed “guidelines” and balanced approach are so very
helpful…Iris, British Columbia

Doing great Robert! Definitely in the thrive zone. Thanks for
your wisdom and guidance…Debra, Washington

January 2013…Thanks for providing
your time, energy, wisdom and most of all, common sense when it comes to taking
responsibility for making a difference to one’s own outcome. I believe by
implementing many of your strategies, my situation has returned to near normal,
marking four years since diagnosis…Margaret

(After diagnosis) I felt like I was walking in the dark, not having much control
over what I could do to influence the outcome of what I have called my “Dance
with Cancer.” So I think you can see how I felt coming across your website and
the information you have gathered over the years was like shining a light on a
path I have stumbled along for so long. Since coming across your website near
the end of 2011 I have finally felt that I have some control and I am no longer
being led by the cancer in this dance but I have now become the leader. And
although I know I can never stop this dance I at least now believe I can direct
its outcome, so thank you for that…Bob

I am thriving my friend – hope you are as well! Thanks for putting your time and
effort into these monthly updates.  It keeps me from having to do a lot of
the research…Dave

The information on the site has helped me make some very difficult decisions and
given me tremendous peace of mind because I know there are no hidden agendas
behind your words…Laurie

Thank you for giving so much to us who rely on and appreciate all the research
and support you provide…Tony

Delighted to say am in on-going remission post chemo etc Your newsletters and
‘being there’ continue to be a great comfort and inspiration Robert!’ Stayin’
Alive’! The Bee Gees song! is my new motto. Cheers Sally

Such a wonderful, affirmative and positive newsletter to start 2013!  I
truly thank you for your encouraging words. I will be 87 in about 2 weeks and I
look forward to every day with enthusiasm and delight. I feel that your
newsletters play a very important part in my lifestyle and I am most
grateful…Arlene, Israel

December 2012…A word of thanks for the December
newsletter PACKED with the latest, important FL information. I really appreciate
your dedication in gathering and getting this information out to us subscribers.
You have made, and continue to make, a huge difference to the well-being of
many…Robert, South Africa

I just renewed my membership and wish to use this occasion to thank you from the
bottom of my heart for your dedication and hard work. Your website has been like
a familiar face this last year, a place where I found hope and courage. It sure
made my journey less dramatic knowing that I could take steps to help my
situation. Apart from all the information you so generously share with us, your
sense of humour and down to earth style sends good vibes to us all. I feel like
I know you. This is how good you are at what you do! Thank you so much for
everything you and your team do for us…Francine

I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic newsletter each month. I was
diagnosed last year and had the usual shock, fear, anger and resentment. I was
not even willing to look at anything on the internet about the condition as I
didn’t want to know the truth of what was wrong with me. My head was completely
hidden in the sand. Luckily I have a very loving and caring wife. She found your
article and made me read it. That really helped to open my eyes and start to
deal with this new life (which by the way is not so bad)…Stephen It’s
been more than a year since I found my first lump on my neck like you. I believe
TNS has my lymphoma in check. Thank for being there for us…Eric

Your newsletter is so helpful. I forget sometimes I have NHL. Your contribution
to all of us is truly appreciated…Rebecca, Illinois

I have learned to live with and accept my chronic disease and thanks to your
newsletter I believe I have the tools to manage it…Elaine, British Columbia

Thank you for doing this. It’s my wife who was diagnosed with FL and she is
doing just fine now…Rick

November 2012…I am so comforted by your great
generosity in extending my membership…I have learned so much due to your
newsletters and thanks for your hard work I will look forward to much more. Best
wishes for continued good health. Virginia

Thank you for your diligence in a technical and constantly developing
field…Richard, Mississippi

Thank you so much for this service it has been a huge blessing to me. May God
bless you…Pastor RH

This website is very valuable to me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Thank you for all you do to make this website such a wealth of information…Linda

Thank you for another wonderful newsletter. I don’t know how you do it. It
keeps the rest of us alive and living with hope…Elke

Without your support my sustained recovery would have been much harder to
achieve…John, Australia

Just want to write and thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us
informed with the latest developments in our fight against Lymphoma. You
newsletter is a great help to me and please keep up the good work…Judith

Your information/research/positive approach has been a blessing to me over the
years and I’m certain to many others. Best Regards, John, Delaware

Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful information
you have given me and others like me. We all appreciate your guidance…Cheryl

October 2012…This has been very informative for me.
Your work is of great personal value…a “cut above”….Since adopting your “four
pillars” my white cell count is now NORMAL, the first time in years! I’m 3-1/2
years post diagnosis and all but one node has regressed naturally. Thank you so
much for your willingness to share your research…Christine, Nova Scotia

Thanks for everything you do for us. It means so much. I’ll never forget finding
your website six years ago, and definitely attribute it to my continually
feeling great!!! Please take care of yourself, you are such a gift to all of

Hi Robert.. thank you for providing a GREAT service! I credit, at least in part,
my success with a long remission to the information you have so painstakingly

Thank you for helping me through my first year from diagnosis. I’ve placed a lot
of trust in the information you provide! It’s really helped me understand this
confusing disease. Thanks for helping me be my own advocate!…Kelly, Texas

Your service has confirmed my path in ways that may be invaluable. Of all my
professor colleagues, you may be the one I savor most….much appreciation for
your wonderful website…FA, Mexico

September 2012…Thanks for sharing your knowledge
through these thoughtful and well written newsletters. They are a source of hope
and direction that I really appreciate. May you Thrive for many more years…John,

Thanks for all of the hard work and helpful info you provide. It really helped
us through J’s auto SCT. We’re so happy to report that he is doing well…Lois,

I am pleased to support your work. I look forward to your monthly newsletter and
attribute much of my good health to the information it provides. Thank YOU for

Thank you so much for all the work you do to keep us all informed and as healthy
as we can be. Jeanne, Massachusetts

Thank you for all your support and great work. Love you guys. Lets enjoy the
good things and forget the bad ones…Frank, California

August 2012…Thank you so very much for all the
information you have provided over the years. I first visited your website in
2003. Thanks to all your medical, diet and overall health advice my husband is
thriving and enjoying life to the fullest. He was 50 years old when diagnosed
and like everyone else we thought our world was ending. I cannot believe we are
10 years and counting. He has had some decisions to make over the past years but
thanks to all the information you provided to us we were able to ask questions
and make decisions that ultimately contributed to his survival to date. Please
continue this wonderful work…Florence, Ontario Robert…Your
hard work is greatly appreciated.  I have been in remission for 5 years and
doing just fine. Thank you so much and  may God bless you for all the wonderful
work you do.  Best regards, Sylvia.

