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This service will be available until February 1, 2019.

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Our phone consultation service has been created to provide an opportunity for  proactive members to better understand the confusing nature of follicular lymphoma, including implementation of the Four Pillar Gene Remediation (4P-GRS) program covered in Article #3.

It is well understood that changes in lifestyle practices involving nutrition (including diet and supplements), physical activity, stress management and sleep that have become established as a person’s pattern for many years represent a huge challenge for almost everyone.

Help in answering questions with guidance from a 30 year survivor can save a lot of time, uncertainty and probably avoid making mistakes.

A consultation will be beneficial if:

  • You are newly diagnosed; wanting to advance your knowledge, open to guidance, wanting to apply the latest research.
  • You have recently recovered from conventional treatment and wish to gain insights on how to best achieve an extended, healthy remission.
  • You believe that lifestyle practices can make a difference in helping to manage follicular lymphoma.
  • You have questions…but want to be able to freely and openly discuss the details involved.

In most cases, these calls take about an hour…sometimes longer…to properly cover the details.

There is a requested contribution for this service. For further details please email us at with the subject heading Phone Consultation.

As always, I look forward to helping as best I can.

~ Robert

[Note that we do not become involved in matters related to treatment at a time when medical consultations are in progress].


“I appreciate you spending time to help me through yesterday. The conversation was very helpful and let me see hope. Now I realize a lot of my past living habits were actually fueling cancer growth. I wish I had known about it earlier, and hope it’s still not too late. Thanks again for your time and help”…Nancy, Florida


“Our conference call with you was most helpful. So many facts and ahahas came together today.  Your dedication, discipline and generous sharing of research and your own experience is so beneficial.

I will go back and reread all my notes now to be certain I have understood the important points.  It is so wonderful to be able to communicate with you and to understand so much more about the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma. All our best”…Becky and Bill


“Thank you for yesterday’s telephone consultation. The information I gathered from it is very valuable. I appreciate your sharing of your own lymphoma experience and that of other people you talk to. And all the research you do is very helpful to so many people. Take care, Sincerely, Veronica”…New York


“I am really glad that you gave me the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss my health regimen. I felt that it was a real privilege to meet you personally, and I thank you for making this possible, as well as for the time and input you gave to help me along the path of healing.

You are doing so much for so many – and I know you are and will be blessed greatly for all the work and research you put into the Lymphoma Newsletter and your constituents.

Thank so very very much for what you have done to help me personally. It was enlightening to discuss this serious health matter with you – in fact, you made it enjoyable to do so”…Naomi


** Note: I am informed regarding the nature of follicular lymphoma, with extensive first-hand experience as a long-term survivor…both of which are deemed essential in offering objective, general forward guidance…but I am not a medical doctor. Thus, this site does not provide medical advice. That can only come from a licensed medical care professional who can personally examine the patient directly.