We are both very relieved to have your support, excellent information and
experience of so many who have gone this road successfully…Christine, Washington

Your contributions to each of us and the overall body of knowledge is
admirable…Matt, Washington

This site has given me much needed certainty when there is so much
unpredictability out there for lymphoma patients. And I cannot wait for the
newsletter every month…Y.H., Michigan

July 2012…Thank you for providing the effort and
wisdom that makes this site what it is. I remain without treatment to date and I
feel healthy and hopeful. Bruce, Pennsylvania

For six years I never have had any treatments. The doctor keeps asking what I am
doing…Robert, Connecticut

It has been your newsletter that has help me survive for the past 10years. I’m
fairly clean except for some nodules on my head and back…CJ

Keep the great work up – much of what you have been discussing is gaining
considerable press coverage here – I have enjoyed five years now of good health
and have been able to see my children grow through this time – ultimately the
most important thing in my life. Cheers Warwick…Australia

Again, thank you so much for dedicating the time to answer my questions so
quickly– I really appreciate it!! Amazingly you answered all of my questions –
everything now “clicks” and makes much more sense! …Gerry, Texas

July marks five years since diagnosis with stage 4 and I consider your advice
indispensible…Craig, Oregon

This January it will be five years without treatment
for me with no treatment. All seems well. I am convinced largely due to your
wonderful gift to us all of lymphomasurvival.com 

Thanks so much, Robert! (And I’m over 9.5 years since treatment and still all

You and this web site have been my life-line since joining shortly after my
diagnosis in 2008, (fNHL grade 1, stage 4). You, the members, and your Article 3
have helped me stay sane and untreated to date. Thank you!..Linda, New York

June 2012…I could never repay you for the site! The
information and encouragement
I receive here every time I visit it is
amazing. Thank you for being an
anchor in a very unsteady sea…Rebecca,
British Columbia

Thanks, Robert, for all your wonderful information. Don’t know what I’d do
without it…Kathy, Virginia

I am enjoying my longest clinical remission currently and continue to be
inspired by your story…Tiarre, California

I truly appreciate your efforts. You have been a great help over the years, and
hopefully for many more years…Tom, Michigan

Thank you for your monthly newsletter- it is so informative…Ceci, New York

Thank you for your continued valuable insight. Your monthly newsletters are
messages of hope…Mike, Illinois

Robert, once again, THANK YOU for your wisdom and your prompt response.You
certainly are an expert on the subject of fNHL…Dave, Florida

May 2012…(I am) thriving with fNHL. Thank you so
very much and am so thankful for your work and help to all of us that do not
understand “doctorese”…Bob, Washington

Your offering is absolutely the best compilation of FNHL information available.
Thank you…Craig

I am nine years out from my original diagnosis of follicular lymphoma. Your
website has been a tremendous help. Thank you so much, Linda, Wisconsin

Two years tomorrow since
my daughter’s diagnosis. She continues to ‘thrive’ enjoying spontaneous
regression with no treatment to date. Grateful thanks to you and your team for
your hard work, dedication and inspiration. Your monthly newsletters are
wonderful – always something to think about…Dawn, Australia

Glad things continue to go well for you. I am still treatment free after 7 years
and am grateful for all the nuggets in your monthly newsletters…Scott, Tennessee

April 2012…Keep doing the great work. Everything is
going along well so far after 18 years. Wow! Who would have ever thought when we
started this trip. Thank you for your inspiration and leadership…Keith,

With many thanks for your informative and inspirational website! You keep us
up-to-date with medical and nutritional advances, something few doctors have
time or inclination to do…Rebecca, Florida

Thanks for all you and your staff do. The info provided is a great help…Dave,
South Carolina

I’m loving this site; learning so much! Thank you for all your work, Robert. God
bless you & yours…Laura, Louisiana

Thank you for taking away my fear and helping me to stay healthy! You are my

Thank you for a wonderful website filled with information and
suggestions…Brenda, British Columbia

It has been so long since I was linked up on your newsletters I would like to
join again for my mum…Rebecca, New Zealand

Thanks for all your fantastic contribution to this community! …Leslie, Ontario

March 2012

I anticipate your newsletter each month. It has proven very helpful and
insightful. The information has been well presented, up-to-date, thought
provoking and I have found it medically accurate. I appreciate your efforts on
behalf of all people dealing with follicular lymphoma…Karen, Virginia

Thank you for a very valuable and utilised resource. There must be many like me
that do not correspond much with you BUT I am sure, like me, really appreciate
your effort and dedication…Gray, South Africa

I always look forward to your monthly newsletters. You have such great
information. I continue to do well, now at 10 years in remission…Diane, Texas.

Please accept also our deepest gratitude for your continued research, support
and optimism…A&A, Canada

What at joy and fulfillment of hope in reading your articles…Pernille, Denmark

I love getting the newsletters!…Bobette, Minnesota

Thank you for the continuing support. It is especially helpful to feel that with
your help we are up-to-date with the latest research findings…Elizabeth,

Your newsletters bring the practical information necessary to be informed and
make healthy choices to enable the body to rejuvenate which is exactly how I
currently feel. Thank you for continuing to provide these invaluable newsletters
every month to capture all the things you do…Margaret, Alberta

February 2012…Thank you for the Sample Article. I
found it a most well put together, informative piece; understandably written, in
addition to going beyond what most fNHL sites offer…Ellen, Ontario

Thanks for all the research you and your team do that benefits all of us and so
nicely puts the issue in a positive perspective…Mac, New York

The fact that the lymphoma continues to recede is, in my view, to some degree
attributable to the “Miller-diet” my Dad continues to follow. Your newsletters
and emails have given him and the entire family a lot of hope and have helped
tremendously…Dominik, Germany

You are on the cutting edge and help so many of us who were so totally clueless
as to what to do. My good news is that I currently have no enlarged lymph nodes
anywhere. Remission? …Donna, South Carolina

I don’t know what I would have done without your monthly newsletter. I can never
thank you enough…Gwyneth, France

Thank you so much for all you do. As always, much appreciated…Rob, New York

Your site has kept me sane throughout my 10 yr journey with FNHL. You are a
remarkable person and I wish to thank you for all your hard work and wish you
all the best for 2012…Heather

January 2012…I am enjoying continued good health, in
no small measure due to the valuable information contained in your monthly
updates. Thanks so much! Looking forward to another year of good health for both
of us. Happy New Year!…Ben, New Jersey

I’m very impressed by the quality of your newsletter and it’s science oriented
review of current issues for my follicular lymphoma.  I found the article of
maintenance rituximab especially interesting as I am nearly 2 years into a
research trial. Harry, British Columbia

I always look forward to reading the new month’s letter and have recommended
your site to several others…Nancy, Arkansas

M said it was very important for me to “personally” on her behalf tell you how
appreciative she is to you for all the advice and guidance you have given her –
she is thankful for each bit of information you give and has found you to be”
much more informative” than the doctors in helping her to understand what is
going on with the treatment.  Your insight is really invaluable…Pat,

Keep up the good work, it is very informative and gives us lymphoma survivors
and newbies lots of hope. I always recommend your web site to newly identified
people…Errol, Zambia

I am fast approaching my (next) anniversary in (clinical remission) and thank
you for your wonderful suggestions as to how to keep the beast at bay. Still
feeling wonderful…looking forward to another year of articles and monthly
newsletters…Michael, Florida

Thank you for all your wonderful insights, research, suggestions…and your most
generous way of sharing…Helga, California

It’s of great help always being able to locate the
“safe harbor” on www.LymphomaSurvival.com …Denis,

December 2011…Thank you so much for another year of
amazing dedication to research and the sharing of information to help keep us
NHLers healthy and for as long as possible. A special personal thank you for
responding so promptly a few months ago to an email from my daughter seeking
advice about a treatment I had been offered. It was most helpful and gave me the
courage to proceed. It is now almost over and already working well…Jean,

Thank you, Robert and special staff for providing the invaluable information and
empowering, balanced perspectives. I would not have gotten through my initial
“initiation” without your wonderful resource…KEEP IT COMING!..Jo, New York

November 2011…For me, this website is my compass.
The website gave me a plan – information, diet, exercise, advice, everything I
needed to know. I stopped reading all of the other information on the web and
rely on Robert and his support people. I feel empowered having this website – it
gave me a Plan. I no longer need to read all those emails about “the cure” that
well-intended friends and family send – mashed asparagus, garlic juice, acai
berry, coconut water – I can’t chase everything…..so I follow what Robert has
already looked into…Linda, discussion board, Nov. 2011 

I was diagnosed July of 2010 and found this site immediately, but did not join.
I then spent 9 months researching on my own. When I returned and joined, it
reiterated all I found and more…In December I have a 6 month check, and the
questions I have are light years away from when I started this journey.
Sometimes I think I make my doctor nervous with all my questions now. I am 52
and plan to live way past 70, hell I’m shooting for my 80’s…Theresa, discussion
board, Nov. 2011.

It was a couple of months before I found Robert’s site and I’ll never forget how
excited and hopeful I was when I read all the articles. I printed them all out
and gave them to my mum to read – she was just as happy as me. What this site
gave me was a focus and a purpose. Rather than just be a patient or a statistic,
I suddely had it in my power to do something proactive to help myself. I read
and read and read; it also helped me to feel informed about my disease. It
helped me to get everything into perspective by acknowledging that things could
be a whole lot worse. I felt that I had ‘looked the beast in the face’ and he
wasn’t actually as scary as I imagined…Sue, discussion board.

October 2011…This site has given me much needed
certainty when there is so much unpredictability out there for lymphoma
patients. And I can not wait for the newsletter every month…Yeongfu, Michigan

I’ve learned so much from your website and look forward to each new
newsletter…Diane, Iowa

We love your monthly newsletter, have shared it often with our oncologist. Thank
you again for giving us another avenue to seek out new information to help us be
active participants in this life of living with cancer…L and T…Texas

This has been an invaluable resource for us particularly in those crazy days
just after my diagnosis…Glenn, Minnesota

September 2011Once again,”Thank
You” for all the great information.  Hope you are enjoying your summer. 
Love the pictures enclosed with the August Newsletter — beautiful – a little
piece of God’s green earth – thanks for sharing…Dolores, Michigan

This is for another year of your splendid and life-changing newsletter..Cynthia

The perspective you provide on enjoying life is as valuable
as the information you share…Connie

Thank you for all your peace of mind! I have learned much
more from this newsletter than I have from any other doctor or website. Thanks
again….Betty, Indiana

August 2011We appreciate your
diligence and dedication. Your messages are ever hopeful and realistic. It’s a
great help for us…Ann, New York

Thanks again for all your amazing info…Carol, Alaska

Thanks again for taking the time to do this site! It is so
helpful with all its information and references…Paul

Thanks so much for the site as the information has been
invaluable (following) diagnosis one year ago….Josephine, Australia

Thank you for all your hard work and good information…Ken,
British Columbia

Your letters are much needed info for us left hanging by the medical world…Carol

July 2011My
daughter was diagnosed with fNHL in June 2010. After great results last month –
spontaneous regression – her ‘somewhat surprised’ haemotologist took note of the
things she had gleaned from your website which has been a great help to both of
us…Dawn, Australia

Thanks for all you do for us as your newsletters have helped
immensely in our just getting to remission…Joe, Virginia

Thanks for all of the good information that you have provided
over the years. My wife remains very healthy and works out every day and follows
the recommended natural strategies. She has quarterly visits with the oncology
doctor for examination and blood work and has excellent numbers…Darl

June 2011 …Dear
Robert, You have made such a difference to my life. Your no fuss, informative
monthly email, is the only internet material that I read on Lymphoma. Am now 3
years down the track, and thank my lucky stars, that I found your material. I
wish you a long and happy life. Kind regards, Yvon…Africa

Robert, once again many thanks for all your diligence and hard work over the
past year. It is greatly appreciated. Best wishes and keep well – Marilyn, U.K.

I really do not know how to express our thankful feeling to
you. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. also for your effort in
putting so much helpful information together…ZZ, California

May 2011My hematologist, Dr. S.
reviewed your information, and said it was “very good
information on follicular lymphoma”…John, Wisconsin.

Keep up the great work, Robert. I feel that the inclusion of
many TNS’s into my routine has kept me cancer free for over 5 years!!!! I
appreciate your scientific backed articles, and your philosophy about treating
NHL with medicine when necessary, but keeping tumor free through healthy
choices…Tom, California

Thank you so much for the fantastic work you do. I only wish
we could help. We certainly want to translate the main essays into Spanish
because there is far less information available out there in Spanish…Mark,

I came into his program to try to keep the cancer at bay. So
far it has.  I hope it continues for a while. It takes discipline and work,
but it is worth it…Cheryl

Just learning very early after my diagnosis that fNHL was not
a death sentence truly saved me. It allowed me to get on with my life and LIVE!
For that alone I will never be able to thank you enough…Karen

April 2011…Thanks Robert for an excellent resource .
My hematologist actually asked for the name of the site to recommend it to other
patients. I am well and working through your recommendations…Jann, Australia

Going into the
fifth year now and keeping fingers crossed plus a discipline of adherence to
your integrated treatment….proud to say that I recently competed in our local
half ironman…Althea, Zambia

You really made a
difference in people’s lives…Louise, Florida

Your information
has been a godsend to me, has helped keep me focused on what I need to think
about… Staying healthy! I was able to work (modified) during my chemotherapy
and know that it is in part thanks to your web site…Darcy, Alberta

Thank you so much
for this website. It has truly changed my attitude and outlook. Please continue
the great work…Rebecca, Louisiana

As always your
April newsletter is a joy to read and this reader intends to implement it all. 
You cannot imagine how much your website has meant to me.  It is the
sunshine and hope in my life…Elke

Your dedication to
us and this newsletter is astounding…Cheryl, Oklahoma

I’m working my way
through the articles on your website and would like to
thank you for all the
hard work and effort put into it…Carmen, South Africa

“Mr. X, your blood
tests look perfect.” THANK YOU for
all you have given to me – and to so many others. I am delighted to say that my
last blood tests came back with the
following doctor’s email note —  I remain in full remission — no signs
whatever of any lymphoma evident. Onward
with the lifestyle strategies and that includes keeping a positive outlook and
embracing/enjoying life one day at a time! I
am so grateful to the work and dedication and the inspiration you fearlessly
sharing your personal story! …Richard, California.

March 2011…Of all the
information I found, your website provided the one beacon of bright light that
made all the difference for me.  I feel incredibly fortunate and will be
forever grateful to you for the information you gave me…Jo, New York

Kudos to you and our amazing website! 
So much information available in clear concise formats….So much work has gone
into that, I know.
Unending thanks to you and your team…Marian, Washington

I’ve received a wealth of info. about my condition from this web site and for
that I am extremely grateful. I have changed my lifestyle to fall in line with
the strategies suggested here and have been on “dynamic observation” for the
past year and a half…Steve, Texas

Heartfelt thanks for your continued excellent research, distillation and
dissemination of the latest info. You are an inspiration to us all. Best in
Health…with a lot more trails to hike…Robert, Indiana.

I’m keeping all your info in a notebook and trying to follow as much of the
recommendations as possible to keep myself healthy.  YOU are amazing and
such a role model.  I’m so glad I found your site…Andrea, Kentucky

Thanks for you and your team’s work and enthusiasm, it is inspiring and
extremely helpful for us out here with fNHL. You are providing a valuable
service….Michael, Australia

Thank you for providing such practical information on an ongoing basis. I always
look forward to your newsletter and have practiced most of the strategies
outlined with good results…Margaret, Alberta

Thanks again for another year of amazing research and wonderful support you so
generously provide for fellow survivors…Jean, Australia

“Kochira Koso” – Japanese for “no, thank YOU”…Binzee, California

February 2011…Your site is the best help on the web
and delivered with integrity. Thank you for your work and help to so many
people…Harrison, Australia.

Thank you Robert for the invaluable service which you provide. My husband has
NHL and we both appreciate the way in which you make the most recent scientific
research available to us in an accessible and comprehensible way. Kind
regards…Elizabeth, Ireland

I appreciate so much what you do. You’re a true inspiration. Keep up the great
research. Best regards…Bill, North Carolina

This site is very important to us. Thank you! I’m happy to say that T is doing
very well. Ingrid, Norway

Thanks for the helpful information that your website provides. We were pretty
despondent when we found your website a year ago when my husband had just been
diagnosed with lymphoma. I really appreciated help and advice based on
scientific research…Janet, England

Thank you so much for what you have done for so many of us with the website. You
have been a literal life saver and thanks to all the good people that are on the
blog with all of their helpful responses to questions…Donna, South Carolina

Thank you so much for taking the time
to answer my question. You made my day!! You are a true Godsend to so many
people like me with your wonderfully newsworthy and inspiring newsletter…Gerry,

You’ve already read part of your (sample) article. Really
well done and very instructive…Beatrice, Italy

Thank you so much for all your great
advice. It certainly made a big change in my life. My (recent) scans did not
only show zero new tumors, but the old ones shrunk!…Helga, California

There is nothing on the planet I could do that could ever thank you enough
for…and giving me my life back. Cathy, Nebraska

January 2011…From what I can see, and from what
others say, this may well be the best (contribution expenditure) I’ll ever
spend…Chris, Ontario

Your story is an inspiration to those of us who are dealing with follicular
lymphoma. Your newsletters are well-written and are shared with my oncologist on
a regular basis…Barry, Florida

Your hard work and devotion are just remarkable. Thank you so much…David,
British Columbia

Your publication is an amazing lifeline and ray of hope. Thanks for your
leadership and inspiration. I’m so grateful…Charles, California

(Please renew) my subscription for
your excellent, informative website. Thanks for your research and
inspiration…Shirley, Ontario

“Our first year of gratitude”…Ronald, Virginia

December 2010… Your site
has been the biggest help to us, more informative than anything else we have
encountered…Annette, Georgia

Your website remains a wealth of information.  It has been five years since
I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Five years ago I wasn’t sure I was
going to make Freedom 55 and here I am sitting in the warm Florida sun thanking
the powers that be that I was able to experience this…hopefully for many more
years to come.  Your history with lymphoma gives all of us that follow your
website hope for a long future…Diane, Florida

Due to the information in your
newsletter, my brother is doing well and his checkups have been extended from 3
months to 6 months. We just cannot tell you how grateful we are for all the work
and research you have done and freely share with others…William, Wisconsin

We really enjoy your newsletter and more importantly your positive attitude
toward managing NHL. Remission for 7 years now. When I was diagnosed I was told
the average life expectancy was 7 years!…Ron, Texas

All is well in health and spirits and I will be forever grateful for your sound
advice. Following it was one of the best decisions I ever made…Van

November 2010 …Continued
thanks for the wonderful service you’re
providing…Craig, Oregon

You have a very good sensible way of presenting material and have the education
and training to do it intelligently. We are just very fortunate that you choose
to do all the work of researching it, putting it together and sending it out to
us…Hillie, British Columbia

Your newsletters have helped us understand the disease,
options for treatment and especially the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Many
thanks for all you do and especially for the peace of mind you give us…Mary,

October 2010…“You are a jewel in a sea of
sharks”…Joan, Pennsylvania

It is a pleasure to support your website. It has been a source of information
and comfort for me. The information I received from my medical team was quite
good but without the breadth and holistic nature of your site…John, Australia

I really appreciate that you take the time to do a monthly
newsletter and share with us all that you’ve learned.  You are inspiration
to so many people.  Without you, many of us would live shorter lives. 
I’m so happy that you’re doing well.  If you can beat the odds, then so can
I!..Margie, Ontario

I am a new member to the website. I want to congratulate you on such a fantastic
source of information and support…Raphael, Texas

The site has given me much needed certainty when there is so much
unpredictability out there for lymphoma patients. I cannot wait for the
newsletter every month…Y.H., Michigan

September 2010 …I
am absolutely amazed by the amount of time & personal investment you must have
put into raising & sharing awareness for this unbelievably confusing disease.
The articles and newsletters are excellent and have provided me with an enormous
amount more information than my Haemotologist or my Oncologist have done so far.
In England, you’d be knighted!…Philip, England.

I am devouring the info. Thank you very, very much….Winn, Florida

Thank you for being there during our diagnosis and treatment over the past year.
Your website, support network and well researched information have made this
very difficult journey more bearable…Leah, Ontario

Thank you for your website. It has been wonderful to refer to over the last 5
years. I’m doing well…Mary, Ohio

I am happy to report that my last scan showed nothing to be concerned with. I
feel great. Thanks a million!!…Jack, West Virginia

August 2010… Now feel as if I can be a sparring
partner with the doc. This achievement is to a large degree thanks to your
site…Dom, Germany

Thanks for your wonderful info…Wiley, Texas

Thank you for the monthly information. This is my prime source
for managing fNHL…Chuck, Maryland

WOW, the newsletters and discussion board have really taken off…so professional!
I’m so grateful to have this site. The support has been huge for me…Karen,

July 2010…Thanks for the great newsletter. My wife
has follicular lymphoma and says (your information) is the most informative of
all…Larie, Nevada

Your information has been a big part in my latest success! My scan results
showed I am in a nice spontaneous regression. Deb, Arizona

Years ago when I discovered that I had Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma — I did not know
where to turn — thank goodness my wife found your site — your information has
been a God Send to me…Jim, Michigan

You keep putting together an informative and interesting newsletter and I thank
you for your tireless efforts…Lorne, Alberta

I’m happy with the way things are going and feel that I owe a great deal to you
for your insights, research and example…David, B.C.

Thanks for all you do. It’s invaluable! Kind regards…thriving and determined to
keep it that way. You’re a great help towards that end! Cynthia, New Jersey

This (site) has been an invaluable resource for us particularly in those crazy
days just after diagnosis…Glenn, Minnesota

Thank you for your effort on behalf of us all, I always am so pleased to see
your notice of the arrival of the monthly newsletter in my mailbox.
Thank you
once again. Ann, England

June 2010…Please accept this donation with my
gratitude for your diligent efforts in researching and writing about lymphoma.
Your insights have truly been invaluable in guiding my treatment choices. (The
American Cancer Society could sure learn a lot from you!). Above all, you have
given me hope, which is something no doctor has ever done. With abundant
thanks…Rebecca, Florida

Thank you for continuing your newsletter. It is our best source of information.
Doctors don’t have time to cover any of this in the same detail you

Thank you for keeping me informed about what’s going on re follicular lymphoma.
I have learned a great deal since I became a member in 2004. Keep up the good
work!..Amelia, Quebec

We utilized your site several years ago…now we’re back!..Ann, New York

I compare Robert to an army scout…running out ahead,
checking out the terrain and seeing where the bad guys are…and where they may
be going …coming back with the info and suggested ways to safer 
ground…but ultimately up to us to determine our own route… Brant, Nova Scotia

We can’t imagine the time that goes into all that you bring to the monthly
newsletter – not only the research, but your very discerning and helpful
commentary.  Your humor, optimism, and hope are indispensible. Thank you
for always letting us know and feel that we are not alone in this journey…Lee
and Terri, Texas

May 2010…Thank you for all your tireless work. It’s
a tremendous resource of information and provides hope and compassion for so
many…Bruce, Pennsylvania

Thanks for all you do on this valuable site…Glenn, Connecticut

Thanks for this great site…Graham, New Zealand

April 2010I look forward to your
newsletter every month and have learned more there than at any other site…Rose,

Thank you so much for all the research and information you provide. You also
provide us with kindness and hope, which is equally important…Todd, Nebraska

What a service you provide!…Wendy, New York

You are a wonderfully encouraging person and inspire people to not just give up
and not enjoy our lives…Jean, Arkansas

I really don’t know how I would manage without the website – it remains such an
invaluable source of information and help…Sheila, England

March 2010…My husband and I were both were so taken
by the detail, depth and breadth of your research, your gratitude, your hope,
your willingness to serve others…Terri, Texas

Just wanted to share with you absolute appreciation for the information
presented in your newsletters and the personal responses you answered for me a
couple of months ago…Jack, Illinois

Your sample article has been the most comprehensive info we have found in
understandable terms…Cindy, Vermont

You have been a “Godsend”…Paul, California

Your newsletters and website have changed my perspective soooo much. I was
deluged and frightened…no longer!…Jack, Alberta

Thank You for all you do…Henri…Quebec

Thanks so much for this wonderful service you provide to us. May you continue to
experience “Life after lymphoma…and lots of it”!…Janet

Great sample article. Answered a lot of questions and provided great insights on
areas I had not yet thought about…Rod, B.C.

February 2010…You continue to be such an inspiration
and this service such a blessing. As a source of hope and empowerment, no amount
of money can say thank you enough for this gift…David, Nova Scotia

Thanks for all your info and help for everyone…Erwin, Texas

Your monthly newsletters are so helpful…Boris, British Columbia

I am very happy to renew my subscription. The information has enabled me to keep
an even mind and discuss issues with my oncologist with knowledge…Kerry, New

I’ve been a member for 5 years and am still doing very well. Thank you for your
work. You have saved my life…Carl, California

Your information has completely changed the way the oncologist has addressed my
brother’s lymphoma. It has been a good year for him and his family…Bill,

January 2010…We can’t tell you how much your web
site means to us…Joyce, Michigan

I’ve enjoyed reading your articles and newsletters. Lots of great info and food
for thought…Sharon, B.C.

Thanks for inspiring confidence in others…Edith, New York

Thank you for all the good work you do…Judy, Massachusetts

Sincere thanks for all your efforts. Your website has been an enormous
help…Joe, Australia

I still enjoy and learn lots from your newsletters after 6 years…Judith,

You give us so much hope for the future and so much insight into how we can be
active participants in this whole journey…Lee

This informative site has helped me become so proactive in my own care…Nancy,

You have literally given me hope and no amount of money can pay for that but a
big thank you…Deb

We are very grateful for the service you do for so many. I cannot tell how
much!…Tish, California

December 2009…Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for all that you do for the follicular lymphoma community. My husband and I are
in awe of the hard work, hours of research and commitment that you give to all
your members…Alice, Australia

Due to your efforts there will be many more lymphoma survivors celebrating 21
years…Chuck, Indiana

With sincere thanks for all your help and advice during the course of the past
year…Helen, Alberta

Your December newsletter seemed like it was written just for me…but I needed
to hear your opinion…Bonnie

I absolutely loved this month’s newsletter! You really out did yourself this
time! You broke things down so eloquently! I appreciate your time and talent and
I am sure the whole board feels the same as I do!..Kate, Washington

November 2009…I look forward to receiving your well
researched and thought-through information each month. I have learned so much
about myself, my good health and my well-being…thanks to you!…Bridgette,

I admire you for being wise, talented and altruistic and I hope to continue for
many years in your company!…Valerie, France

I am so grateful for your work and generosity in sharing it…Elaine, British

Thanks again for everything. Words can’t express how much your site means to
me…Brooke, California

I’m 4 years “watch and wait” with two little girls. I just might see them walk
down the aisle at their weddings because of you!…Shelly, Ontario.

October 2009…As a new member, your web site is
brilliant, so much to know, so much to learn, so much information , so bloody
confusing, now the picture is coming into focus, I can now start a plan with
rationale behind it, not spin, thanks again…Les, New Zealand.

We are out of the dark,scary place because of your work…Shannon, Ontario.

September 2009…Your website has served as a guiding
light through the dark and dreary corridors we have traveled because of this
disease. You have educated us and our doctors and I am sure you have given us
the tools to increase survival times. Thanks from the bottom of our
hearts!…Janet, Illinois

August 2009…The site has given me much needed
certainty when there is so much unpredictability out there for lymphoma patients
And I cannot wait for the newsletter each month…Ho…Michigan

Your information, encouragement and continued support has been
invaluable…Gayle, Washington

July 2009…Just wanted to say thank you, it is a
fantastic website, very informative and helps us a lot. I am impressed how you
have managed to maintain it like this, it is a lot of work and we
appreciate…Jorge, Belgium

Love your newsletters. You must be the most current informed person in the world
on fNHL…Kev, California

Just past my 2 year anniversary. Thank you for the comfort and knowledge you
have given me. You have made this journey a lot less scary…Jenny, California.

June 2009…Thank you for the most informative website
with its sensible and well informed suggestions. It has been of great help to me
and a wonderful source of encouragement. Stay well and keep up the good
work…Clive, Germany

We would be in a different place altogether without knowing what we have learned
through your research…Mary K, New York

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. I really appreciate
all the research you have done. Your site is very helpful….Lori, Texas

May 2009…I really appreciate the time and effort you
put into the research, and making it understandable for the rest of us…Mary
Jane, New Zealand

April 2009……I’ve logged on successfully and
started sampling the articles, newsletters and discussions. This all seems too
good to be true! Thank you for making this website, the wonderful information
and opportunities for connection with others….David, Massachusetts.

I want you to know how much your help meant to me early on when we talked on the
phone and also through the newsletters. Thanks again for all you contribute to
both the health and peace-of-mind of those with lymphoma and those who care for
them…Carol, Ontario.

March 2009…Welcome to the best website ever! 
It has been my savior since diagnosis in 2006…Karen, North Carolina

You continue to be such an inspiration and this service such a blessing. My
health continues to hold and I’m sure in good measure as a result of the changes
I’ve made in my life recommended by your materials…David, Nova Scotia

February 2009…I continue to welcome your
newsletters. Your research and extensive information has been of great
importance to me, providing a far more optimistic view of the road
ahead….Oliver, Ireland

January 2009…You just wouldn’t be able to comprehend
the impact that you have had in our lives….Mary Lou

December 2008…I can’t thank you enough for providing
the most up-to-date information available. Before discovering your website I was
insecure. That has completely changed around knowing there are strategies I can
use to keep my health as buoyant as possible…Jean, Australia

November 2008…I just want to say “thanks”. Thanks
for making the effort, for doing the research, for putting yourself out there
and sharing and helping so many people…Jo, Australia

October 2008…I really enjoy reading your monthly
newsletter. It’s full of interesting and rewarding information. I am so glad I
found you on the internet. It made my life a lot easier…Brigitte, Montana

September 2008…Many times I have found your articles
to be the clearest synthesis of the information that is out there. It has been
tremendously comforting to be able to refer back to your explanations, designed
for an intelligent, lay audience….Andrea, Masschusetts

Your newsletter continues to be informative, comforting, terrifying and
inspiring all in one…Carol, British Columbia

August 2008…I’ve seen many
(health care providers), read several books, and spent countless hours reading
articles on the internet but your www.LymphomaSurvival.com site
stands head and shoulders above anything else…Craig, Oregon.

July 2008…I have spent hours looking at the info on
your site and all I can say is WOW!…Anne, Colorado

Thanks for all your knowledge in this field. I’ve got more from you over the
last 5 years than all the docs I’ve seen!..Deb, Ontario

Your service came along right as I needed it. Can’t thank you enough…Paul,

I’m happy to have your monthly support both psychologically and
informatively…Jan, Germany

June 2008…To have found a site specifically devoted
to this condition and which is so aligned to my own beliefs and approach to life
in general is a huge gift. Already I have made changes that I can tell are
beneficial to my energy levels…Donna, Massachusetts

May 2008…The sample article was very informative and
I went to one of the links where I listened to several webcasts. I found the
article easy to read and yet it went way beyond any of the introductory articles
I had found elsewhere…Phyllis, New York.

Thank you Robert for being a constant source of hope and inspiration…Doug,

Great information. I have been faithful to your morning suggestions on food
intake. My cancer continues to shrink. Thank you for your suggestions…Bob

April 2008…Your sample article was amazing…thank
you for the work you’ve done…Martha, Oregon.

Your sample article gave me more specific info than I’ve been able to find
anywhere…Carolene, B.C.

Thanks so much for creating such a useful, supportive service and for the calls
you’ve answered personally and the helpful info…Carol…Ontario

March 2008…You have given us both hope and an
immense amount of inspiration. Not to mention a HUGE store of
information…Ellen, Massachusetts

Thanks for all your work on this site. I just read your latest issue. Yes, it’s
a lot of work, but believe me when I tell you this impacts people in a very
positive way…Charlie

February 2008…I so much appreciate your newsletter.
You have no idea how much it means to me to have this targeted communication
that is focused so specifically on our bizarre disease. There is no way to
express how much of a feeling of comfort and stability, not to mention
invaluable info I receive from knowing this will be faithfully sent to me each
month…Karen, Massachusetts

Thank you so much for your inspiration, knowledge and hope…Wendy, New York

I don’t know what I’d do without your newsletters and articles…Donna

Thanks for this helpful newsletter…Marilyn, Missouri

January 2008…I have every reason to believe that
following your monthly advice has made a major contribution to my remaining in
excellent health 3 full years after diagnosis…Ben

December 2007…My doctor sent me your website. I am
excited to be a member and know I can learn much from you and other
members…Beth, Virginia

Just finished the December newsletter. I can’t tell how much I apprecitae all
the hard work you put into maintaining this website and updating content each
month. This site along with my doctors continue to be my true north in living
with and battling this disorder…Tom, New York

November 2007…I really appreciate your personal
availability, your commitment to thorough research, and your practical but
sensitive presentation. Like so many, I’d be 100 times more anxious and
considerably less educated and…I  believe…healthy…KK

Thank you for helping me survive!…Judy, Kansas

October 2007…You’ve done an excellent job with your
site. I’m convinced you’re saving many lives, and maybe my own as well…Rik,

September 2007…We have been members for a few years
now, and your site has been recommended to so many of our friends…Thank you
for continuing to provide the BEST for lymphoma patients…Carol, Hawaii

August 2007…You have always been there to answer my
questions and to help me on decision making. In fact, I’ve learned how to take
control of my own situation through your encouragement and brilliant research.
The oncologists are just part of MY team!…MJ

July 2007…Your website with all the essential
research and clearly, succinctly written information has been a Godsend to our
family…Marsha, Tennessee

June 2007…Many thanks for research and literary
efforts you put into the website. It has been an invaluable resource for me and
I look forward to reading each issue (of the monthly report)…Clive, Germany.

May 2007…(Following diagnosis) your website meant a
great deal to (my wife) and me. It was a tremendous help in letting us know what
to expect and planning for chemotherapy. I read the newsletter each month and
always find it inspirational…Doug, Kansas.

April 2007…Thank you for listing Dr. A in one of
your (monthly reports)….I came away with a whole new sense of life…your
website and discussion board have really been invaluable for me…Karen

March 2007…I cannot thank you enough for your
efforts. Your letter and information has made it so much easier for me to face
and understand my disease….BT, British Columbia

February 2007…Thank you, Robert. The (sample)
article is so informative. Nothing on the internet compares to this…QDT,

January 2007…As I read your materials, I’m becoming
more hopeful. Moreover they are just the thing I need right now to jump in with
both feet and really delve into the material…You have a unique talent in
making the material understandable while communicating the complexities of fNHL
in a way that is not overwhelming…That means so much to people like me who
need to understand the material quickly…Pam, Caregiver, California.

December 2006…I’m now two years post-treatment and
all tests show me to be in good health. Your newsletters provided me with much
encouragement and support after diagnosis and during treatment. Your regimens
and research provided me with information that gave me the feeling that I was in
control and could do positive things to improve my health…Terri

November 2006…I have had no treatment to date and I
just wanted to thank you sooo very much for all your information. I got my
results last Wednesday and all of my
nodes had shrunk!!!!!! My doctor brought
another doctor in with him and
wanted to know “What I was doing????” So I told him about you and all of the
good information you share with us. I am doing all of the natural targeted
strategies that you have suggested and WHAT GREAT RESULTS!!!!!! Jennifer, Texas

October 2006…My wife and I appreciate tremendously
the service you provide. Your encouraging and informative newsletters are an
incredible blessing for us. Currently there is no evidence that I have the
disease. My diet and lifestyle have changed dramatically as a result of your
recommendations…John, Delaware.

September 2006…Thanks so much for providing this
service. I have found that my disease has been manageable since following your
recommendations. The natural therapies have given me my life back…Linda,

August 2006…I have been following most of the strategies targeted for long-term
survival, since reading of them in June.

I have also had 3 consultations (at major centers). All of the specialists agreed that my lymphoma
had progressed to where chemotherapy was warranted. I dragged my feet, and was
to ‘bite the bullet’ and start a round of chemo this morning.

Wednesday, following a set of scans on Monday, I received a call from my
oncologist’s office explaining they were cancelling chemo. It seems my nodes
have all decreased by at least 50% (except one that remained about the same

So, today I went to work, had a late lunch with my fiance, and we
talked about how wonderful our life is. There is a huge party at our house this
My kids are so happy. Your gifts of fine research are so incredibly
appreciated…Mary, New York

July 2006…Your info was worth its weight in gold and
I look forward to the next event…I’ve decided to take charge of my care which
I believe I can do with this complex disease because you are providing the
knowledge that I need. Robert, there is just no way to put a price on that
service…Art, N. Carolina

June 2006…Thank you for a wonderful seminar! I
thoroughly enjoyed it….For the first time since my diagnosis I felt such
“humanness” in your offerings…that I’m not just another statistic, but a human
being. Your seminar gave me such an incredible sense of empowerment..and that I
CAN do something about my fNHL…Polly, Washington

May 2006… I cannot let another day go by without
sending you a note of deep appreciation. Your website is valuable, caring,
evidence-based and just what I needed!…Elaine, Alberta

April 2006…(Your site) is exactly what we were
looking for. We are still scared half out of our minds, but your information has
been timely, reassuring, balanced and appropriate to our sensibilities…Brad

March 2006… Thanks just doesn’t seem like a large
enough word for your work and commitment. We so appreciate all you do on behalf
of those with follicular lymphoma. The website is priceless. What a great
vision!…Grant, Alberta

February 2006…*I value the information I receive
from you more highly than from any other source and I credit my continued
excellent health, confirmed by quarterly blood tests, in very large part to your
diet and health advice…Rich, Illinois.

* I can’t thank you enough for your website. If I hadn’t read the Zevalin alert
in your newsletter, I would never have made the connection between Rituxin and
my skin problems in time to stop the maintenance treaments (in consultation with
my oncologist)…Name Witheld

January 2006…Your writings are for me the most
valuable things on the web and I eagerly look forward to each one…Ben, New

December 2005 *
That is very kind of you and the Best Christmas Present I could ever receive.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the best to you and I do hope for a
better 2006. Again, thank you for your generosity…Anne

* Nowhere else have I found so much pertinent data, information and ideas to
develop my own research on our illness, with the opportunity to discuss and
exchange experiences in a friendly way with someone facing the same
problem…Denis, France.

November 2005

I never miss your monthly newsletter, and each time I read your special articles
and the newsletter I discover another piece of previously “undetected”
information…Diane, Texas.

October 2005

What a difference facing the oncologist for the first time armed with the knowledge
(mainly from your page) made for me. Instead of him telling me what I was going
to submit to, bone marrow test, PET scan, maintenance Rituxin every six months,
I told him. So for now it’s KALL (Knowledge, Action, Learn and Live) for

September 2005

I feel like I know you through your articles and newsletters. They give me hope
and encouragement I need daily to fight lymphoma while providing the best
insight and suggestions I have come across in researching this disease…Your
research and sharing of invaluable information cannot be given enough
praise…Forever grateful….Sue M.